ColdType, March 2013: Chavez / Greg Palast / Pepe Escobar / Jeffrey R Webber / Chris Hedges and more…

13 March 2013Coldtype

In the March issue of COLDTYPE MAGAZINE – download your free copy today

76 Pages – 
This month’s Cover StoryDeath of a President, covers the death and legacy of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, with essays by Greg Palast, Pepe Escobar and Jeffrey R. Webber. We’ve also got Chris Hedges‘ notes from the indictment of whistleblower Bradley ManningMark Mule‘s wonderful story of the problems of touring with a non-union production of the Broadway show, The Wizard of Oz; Mark Clemson‘s story of a man who was convicted of murder although he was locked up in a police cell at the time; and much much more. PLUS: Our second freebie is Massacre at Marikana, a photo essay of a deadly clash between police and striking miners in South Africa from Alon Skuy that won this year’s Pictures of the Year International Award.

AND: A special new year e-book gift to subscribers. If you’d like the free download of Flight In February, a much-acclaimed adventure novel by Philip Kraske, click on this link:

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