Red Pepper, Anticapitalist Initiative and IOPS invite you to an evening of discussion on the future of radical political organisation

5 March 2013

An open forum on 6 March 2013, 7:30pm with contributions from Preeti Paul (IOPS), Tom Walker (ex Socialist Worker journalist), James O’Nions (editor, Red Pepper magazine), Luke Cooper (Anticapitalist Initiative), and Laura Schwartz (Feminist Fightback). 

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TIME AND VENUE OF THIS EVENT HAVE CHANGED SLIGHTLY: Wednesday 6 March at 7.30pm. Birkbeck University, Torrington Sq (off Malet Street), WC1E 7HX. Facebook event.

The global capitalist crisis and new wave of resistance have put the question of radical political organisation and left unity, ‘beyond the fragments’, sharply into focus. This meeting will bring together those who share a concern for developing participatory forms of radical organisation.

Some of the questions we will be looking at are:

What should be the balance between hierarchy and non-hierarchy? Can greater acceptance of plurality generate greater unity on the left? What’s the relationship between new left parties and social movements like Occupy? How do we avoid repeating the authoritarianism that blighted the socialist project in the last century? What practical steps can be taken in the here and now for a stronger radical left

We hope to see you there.

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