ICH 27 October 2012: Noam Chomsky : Who Owns the World?

27 October 2012 Information Clearing House


Welcome to the Age of Hell

Entrenching Murder as the American Way

By Chris Floyd

Weep for where we are, and where we’re going.



Institutionalized State Assassinations and the November 6 Election

By Bill Van Auken

The erosion of democratic rights within the United States is far more advanced than most people realize.



Propaganda – Lies And Distortions By CBC

Pakistan’s Imran Khan Slams U.S. War On Terror

Video Interview – CBC News

“Trillions of dollars spent. God knows how many hundreds and thousands of people killed. Is the world any safer?”



Canada, Israel Call for UN Investigator’s Resignation

By The Associated Press

The UN special investigator on human rights in the Palestinian territories called Wednesday for a boycott of all companies that have dealings with Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem until they adhere to international rights standards and practices.



Israel First thriving in Governor Romney’s camp

And Still Trying to Get me Fired, Silenced

By Michael Scheuer

Readers of this blog will recall several previous battles I have been engaged in with Israel-Firsters intent on getting me fired from various jobs and banned from the media. In these efforts, the Israel-Firsters have had some success.



Palestinian Refugees

Time To Return NOW!


10 million Palestinians. Almost 5 million of them are refugees. And half of those are still living in camps. Everywhere we find great poverty, but also the same steadfast will to return to their country, Palestine.



How Democracies Die

By Mike Lofgren

“Picture a country at the height of its international power and prestige. It has military forces stationed around the globe. It is an intellectual leader….” It’s not the one you’re thinking of.



Noam Chomsky : Who Owns the World?

Video and Transcript

In 1945, the United States had literally half the world’s wealth, incredible security, controlled the entire Western Hemisphere, both oceans, the opposite sides of both oceans. There’s nothing-there hasn’t ever been anything like that in history.



State of the Struggle”

Video – Michael Parenti, Savvina Chowdhury, Sarah Regan.

“What people believe the U.S. is doing in the world and what the U.S. really is doing, is one of the great propaganda feats of modern time.”



The Call: A Choice No Mother Should Face


Keep your daughter safe — or keep your family together? What call would you make?



The Holocaust Shuffle

By Eric Peters

We’ve got a new dance here in the Homeland. It’s called The Holocaust Shuffle. The steps are easy to learn. Just stand here, legs apart – and arms up. Say nothing – and do exactly as you are told.



Lies of Plutocracy: Exploding Five Myths that Dehumanize the Poor

By Jeff Nall

If you believe that poverty is the domain of the comfortably poor, black, unemployed, unmotivated and uneducated among us, you have been sadly misled. Prepare to be astonished by numbers that tell a very different story.



Hope For The Hopeless

By Brett Dennen

Heaven. heaven.

What the hell is heaven?

Is there a home for the homeless?

Is there hope for the hopeless?



United Front Against Austerity, Public Assembly

Live Streaming

To organize an effective opposition to the impending austerity offensive; agitate to shift the burden of the economic depression onto Wall Street oligarchs; and to build momentum toward a genuine political revolution of, by and for the people.



Suicide bombing kills 41 at Afghan mosque: official:

The attacker was wearing a police uniform when he blew himself up in the crowded Eid Gah mosque in the provincial capital of Faryab province, deputy provincial governor Abdul Satar Barez told AFP.



18 armed “Taliban” rebels killed in Kandahar clash:

18 armed “Taliban” rebels were killed in clash by Afghan forces in Kandahar province. This clash occurred when tens of armed Taliban rebels attacked on security post of Registan district.



6 Afghan civilians shot dead on Kabul-Kandahar highway:

According to local authorities in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan, Afghan police forces discovered bodies of 6 Afghan civilians who were shot dead on Kabul-Kandahar highway.



2 from U.S. among 3 killed in Afghanistan:

Two U.S. occupation force soldiers were killed in a so-called insider attack and a third coalition member died in an attack by insurgents, officials in Afghanistan said.



Green-on-blue attacks not infiltrator job: Afghan Interior :

He stressed that the shootings took place because of the US-led troopers’ disrespect for the Afghans and Islamic traditions and values.



UN To Investigate Civilian Deaths From US Drone Strikes:

Emmerson singled out both President Obama and the Republican challenger Mitt Romney for criticism. “It is perhaps surprising that the position of the two candidates on this issue has not even featured during their presidential elections campaigns, and got no mention at all in Monday night’s foreign policy debate



In case you missed it:

More Evidence That Drones Are Targeting Civilian Rescuers In Afghanistan:

New research from the NYU School of Law and Stanford Law School details how U.S. drones employ a tactic, known as the “double tap,” that is considered to be a terrorist act by the U.S. government.



Afghanistan may never be ‘viable state’ warn MPs:

The UK might have to recognise that creating a viable state in Afghanistan is not achievable, an influential group of MPs has said.



Imran Khan deplaned, interrogated at Toronto airport: :

Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, was deplaned from a New York bound flight at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Geo News reported. Khan was questioned over his stance against US drone attacks in Pakistan‘s tribal areas, the sources added.



Pakistan: Gunmen kill 2 antiTaliban elders in Swat:

Gunmen shot dead two members of an anti-Taliban peace committee in northwestern Swat valley, where militants tried to murder schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai, police said Friday.



Iran Agrees to Finance Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline:

Pakistan and Iran have agreed to sign a $250 million loan agreement next month for laying Pakistan‘s portion of the pipeline, The Express Tribune reported Thursday. Iran has also offered an additional loan of $250 million from its commercial banks for the pipeline. Tehran will also provide material support.



6 civilians killed in Somalia fighting:

African Union troops alongside pro-government forces have pushed some 120 kilometres northwest of Mogadishu to the small village of Lego, as they seek to open up the road from the capital to the key town of Baidoa.



Libya: Troops fire on refugees returning to siege town:

The thump of rockets and crash of anti-aircraft guns from inside the town of Bani Walid confirmed that battles between the army and pro-Gaddafi elements were continuing despite the government’s insistence it had captured the town.



Stephen Lendman: Genocide in Bani Walid: Op-Ed:

Obama’s dirty hands are all over this crime of war and against humanity. Media scoundrels ignore it.



Benghazi attack: Urgent call for military help ‘was denied by chain of command’:

Citing “sources who were on the ground” in Benghazi, Libya, Fox News is reporting that an urgent request for military help during last month’s terrorist attack on the US consulate there “was denied by the CIA chain of command.”



African Union to request UK funding for Mali offensive:

Britain and fellow United Nations Security Council countries are likely to be asked to help bankroll an African force of 3,200 soldiers to fight Islamists in Mali, diplomats have said.



Report: Israeli drone destroyed arms convoy in Sudan:

Israel reportedly sent an unmanned drone to destroy an arms convoy south of Khartoum last month * Drone was said to have launched missiles that destroyed 200 tons of munitions, including rockets, that were destined for the Gaza Strip.



Sudan Vows No Retreat From Supporting Hamas in Aftermath of Israeli ‘Aggression’:

“If Israel is targeting Sudan because of its stand on the side of the Palestinian resistance, then Sudan will continue down that road as dictated by the religion, history and fate it shares with the Palestinian people” he added.



Israel Operates Inside Sudan, Israeli Official Says:

An Israeli intelligence official for the first time confirmed that the Israeli military operates in Sudan, just days after the government in Khartoum accused Israel of bombing an arms factory outside the capital.



‘Boycott them!’ UN rapporteur slams companies aiding Israeli settlements:

A special rapporteur for the UN‘s Human Rights Council has called for a boycott on all companies involved with Israeli settlements until they adhere to international rights standards. Israel and the US have condemned the move.



18 killed in Iraq attacks during Eid al-Adha holiday:

A bombing near a playground and other insurgent attacks killed 18 people including several children in Iraq today, challenging government efforts to promote a sense of stability by preventing attacks during a major Muslim holiday.



Gunmen kill 2 policemen in Iraq: Police say the attack took place early today.

Gunmen opened fire on a group of policemen at a checkpoint in Buhriz. Two other policemen were wounded.



The victims of Fallujah’s health crisis are stifled by western silence:

Four new studies on the health crisis in Fallujah have been published in the last three months. Yet, one of the most severe public health crises in history, for which the US military may be to blame, receives no attention in the United States.



$1 Billion Missing: U.S. can’t produce $1 billion of fuel receipts in Iraq:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers cannot produce about $1 billion of receipts for fuel and other supplies it bought in Iraq using Iraqi money, a government investigation has found.



The Treasures of War: The Today Programme on ‘Britain’s Great Adventure in Basra’:

Radio 4’s Today programme of 16 October provided rare, frank insight into the priorities behind the British occupation of Iraq, and the inherent entanglement between the military effort and ‘British business’



Why it is Tony Blair and not me who should be in the dock :

 On 27 May 2012, anti-war protester David Lawley-Wakelin interrupted Tony Blair, as he was giving evidence at Leveson Inquiry into the British press and the phone-hacking scandal, shouting, “Excuse me, this man should be arrested for war crimes.” Lord Leveson duly apologised to the war criminal and truth-teller Lawley-Wakelin was taken away by the police



‘Five killed, 32 wounded’ in Damascus blast:

A security source told AFP that the bombing had targeted residential buildings for police officers and their families and that children were playing in the area when the attack occured.



UN Security Council Refuses to Condemn Damascus Blast:

The UN Security Council has rejected a Russian initiative to condemn the recent terrorist attack in Damascus that killed nearly 50 people following the announcement of a ceasefire across Syria.



 22 killed as Syrian rebels and Kurdish militiamen clash in Aleppo:

Eid truce broken again with at least 22 thought dead after alleged incursion by Syrian rebels into neutral Kurdish districts



Rebels storm Syrian military base despite ceasefire:

Heavy fighting has broken out around a Syrian military base, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, in the first major violation of a ceasefire marking the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.



Syrian army ‘responding to rebel ceasefire violations’:

The military said rebel attacks had taken place against its positions in Deir Ezzor, Daraa, Idlib and in the Damascus region.



Origin of Syrian shells into Turkey unclear, US general says:

“We are not sure if these shells are from the Syrian army, from rebels who want to get Turkey involved in the issue or from the PKK [Kurdish Workers’ Party],” he said.



Iran thanks UN mediator Brahimi for brokering ceasefire in Syria:

In his telephone talks with Brahimi on Thursday, Salehi called the declaration of ceasefire an important step to start efforts for a political solution to the 19-month conflict in Syria.



Propaganda alert:

Diplomats: Iran one step closer to nuclear bomb: –

Iran appears to have nearly finished installing centrifuges at its underground nuclear plant, Western diplomats say, potentially boosting its capacity to make weapons-grade uranium if it chose to do so.



U.S. fighter jets deployed in secret to Mideast:

U.S. Central Command quietly dispatched a Marine fighter jet squadron from San Diego to an undisclosed country in the Middle East, U-T San Diego has learned.



Britain rejects U.S. request to use bases:-

Britain turned aside an unofficial U.S. request to use British military bases to support a buildup of forces in the nuclear standoff with Iran, officials said.



NSA’s secretive surveillance program goes to the Supreme Court:

The US government insists that Americans don’t have the right to challenge a law that lets the National Security Agency eavesdrop on the intimate communications of anyone in the country, but all of that could now change as early as next week.



Seattle police plan to deploy spy drones: .

The FAA has approved the local police department to start using surveillance drones for law enforcement, but protesters are making it clear that they’re willing to put up a fight.



We live in a Police State : Video –

Dhoruba Al-Mujahid Bin-Wahad addresses the importance of recognizing that we live in a police state and that we need to decentralize public safety of public safety. Also that we need community control of our communities.



When Women Vote, Women Win! – ?

1960s teen idol Lesley Gore leads charge in ‘You Don’t Own Me’ Video



US presidential election fundrasing crosses $2 billion mark:

The Obama campaign has raised a record $1.037 billion. This is for the first time that any presidential candidate has raised more than a billion dollars in an election cycle. According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data compiled by the non-partisan Campaign Finance Institute, Romney campaign has raised $950.7 million.



Katrina vanden Heuvel: Is a ‘Citizens United’ Democracy a Democracy At All?:

Op-Ed: Sinquefield may well be the most influential private citizen in the state. Not for the power of his ideas, or the strength of his organizing, but because his money won’t shut up.



Romney-Ryan’s Real Poverty Plan: Soak the Poor:

Romney’s priorities really are pretty stark: He wants to cut taxes on the rich and cut spending on the poor. That’s Romney’s real poverty plan.



80 top CEOs tell Obama, Romney to slash social spending:

The chief executives of 80 large US corporations have issued a “Deficit Manifesto,” calling on the next president to “fix America’s debt” by making substantial “changes in the federal budget.” The statement was published by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.



Budget cuts push Spain jobless to a record 25 percent:

More are expected to lose their jobs next year as additional government cutbacks kick in. In the European Union only Greece has a higher jobless rate.



Tom Feeley


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,213


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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