City of London Corporation reneges on its social housing pledge By Charles Hixson

21 November 2018 — WSWS

The City of London Corporation announced in 2015 that they would build 3,700 new council homes by 2025. So far just 62 have been built!

The London Evening Standard reported that only 900 structures, less than a fourth of the goal, would be completed by 2025. This projection, quietly released in Corporation documents over the summer, has been blamed on red tape.

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London Review of Books publishes scurrilous account of Grenfell Tower fire By Alice Summers

15 June 2018 — WSWS

On June 7, the London Review of Books featured The Tower, a lengthy essay  on the Grenfell Tower inferno by journalist and novelist Andrew O’Hagan.The essay marked one year since the devastating fire that claimed at least 72 lives. It also coincided with the opening days of the official inquiry during which fire survivors and relatives of those who died gave moving tributes to their loved ones. O’Hagan’s piece, however, is a mockery of journalistic and social integrity.

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27 March 2018 — Housmans Books

1. Easter Closures
2. Aldermaston 60 Years On – CND Rally 1st April
3. Lords v Commoners: Week of Action for Land Rights – 14th to 22nd April

4.’In Our Hands: Changing the Way we See the Homeless’ with Papakow Baiden, Andy Slaughter (MP for Hammersmith) and Tom Copley (London Assembly Member, Heads Up Housing Committee)
5. ‘Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW’ with Peter Cole
6. Tottenham’s Trojan Horse? A Tale of Stadium-led Regeneration in North London’ with Dr Mark Panton
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