Libya Newslinks 21 September 2011

21 September 2011 —

NATO powers indifferent to Libyan refugees
World Socialist Web Site Today at 16:33
The same NATO countries that waged war on Libya in the name of ‘protecting civilians’ have given ‘an abysmal response to the plight’ of refugees from this conflict.

“Rome Wasn’t Burned In A Day”: Replacing Liberal Timidity With Leftist Passion
The Greanville Post Today at 16:29
By Phil Rockstroh
Why is it that self-termed progressives are in full retreat (and have been for decades) from the witless army of angry clowns and hack illusionists of the U.S. rightwing?

Gaddafi ‘losing control of Sabha’
BBC News Today at 16:15
Libya’s interim leadership says its forces now control much of the southern city of Sabha, but they are still fighting Gaddafi loyalists in some districts.

The Golden Rule Of State Violence: Terrorism Is What They Do; Counterterrorism Is What We Do
Dissident VoiceToday at 16:00
A defining feature of state power is rhetoric about a ‘moral’ or ‘ethical’ role in world affairs. Errors of judgement, blunders and tactical mistakes can, and do, occur. But the motivation underlying state policy is fundamentally benign. Reporters and commentators, trained or selected for professional ‘reliability’, tend to slavishly adopt this prevailing ideology.

Libya: For a constituent assembly to take the revolution forward.
Socialist Resistance Today at 15:53
Socialist Resistance welcomes the continuing advance of the Libyan uprising and looks forward to the completion of the revolution. The uprising has the potential not only to carry through the democratic liberation of Libya people but to act as an important boost for the rebellion in the whole region. It has from the start been not only a genuine uprising of the of the Libyan masses but a product of, and an integral part of, the wider rebellion in the Arab world which began, and continues to be centered in Egypt and Tunisia.

NATO Troops On Ground In Libya: Intercepted Phone Call
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 15:04
Confirming what we have known, in addition to the 17 special forces captured in Bani Walid, this phone call which was intercepted between a rebel ‘rat’ and the ‘rat council’ TNC military commander, confirms Mathaba reports of the reality that the Libyan Jamahiriya is winning the battle

Prominent French lawyers prepare to sue Sarkozy over war crimes in Libya
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 14:01
A significant number of renowned French lawyers are preparing to sue their president for crimes against humanity that he has committed and still commits in Libya.

Libya: Loyalist Fighters Continue Resistance In Capital Today at 13:14

Inside the CIA’s secret Thai prison

VIDEO: ‘Promise fulfilled’ to PC Fletcher
BBC News Today at 10:25
Former PC John Murray, who was with PC Yvonne Fletcher when she was fatally shot outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984, says he is close to securing justice for his colleague.

Libya: Muammar Qaddafi Speech 20th September 2011
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts)Today at 07:01
Video in English and Arabic of Leader Muammar Qaddafi speech

NATO operation in Libya to continue – Obama
Strategic Culture FoundationToday at 05:39

Jacob Levich, “Intercepted Phone Call: NATO Ground Troops Assisted Tripoli Invasion; ‘Mass Graves’ in Misurata” Today at 04:30
The conversation, which is highly emotional and often confrontational, purports to be a recent telephone call between a high-ranking officer of the Misurata Brigade and the NTC’s military spokesman, Colonel Ahmed Bani.

Libya Resistance News Agency Created in Venezuela
Venezuela Analysis Today at 04:21
The Libyan Resistance News Agency (ANRL) was inaugurated yesterday in Caracas at a forum in the Gallegos Foundation Centre for Latin American Studies (CELARG).

VIDEO: Treasures survive Libya conflict
BBC News Today at 04:09
During the fighting in Libya, there was concern over the fate of the countries historical treasures.

AU recognises Libya NTC authority
BBC News Today at 00:54
The African Union recognises Libya’s National Transitional Council as the de facto government, as the US says it will re-open its Tripoli embassy.

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