Egypt Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 25 February, 2011

25 February, 2011 —

Protesters fill Cairo square
By the CNN Wire Staff The demonstrators Friday asked Egypt’s military rulers to follow through on promised changes. They pressed Egypt’s Supreme Council to end an emergency law and release political prisoners, among other things. …

Egypt And Israel: Will The Past Dictate The Future?
Huffington Post
By A. James Rudin (RNS) Egypt and Israel aren’t your typical neighbors with
an occasional across-the-fence feud. The complex relationship between these
two nations and peoples that began more than 3200 years ago is one of the
world’s oldest sagas. …

How dictators stash their cash 101: How can Egypt track stolen assets?
Christian Science Monitor
Often only after his ouster, as seen in efforts to freeze accounts of Egypt
and Tunisia’s deposed leaders. But how will the new governments in those
countries retrieve ill-gotten gains? A first step is identifying where
assets are held. …

The Corner
National Review Online
By Nina Shea An Egyptian friend writes that Osama bin Laden’s lieutenant
and the “brains” behind al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has released a
new, three-part letter titled “Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our
People in Egypt,” which has yet to be …

Libya New Headache For Egypt Army
CAIRO – Already stretched to the limit in efforts to look after internal
affairs in Egypt after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian
army is facing extra troubles along the western border with the turmoil in
neighboring Libya. …

More Filipino workers cross by land to Egypt from Libya
AHN | All Headline News
Another 24 Filipino workers are expected to cross from Tobruk in Libya to
Alexandria in Egypt. More overseas Filipino workers are crossing by land
from Libya to Egypt, restively waiting for the Philippine government to
push through with evacuation …

Egypt Detains Ex-Minister, State TV Chief Over Graft Charges
RTT News
(RTTNews) – Authorities in Egypt have arrested a former Minister from the
ousted Mubarak regime and the former chief of state television and radio in
connection with an investigation into allegations of corruption and misuse
of public funds, …

Nearly 600 Nepalese stranded in Egypt as they flee Libya
Monsters and
Shyam Lal Tabadar, Nepal’s ambassador to Egypt, said the workers were
stranded Thursday without adequate food and water. A South Korean
construction company, which employed the workers, had said they would take
the employees safely to Cairo by truck. …

Egypt ex-VP Suleiman was assassination target
Washington Post
By BASSEM MROUE AP CAIRO — Egypt’s former Vice President Omar Suleiman was
targeted in an assassination attempt during the recent democracy uprising
when assailants firing from an ambulance riddled his car with bullets, the
foreign minister said. …

Indian government sending charters, warships to evacuate citizens from Libya
AHN | All Headline News
After successfully evacuating its citizens in Egypt, the Indian government
on Thursday started chalking out plans to evacuate its nationals stranded
in Libya, where anti-Gaddafi protests have thrown life out of gear.
Chartered ships that were involved …

Egypt: Former ministers to face trial
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: Arrest warrants for Egypt’s former Minister of Information, Anas
el-Fiqi, and the Chairman of the State TV and Radio Broadcasting Authority,
Osama el-Sheikh, were issued by Egypt’s Attorney General on Thursday on
corruption accusations. …

Telangana: Egypt-like protests in Hyderabad?
Hyderabad: The movement for separate statehood to Telangana region of
Andhra Pradesh is set to further intensify with an apex body of activists
planning an Egypt-like protest in Hyderabad next month. The Telangana Joint
Action Committee (JAC) plans to …

S.Korea leaflets tell North of Egypt, but change unlikely
Reuters Africa
By Jack Kim SEOUL Feb 25 (Reuters) – South Korea’s military has been
dropping leaflets into North Korea about democracy protests in Egypt, a
legislator said on Friday, but doubts lingered it would trigger calls for
change in the tightly controlled …

Malaysian Students Can Return To Egypt From March 12
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 (Bernama) — Malaysian students who came home because
of the turmoil in Egypt can return to the country to resume their studies
from March 12. Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin
said this was made possible …

The Middle East Crisis: Egypt, Libya and Triple-Digit Oil Prices
Money Morning
By Kent Moors, Ph.D., Contributing Writer, Money Morning Given the events
that we’ve seen in Egypt and elsewhere in recent weeks – as well as the
developments we’ve seen in Libya in recent days – there’s only one
conclusion to reach. …

First Egypt, then Libya, then … the Caucasus?
GlobalPost (blog)
Blaming the unrest in Egypt and Libya on outside forces allows it to keep
doing that. Speaking of the Caucasus, anyone interested in the region
should be following this wonderful series in Foreign Policy. Tom Parfitt is
spending a month making his way …

Postal Service resumes international mail service to Egypt
Washington Post (blog)
By Lisa Rein The United States Postal Service announced Thursday that it
resumed mail service to Egypt this week, including Global Express
Guaranteed, Express Mail International, Priority Mail International and
First-Class Mail International. …

Lawyer: Activists arrested for Egypt-style revolt were tortured
Vancouver Sun
The activists were arrested on allegations of plotting protests against
long-serving President Robert Mugabe similar to those that toppled the
leaders of Egypt and Tunisia. HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe police tortured
activists accused of plotting an …

INS Jalashwa to evacuate Indians
Indian Express
Three more ships will also be used to ferry Indians from Tripoli and
Benghazi to Alexandria in Egypt. The INS Jalashwa is the third-largest
warship of the Indian Navy, behind INS Viraat aircraft carrier and the
newly inducted INS Deepak tanker, …

UN praises tourism-restoring moves in Egypt and Tunisia
International Business Times
By IBTimes Staff Reporter As tourists begin to return to Egypt and Tunisia
following the receding anti-government protests, the United Nations World
Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has praised efforts made by respective
governments to restore tourism. …

Egypt’s VP survived assassination attempt
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: An assassination attempt against then Vice President Omar Suleiman
was foiled during the 18-day uprising which led to the resignation of
Egypt’s former president, announced Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Abul
Gheit during a television interview …

‘If SA carries on like this we’ll do an Egypt’
If SA continues to neglect the 15 million people who are either unemployed
or economically inactive, the country will “do an Egypt”, according to
Matthew Lester, lecturer at Rhodes University. He was taking part in a
panel discussion on the 2011-12 …

Russia’s LUKOIL sys no oil output cut in Egypt
Reuters Africa
MM: Quote), hasn’t decreased oil output in Egypt despite political unrest
in the country, the company’s head told reporters on Friday. “We haven’t
cut oil output in Egypt, we just evacuated families of the staff. Personnel
is still working on platforms …

Egypt: Keep the crusade for women’s rights alive
Los Angeles Times
It was inspiring to witness women protest alongside men in Egypt; at the
time, it seemed like a movement within a movement. But that swell has since
crashed, in great part because of Lara Logan and other female
correspondents who’ve bravely and …

Attempt to steal pharaoh’s statue foiled in Egypt
The thieves tried to cut the six-metre tall statue into pieces but were
caught by archaeologists and guards at the site at Aswan in southern Egypt,
Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass said Thursday in a statement. The
unfinished red granite statue which …

Malaysia Will Be Like Egypt Under PAS – Ali Rustam
JASIN, Feb 25 (Bernama) — Malaysia will face the same fate as Egypt which
recently faced revolts if PAS were to rule the country, said Melaka Chief
Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam. He said PAS’ brand of democracy
was a destructive and that …

Unrest in the Middle East and Africa — country by country
They started in Algiers, but spread to other cities as more people joined
and demonstrators toppled regimes in Tunisia and later Egypt. Bouteflika
announced that he would lift the state of emergency law in what analysts
called an attempt to head off a …

Iranian Warships Dock in Syria
Voice of America
Photo: AP Two Iranian naval ships have docked in Syria after passing
through Egypt’s Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea – an act Israel had
called a “provocation.” Reuters news agency said the Iranian frigate and
supply ship arrived in Syria …

13:50 Turkish exports to Egypt and Tunisia drop after unrest
Caglayan said that Turkish exports to Egypt and Tunisia dropped
significantly after the recent protests in those countries. Turkish State
Minister for foreign trade Zafer Caglayan said on Friday that Turkish
exports to Egypt and Tunisia dropped …

How dictators stash their cash 101: Egypt, Libya not alone in losing assets
Christian Science Monitor
Switzerland says it has returned more than $1.5 billion over the past 20
years, but money laundering continues on a grand scale. ‘It’s like untying
the Gordian knot,’ says a former Department of Justice official. By Stephen
Kurczy, Staff writer …

Jordan: People Protesting For Reform, Not Upheaval
Neon Tommy
With Egypt and Libya taking much of the media attention with their own
revolutions, the people of Jordan continued protesting for government
reform Tuesday, despite seeking changes on a smaller scale. Ahead of the
Islamic Action Front’s “day of anger” …

Al Jazeera on Egypt’s Revolt Against Neoliberalism “ naked capitalism
By Yves Smith
An article by ‘Abu Atris’ on Al Jazeera (hat tip Richard Kline) confirms an
argument made by Matt Stoller in recent post, namely, that the rebellion in
Egypt is not merely political but economic, and specifically in opposition
to …

Middle East Uprising: Facebook’s Secret Role in Egypt – The Daily …
By Mike Giglio
Emails obtained by The Daily Beast show that Facebook executives took
unusual steps to protect the identity of protest leaders during the Egypt
uprising. Mike Giglio on how the social media giant scrambled to keep pace
with Egypt’s …

The Caucus Podcast: Egypt vs. Libya –
Reporters and editors discussed President Obama’s varied reactions to North
African uprisings.

Reform demands in Egypt | PRI’s The World
By The World
Ursula Lindsey reports on the continued attempts by demonstrators in Egypt
to affect change. Workers from a wide variety of industries are threatening
to strike unless former members of the regime are ousted, wages increased
and more …

USA: From Utah to Egypt, Ideas for the Net · Global Voices
By Solana Larsen
… U.S. secretary of state Hilary Clinton consider how to involve citizens
more actively in democratic governance using the internet, rather than
merely offering support for online social movements in places like Tunisia
and Egypt. …

South Korea drops leaflets into North about Egypt, Libya| Reuters
By twitter:@World_Server
South Korea drops leaflets into North about Egypt, Libya #

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa on Egypt’s Revolution …
Secretary General Amr Moussa is widely expected to run for president of
Egypt in the country’s elections scheduled to be held in six months. In a
diplomatic career that has spanned more than half a century, Moussa is
currently one of …

Germany encourages trade, tourism to Egypt – Bikya Masr
By Mohamed Abdel Salam
CAIRO: German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who visited Cairo on
Thursday, offered both aid and trade to Egypt. In a push to the tourism
sector in Egypt which suffered significantly following 18 days of massive
protests that …

Thieves Arrested in Egypt Trying to Break Apart Ancient Statue …
Two thieves were arrested last week trying to break apart a 20-foot-tall
statue of the pharaoh Ramses II embedded in a quarry in the southern city
of Aswan, said Egypt’s antiquities minister, Zahi Hawass.

North Korea: Lessons from Egypt | 38 North: Informed Analysis of …
Andray Abrahamian evaluates the plausibility of a popular uprising in North
Korea along the lines of Egypts recent ousting of Mubarak.

Egypt/Turkey: Breaking away from Israel | Dissident Voice
By Eric Walberg
While Egypt’s revolution was very much about domestic matters — bread and
butter, corruption, repression — its most immediate effects have been.

Coptic Christian Priest Killed in Southern Egypt – World – CBN …
The killing of a Coptic Christian priest has prompted thousands of
Christians to take to the streets of southern Egypt in protest.

Israel Matzav: Western media ignore anti-Semitism in Egypt
By Carl in Jerusalem
Frum cites two incidents that have largely been ignored by the mainstream
media to prove that anti-Semitism in Egypt is being ignored by the
mainstream media. I ‘ve discussed both of them at length on this blog. …

Egypt Trip Report: Part IV | Center for a New American Security
By Abu Muqawama
Before 11 February, before the fall of Mubarak, before the crowds in
central Cairo torched the headquarters of the ruling party (watching it
burn for for three glorious days as they protested in th…

Omar Suleiman Was Assassination Target During Egypt Uprising …
By The Huffington Post News Editors
CAIRO — Egypt’s former Vice President Omar Suleiman was targeted in an
assassination attempt during the recent democracy uprising when assailants
firing from an ambulance riddled his car with bullets, the foreign minister
said .

Activist Post: Egypt Internet Shutdown Should Serve As Warning To …
By Activist
One of his tactics, shutting down the majority of internet access and
telecommunications in Egypt, received widespread international
condemnation. The Internet provided the means through which protestors were
able to organize and share …

2011 Egyptian revolution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Egypt and also the wider Arab world, the protests and subsequent changes
in the government, are mostly called the 25 January Revolution (ÀË—… 25 …

Egypt’s Chance :: Daniel Pipes
If developments in Egypt have gone as well as one could hope for, future
prospects remain unclear. The exciting part is over, now come the worries.

Egypt’s ‘Indiana Jones’ at Center of Archaeology Uproar | Egypt …
Egyptian archaeology is in a state of uncertainty since the protests that
ousted president Mubarak.

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