Libya Newslinks 13 September 2011

13 September 2011 —

Key figures in post-Gaddafi Libya
BBC News
Col Muammar Gaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years, and allowed no opposition to his rule. After the collapse of his regime, several organisations and individuals have come to the fore, jockeying for position to fill the power vacuum. …

Canada unfreezing $2.2B in Libyan assets
Canada is moving to unfreeze $2.2 billion worth
of Libyan assets, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Tuesday. The government wanted to unfreeze the assets earlier but its hands were tied by United Nations sanctions …

‘Iran will send ambassador back to Libya at the earliest opportunity’
Tehran Times
TEHRAN – Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast has said that Iran will send back its ambassador to Libya at the earliest opportunity. Iran’s ambassador to Libya left the African country amid the pro-democracy uprising. …

For Libyan Oil, Security Is Everything
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By James Herron Full pre-war output of around 1.5 million barrels a day could be reached within 12 to 18 months because, “Libya has some of the best experts in the oil industry,” OPEC said. “If the National Oil Company is able to bring them together to …

Saadi Gaddafi claims al-Gaddafa tribe in Niger ‘facing humanitarian crisis’
Saadi Gaddafi made an unprecedented appeal for help on Tuesday for fellow members of his tribe, which has dominated life in Libya for 40 years, saying they were facing a humanitarian crisis. By Richard Spencer in Tripoli The third son of Col Gaddafi …

Revenge Feeds Instability in Libya
Wall Street Journal
A senior Libyan rebel leader told local officials and residents in Misrata on Monday that he would stay out of their bloody feud with neighboring Tawergha, a loyalist town that served as staging ground for the devastating siege of the rebel-controlled …

Libya danger of Islamic extremists, Nato Secretary General warns
While the Libya campaign was a great success for the European members of the alliance, particularly Britain and France, the Nato leader said it could not have “carried out this mission successfully without the assets provided by the United States”. …

A Teenager’s Photo That Helped Inspire Libya’s Revolt
NPR (blog)
by Andy Carvin Over the course of Libya’s six-month revolution, activists took thousands of photos to document their struggle against the Gadhafi regime. At the very beginning, on the day activists planned to launch the revolution, there was one photo …

Uncertain victory as confidence in New Libya fades — RT
Jubilation following the fall of Gaddafi has been short-lived, with some Libyans saying they are now being abused by those who fought for their freedom. Amnesty International has called on all sides in Libya to guard against human rights abuses .

South Africa to host AU meeting on Libya – News – Mail & Guardian …
South Africa will host a meeting of the AU’s committee on Libya on Wednesday, after weeks of refusing to recognise the interim government there.

Libya: Rebels May Be Guilty Of War Crimes, Amnesty
By The Huffington Post News Editors
By Don Melvin — The Associated Press BRUSSELS (AP) — Rebels fighting to topple Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi committed unlawful killings and torture, Amnesty International said in a report released on Tuesday.

We cannot give up Libya to colonisation one more time says Gaddafi
By alexsamade
Also thirty-two members of fugitive former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s inner circle, including his son Saadi, have arrived in Niger since September 2, Niger’s prime minister said on Monday. “We were due today or last night to have a …

PhotoBlog – Libya’s revolutionary leader calls for civil state
By PhotoBlog
TRIPOLI, Libya — The chief of Libya’s revolutionary movement told thousands of cheering Libyans in Tripoli Monday to strive for a civil, democratic state, while loyalists of the hunted dictator Moammar Gadhafi killed at least 15 opposition …

At Least a Dozen Libyan Officials Flee to Niger –
Amid negotiations between rebels and loyalists in Bani Walid, a dozen senior Libyan officials fled by convoy.

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