“Lessons on Libya” | Partido Comunista Português

10 September 2011 — Partido Comunista Português

[Apologies for the pretty bad translation. WB]

Translated ‘Avante!’ article by Luis Carapinha, member of the PCP Internaional Department

On the unfortunate war in Libya much has been written and talked about. Out from the dominant media channels many streams of lies and disinformation have spouted out, together with much folklore and shooting (many the time point-blank) at the same time. What atrociously stands out, within this very new corporative journalism embedded with imperialism, the assumed or agreed irrational non-will (times oblige one to do…) in reading and understanding reality.

Therefore, it is necessary to regain this war’s essential traces and character. A war of colonial inspiration, as alias, is reminded by King Idris’ banner, hoisted by armed bands assisted and used by NATO, the new strategic concept, approved by NATO, from the beginning, pointed out against Libya’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Libya’s national precious resources and wealth plunder war and infra-structures’ destruction. Time has come for the diligent Ban KI-moon, to pretend to ignore NATO’s crimes and the international law execution, and the UN’s Security Council renowned 1973 Resolution not even being spared, and reveal his intentions towards the ‘reconstruction’ business. Undertaking this task , in consensus with the ‘international community’ demand in committing a uniformed mission unto the field ( under the NATO? The EU? Command), joining the military advisers and the special troops from NATO’s several countries together with ‘Arab allies’, which operate, within Libyan territory, for months.

A war while inaugurating the new strategic concept, approved by NATO in 2010, which in fact, marked an inflexion point in the development of the ‘Arab rebellions’, exposing the organization weaknesses and fragilities and the thesis which indulge in safeguarding ‘spontaneity’, in the course of a truly emancipating process. Supreme hypocrisy which confirms together with its operational capacity, imperialism emerges riding the Arab rebellion, holding the humanitarian cause and democracy paladin mask ( as during the Yugoslavia dismemberment war in 1999, at the time untilled by default from the United Nations). A maneuver, which took upon the opportunity of the taking part, within the fracture’s internal level, Libya’s gradual readmission within ‘the great capital coexistence’ during the last decade, exploiting simultaneously, within the regional level, the illusions and divisions amid the troops, which, objectively, have played an important role during the struggle against the imperialist powers and their allies’ hegemonic agenda.

A war which forwards unto a USA’s long term strategy for Africa (where, it searches for a host for AFRICOM, for years) and for the slow but inexorable tectonic of the deep re-dimension and reshaping of the forces in progress, worldwide.

The words of a responsible for the oil pirate company seated in Benghazi, on redefining the oil business] ‘we have no problems with the European companies (…) but there are some political issues regarding Russia, China and Brazil ‘, (in O Publico, 23.08.11).

A war which takes place within the capitalism great crisis deepening, severely attaining the USA, the EU and Japan (where the debt surpasses 200% of the GDP and has just nominated the sixth prime-minister in the last five years). Not by chance, Time magazine (22nd August) publishes, in large print, ‘Europe’s decline and fall (and perhaps the Occident’s)’. It is not surprising that within the USA some claim the war in Libya might be used as a pattern for other similar operations (in NYT, com,28.08.11). Maybe in Syria (from reports the USA are training gangs in Iraq, to enter this country) or in Algeria. NATO’s action opened up new passages to radical Islamism and the obscure Al-Qaeda within the Northern Africa region.

Within the massacred and divided Libya, NATO’s aggression proceeds, as on Monday last, 40 combat raids were fulfilled (in Ria Novosti, 30.08.11). The Libyan patriotic resistance is a reality and hope within the long Calvary in which this country has plunged.

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