Hugo Chavez vs "The Network" By Greg Palast

14 March, 2013 — Vice Magazine

London, February 2002. A tiny, dark and intense woman waited at the end of a lecture until I was alone, brought her face strangely close to mine and whispered, “President Chavez needs you. Right now. To Caracas. Right now. You must come to see him.”

President Who? All I knew about this Hugo Chavez guy was that he was an Latin-American jefe, led a bungled coup and was filled with a lot of populist bullshit and a lot of oil.

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“Scientific Assassinations” Are Part of the CIA’s Modus Operandi By Wayne Madsen

11 March 29013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Guardian newspaper’s self-proclaimed Venezuela expert Rory Carroll has glibly categorized serious charges that Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chavez Frias was assassinated by a United States-produced bio-weapon as being in the same league with «conspiracy theorists who wonder about aliens at Roswell and NASA faking the moon landings». A number of Venezuelan and international officials believe a hostile party covertly introduced an aggressive form of cancer into the 58-year old president.

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The Fracked-up USA Shale Gas Bubble By F. William Engdahl

13 March, 2013Global Research

At a time when much of the world is looking with a mix of envy and excitement at the recent boom in USA unconventional gas from shale rock, when countries from China to Poland to France to the UK are beginning to launch their own ventures into unconventional shale gas extraction, hoping it is the cure for their energy woes, the US shale boom is revealing itself to have been a gigantic hyped confidence bubble that is already beginning to deflate. Carpe diem!

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 13 March 2013: Women 'carry all' of Palestine’s suffering

13 March 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Abu Marzouq Slams Egyptian Reports Regarding Claimed Arrest Of Seven Palestinians
IMEMC – Mousa Abu Marzouq, member of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, slammed some Egyptian media outlets for what he called “attempting to involve the Palestinians in internal Egyptian conflicts”. His statements came after Egyptian reports claimed Egypt arrested seven Palestinians coming from Syria. …

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ICH 13 March 2013: John Pilger: The New Propaganda Is Liberal – The New Slavery Is Digital

13 March 2013 — Information Clearing House

Responsibility to Protect And The Myth of Large Numbers

By Vijay Prashad

The United States often uses exaggerated civilian casualty numbers to make a case for military intervention in strife-torn regions.


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