Travels Back In Time

10 March 2013 —

Dear Friends,

As nearly all of you know, yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of the Iraq War Crime. In the service of memory, we have uploaded my film, WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception, in its entirety, to the website. Perhaps some of you will open the New York Times this morning to a Michael Gordon byline and then remember how slavishly he and Judith Miller amplified the propaganda that helped lead our country to war in those very same pages. Others may have forgotten that disgraceful twosome and their culpable brethren, whether by choice stemming from the shame of our continued collective inability to extract even a modicum of justice for the victims of that crime, or simply through the limited capacity of the human mind to retain information. Should you desire, a documentary that I’m very proud of awaits to walk you down a very tragic memory lane.

Some other less somber site announcements:

Thanks to the efforts of our indefatigable Executive Director, Mr. Ian Escuela, Mediachannel will now be updated every day except Saturday. Mediachannel is very fortunate to be taking shape under his stewardship and I hold the man in no less a place than in my personal pantheon of heroes.

To everyone who made a donation since our return, I am pleased to say that your eBook copy of Dissecting the News and Lighting the Fuse will be emailed to you at the end of this week. Anyone who intended to donate, but has not gotten around to it, now would definitely not be a bad time. Irrespective of those trifling economic considerations, thank you all for your support even if that support is just a kind email or praises sung to a friend.

I know many of you have written the site, inquired about becoming an affiliate, or submitted articles. They have not fallen on deaf ears or blind eyes. I beg your pardon and ask that you please bear with me until I complete my work in South Africa and return home at the end of this month. Thank you for your correspondence and patience, keep it coming.

Be in touch soon,


P.S. Almost forgot to mention that you can follow Mediachannel on Twitter @MediaChannelOrg and/or on Facebook

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