Bahrain Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 18 February, 2011: Bahrain police attack a “massacre”: top Shi’ite cleric

18 February, 2011 —

Protests Swell at Bahrain Funerals
Wall Street Journal
By JOE PARKINSON MANAMA, Bahrain—Mass antigovernment demonstrations in
Bahrain entered their fifth full day Friday, as four funerals took place
simultaneously around the capital, and opposition leaders said the
government’s violent crackdown had …

Egypt: protesters return to Tahrir Square
The Guardian (blog)
10.28am – Bahrain and Yemen: The Committee to Protect Journalists in New
York says the authorities in Bahrain and Yemen have escalated their
physical attacks on the press in order to censor coverage of spreading
anti-government protests. …

More protests break out in several areas in Bahrain
By the CNN Wires Staff Security forces in Bahrain have been out in force
following their violent crackdown on anti-government protesters on Feb. 17.
What seemed like thousands of people — some chanting anti-government
slogans — marched in the town of …

US presses Bahrain to show restraint against protesters
Washington Post
By Joby Warrick The Obama administration pressed Bahrain to show restraint
Thursday after a violent crackdown on demonstrators there forced US
officials to once again decide how hard to press a key ally in the Middle
East. Secretary of State Hillary …

Saudi Arabia May Risk Shiite Unrest After Turmoil in Bahrain
(Source: Bloomberg) Violent unrest in Bahrain provoked by discontent among
the majority Shiite Muslim population risks spilling over to their
co-religionists in neighboring Saudi Arabia, which holds one-fifth of the
world’s oil, analysts say. …

UK reviews arms sales to Bahrain
BBC News
Britain’s arms sales to Bahrain are under urgent review following violence
there, the Foreign Office has said. It said 250 cartridges of tear gas and
other riot control equipment had been licensed for export to the Gulf state
within the past nine …

Bahrain Turmoil Poses Fresh Test for White House
New York Times
brutal government crackdown on pro-democracy protesters here on Thursday
not only killed at least five people but, once again, placed the Obama
administration in the uncomfortable …

Internet Use in Bahrain Restricted, Data Shows
New York Times
By JAMES GLANZ As protests have erupted in Bahrain over the last several
days, the government has severely restricted the access of its citizens to
the Internet, new data from an organization that monitors Internet traffic
strongly suggests. …

Worries about Sandhurst links after Bahrain protest crackdown
The Guardian
The crackdown on anti-government protesters in Bahrain has highlighted
concern over Britain’s military links to the Gulf states. Britain has
announced it will urgently review export licences after Bahrain cleared
protesters from the capital, Manama, …

US Calls on Bahrain to Refrain from Violence
Voice of America
The United States is again urging Bahrain’s government to refrain from
using violence against peaceful demonstrators. US officials are calling on
Middle Eastern governments to be more responsive to their people. White
House Press Secretary Jay Carney …—DATE-021711-152157000-BYLINE—Kent-Klein-DATELINE-The-White-House-NUMBER586631-TYPE-CR—New-story—The-United-States-is-again-urging-Bahrains-government-to-refrain-from-using-violence-again-116426394.html

Crude Rises in London as Protests in Libya, Bahrain Fuel Supply Concern
By John Buckley – Fri Feb 18 08:55:11 GMT 2011 Brent crude extended its
gains in London while West Texas Intermediate pared losses in New York as
escalating protests in Bahrain and Libya fueled concern that supplies from
oil-producing nations may be …

William Hague calls for ‘peaceful action’ in Bahrain
BBC News
The UK has expressed its concern over the violence which has taken place in
Bahrain, the foreign secretary says. William Hague told the Commons he had
stressed the need for peaceful action in dealing with the protesters.
Security forces in the country …

Bahrain: fears for fresh violence after funerals
Fresh outbreaks of violence are expected in Bahrain after several
protestors killed by government security forces over the past few days are
buried today. At the first burials of demonstrators who were killed when
security forces crushed …

Bahrain: ignoring the “Egyptian way”?
Financial Times (blog)
GDP per capita in Bahrain is just under $20000, which sandwiches it between
South Korea and the Czech Republic at number 34 in the IMF’s global
rankings (via Wikipedia). What Sterne doesn’t mention is that desire for
more democracy is bound up with …

As the Mideast Turmoil Spreads
New York Times
If growing unemployment, disparity and other economic factors could be the
main contributors to the freedom movements in Tunisia and Egypt, what could
be said about the latest events in Bahrain? It is well known that Bahrain,
the strategically located …

A Primer On Bahrain
Host Michele Norris speaks with Salman Shaikh, director of the Brookings
Doha Center, for some context on Bahrain — its people and its history.
For some context on Bahrain, its people and its history, we turn now to
Salman Shaikh. …

More deaths in Middle East protests
ABC Online
The government of Bahrain has defended its decision to forcibly remove
protesters from an encampment in the capital Manama. The early morning raid
left three people dead and hundreds injured. And it prompted a quick
response from the White House with …

Bahrain security forces repress protests
BBC News
Security forces in Bahrain have used tanks, police vans and barbed wire to
seal off a square in the capital, Manama, where anti-government
demonstrators had been protesting. Armed with tear gas and batons, riot
police broke up the protest overnight, …
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Bahrain police attack a “massacre”: top Shi’ite cleric
DIRAZ, Bahrain (Reuters) – Bahrain’s top Shi’ite cleric said on Friday a
police attack on protesters which killed four people was a “massacre” and
the government has shut the door to dialogue. Sheikh Issa Qassem, seen as
the most revered Shi’ite cleric …

Major Shia party withdraws from Bahrain government
Irish Times
BAHRAIN’S BIGGEST political group has pulled out of parliament following
clashes that have left five people dead. Al-Wefaq Shia Islamic society,
which had occupied 18 of the 40 seats in Bahrain’s parliament, announced
its decision yesterday. …

Multinationals Monitor Bahrain Unrest
Wall Street Journal
By ALEXANDRA BERZON And DANA MATTIOLI Multinational companies with business
in Bahrain monitored the unrest there Thursday, although the corporate
impact so far remained limited. US hotel companies have only a limited
presence in Bahrain, unlike Egypt, …

Bahrain 5-year CDS hit new 18-month high on unrest
Reuters Africa
LONDON Feb 18 (Reuters) – The cost of insuring Bahraini sovereign debt
against default for five years hit fresh 18-month highs on Friday as
thousands gathered to bury protestors killed in a crackdown against
anti-government protestors this week. …

Ad Agencies in Egypt Reopen as Protests Continue in Bahrain
DUBAI — Akram Miknas, the Bahrain-based Middle East chairman of
Interpublic’s MCN group, has a view from his office in Manama down to the
square where the protests in Bahrain are unfolding and gripping yet another
Middle Eastern nation. …

Grief in Bahrain…Afghan car bombing…Deadly Colorado highway crash
9&10 News
MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) — There are expressions of grief and anger in
Bahrain. Mourners are chanting against Bahrain’s rulers as they bury those
killed in a ferocious assault on anti-government demonstrators. The first
funerals are taking place outside a …

EU calls for dialogue as Bahrain, Yemen, Libya kill protesters
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The European Union has called for restraint and
dialogue after Bahrain’s absolutist monarchy launched a military crackdown
on protesters and following deadly clashes between pro-democracy
demonstrators and authorities in Yemen …

Crackdown in Bahrain – Jean-François Seznec | Foreign Policy
17, hundreds of Bahraini riot police surrounded the protesters sleeping in
a makeshift tent camp in Manama’s Pearl Square. The security forces then
stormed the camp, launching an attack that killed at least five protesters,

U.S. Walks Fine Line With Bahrain – The Daily Beast
Now that the Obama administration has dealt with the Egyptian uprising,
it’s time for the next foreign policy tightrope act: Bahrain. Secretary of

Bahrain Protests: Four Dead and More News from Pearl Square – The …
By Karen Leigh
Police and military tanks moved into Manama’s Pearl Square Thursday,
killing four people in an attempt to silence anti-government
demonstrations. Karen Leigh reports on the scene and the run-up to the

Bahrain: why it matters to Saudi Arabia | beyondbrics | News and …
By Barney Jopson
Not so much because Bahrain is a financial centre and home to the US Navy’s
Fifth Fleet. But because Bahrain has the potential – belied by its tiny
size – to inspire political ructions in Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest
oil producer. …

Bahrain, Egypt and western policy | gideon rachman’s blog …
By Gideon Rachman
If you thought the revolution in Egypt posed some tricky dilemmas for
American foreign policy, how about the upheavals in Bahrain? Bahrain is a
tiny place. But is also the base for the US Fifth Fleet – the basis of
American power in the …

Bahrain locked down after protesters killed
Bahrain locked down after protesters killed, MANAMA, Bahrain – Bahrain’s
leaders banned public gatherings and sent tanks into the streets Thursday,
intensifying a crackdown that killed five government protesters.

Six Slain as Tanks Roll in Bahrain Capital — News from
By Jason Ditz
Yesterday, Bahrain’s US-backed king was extremely contrite about riot
police having killed two people. He promised investigations and to hold the
killers accountable. The protests continued, but this may have tamped down
the anger …

A Wikileaks Primer on the Cozy US-Bahrain Relationship – Political …
In December 2009, the then-US Ambassador to Bahrain, Adam Ereli, cabled to
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton his great regard for the rulers of that
country. The US-Bahrain relationship as seen through Wikileaks cables is
quite cozy, …

BAHRAIN: Videos show deadly police raid on protest camp | Babylon …
By latme
Video footage of Thursday morning’s deadly police predawn crackdown on the
Bahraini protest camp in the capital Manama and the aftermath of the raid
have emerged on the Internet. Four people were reportedly killed and scores
injured …

Bahrain Violence
By Joe Weisenthal
The government is taking a VERY aggressive stance towards protesters.

Bahrain: anti-government protests continue despite brutal …
By Xeni Jardin
The blood of a wounded Bahrain citizen is seen during clashes with
policemen in Manama February 14, 2010. Small-scale clashes erupted in two
Bahraini villages as security forces tightened their grip on Shi’ite
communities for Monday’s …

Bahrain: Protesting Immigration |
By PoliPundit
The number of Bahraini citizens rose from some 409619 in 2001 to 529446 in
2008. Beneficiaries of al tajnees al siyasi include foreign personnel
employed by the Bahraini Defence Force, BDF, the Police and other Security
agencies. …

Bahrain protesters make camp beneath capital landmark –
Thousands of activists camped out at the foot of a Bahraini landmark early
Wednesday after the Persian Gulf state’s king pledged to consider reforms
and …

Bahrain Protesters Gather for Funeral as Yemen Clashes Resume
Feb. 16 (Bloomberg) — Bahrain’s interior minister apologized for the
killing of two people in clashes with security forces this week, as
protests resumed …

Bangkok Post : More Bahrain protests called
Two Shiite demonstrators were killed in clashes with Bahraini police,
sparking calls to step up anti-government protests on Tuesday and a walkout
from …

In Bahrain, protesters bridge Sunni-Shiite divide to challenge …
Protesters in Bahrain, inspired by Egypt, face a stern test in the monarchy
of King Hamad bin Isa, whose family has ruled the country for more than two

Second protester killed in Bahrain – The Irish Times – Tue, Feb 15 …
Thousands of Shia protesters marched into the capital of Bahrain today
after a man was killed in clashes between police and mourners at a funeral
for a …

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