ColdType Issue 74: Chris Hedges’ The Shame of America’s Gulags / Loretta Napoleoni / Danny Schechter…

24 May 2013 —

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This month’s Cover Story, Chris Hedges’ The Shame of America’s Gulags, provides a disturbing insight into conditions inside the most secure prisons in the United States. It’s chilling reading from a country that lays claim to being the freest and most humane in the world. 

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ColdType, January 2012: Las Vegas / The Rich plus Herman, Cromwell, McGovern, Pilger et al…

10 January 2013 — Coldtype

In the January issue of COLDTYPE MAGAZINE – download your free copy today

Cover story this month is Tony Sutton’s Las Vegas: Behind The Bright Lights, a photo essay that captures street life away from the gaze of the city that never sleeps. Sharing our spotlight is a 16-page excerpt from Sam Pizzigati’s brilliant new book, The Rich Don’t Always Win, which tells of a time when the rich in the United States paid their fair share of their earnings into the taxman’s coffers.

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ColdType, November 2012: Arun Gupta / Edward S. Herman / Dave Lindorff…

14 November 2012 — 

In the November issue of COLDTYPE MAGAZINE – download your free copy today

Cover story this month is Arun Gupta’s journey back to Niles, Ohio, where steelworkers are striking to protect their community as it falls deeper into a post-industrial abyss. Other top stories include Edward S. Herman’s indictment of  the double standards and hypocrisy  that mark the West’s flawed concepts of ‘war on terrorism’ and ‘humanitarian intervention’; Dave Lindorff’s observations of the United States as a society that is ‘armed to the teeth, but living in fear’; while Jim d’Eugenio finds error and omission in Bill O’Reilly’s new book on the Kennedy assassination. And much more . . .

PLUS: Our second freebie this month is a 24-page e-book, Anatomy Of a ‘Terrorism’ Prosecution, a report by Katherine Hughes on the disturbing case of an American doctor who is now serving 22 years in jail for helping to feed sick and starving Iraqi children

In addition, we have six more must-reads from our archives, on the theme of EXPOSING THE LIES

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ColdType, January 2012: Target Iran / Libya / Israel / Media & War / Economics…

3 January 2012 — Coldtype

coldtype0112.jpgIn this month’s 72-page COLDTYPE MAGAZINE
Cover Feature in this issue is a 7-part, 24-page section Target Iran, on the propaganda build-up to what may become another major Middle Eastern war. Other stories include an analysis of the attack on Libya, the hypocrisy of Israel, the prime time war, one man’s journey to jail, the zombies who ate the economy and much, much more – Tony Sutton, Editor

PLUS: A new 232-page e-book by Danny Schechter

As a special New Year’s gift to ColdType readers, we’ve got a pre-publication download of the e-book version of OCCUPY – Dissecting Occupy Wall Street, by Danny Schechter, the News Dissector, who is described in Greg Palast’s preface as the “Trident submarine of the American media.” The print version of the book will be available next month

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ColdType, November 2011: OWS / Guantanamo / UK / South Africa / Libya…

27 October 2011 — Coldtype

In this month’s 64-page COLDTYPE MAGAZINE
Cover story this month is an 11-page section on the War on Wall Street with words by Tom Engelhardt and Richard Pithouse, accompanied by David Shankbone’s photo essay on the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City and a full-page cartoon from Mark Hurwitt. Other stories include three essays on the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Bagram Air Force Base and other ‘black’ sites around the world – essays that make us wonder about the silence of the North American public in the face of such imperial inhumanity. We also feature enlightening stories from Colombia, England, Mexico, Israel, South Africa and Libya by writers such as John Pilger, Conor Gearty, Bill Van Auken, George Monbiot, John Kozy and Hollman Morris – Tony Sutton, Editor

GUARDIAN VERSUS GATEKEEPER – Jonathan Cook examines London’s Guardian, the world’s foremost ‘left wing’ newspaper and finds that it’s not as liberal as it claims to be, especially in its treatment of some of the world’s most prominent and most outspoken social activists


1. Return To Kandahar: By Robert Fisk
2. Drugs, Bases & Jails: By Tom Engelhardt
3. Target Iran: Bt Ed Herman & David Peterson
4. The New Economy Of Terror: Bt Lauretta Napoleoni

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ColdType, August 2011

27 July 2011 —

In this month’s 64-page COLDTYPE MAGAZINE
Cover story this month is Jonathan Cook’s article about Israeli government actions that are stripping away freedoms of expression from its increasingly-polarised citizens. You won’t want to miss Trevor Grundy’s account of four elderly Kenyans who are causing severe embarrassment to the British government with their allegations of torture, including castration, during the Mau Mau rebellion against British rule in their country during the 1950s. We’ve also got a couple of essays, by John Pilger and William Rivers Pitt, on the crisis facing Rupert Murdoch’s media empire after revelations of phone-tapping at his biggest-selling British newspaper; plus the story of an invasion of jellyfish that is threatening fish stocks – and nuclear power plants, an interview with an eco-warrior; what, we hope, are the final words on Sarah Palin, and much more .


1. SLOW BOAT TO GAZA: Read Ray McGovern’s 28-page diary, filled with photographs, of the latest attempt, this time by a group of peace activists aboard the ‘Audacity of Hope’, to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

2. SOUTH AFRICA REVISITED: Danny Schechter spent a month in South Africa examining the progress made by the country in the 21 years since the release of nelson Mandela. Don’t miss his 15-page report consisting of four essays.

3. OBAMA”S BUSH LEAGUE WORLD: Thought George W. Bush’s foreign policies were a disaster? Tom Engelhardt takes a long look at those of  President Obama and can’t see much difference.

4. YATRA: Celebrating With The Pilgrims of India: a 12-page photoessay that captures the action at India’s annual Yatra celebrations, when millions of devoted Hindu pilgrims travel thousands of miles by foot, bike, car and train to the banks of the River Ganges at Varanasi, the holiest city of world Hinduism.

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ColdType May 2011 Issue

17 May 2011 — Cold Type


Inside this month’s 80-page issue

– f5.6 should be right, Greg Marinovich & Joao Silva; Surprise, surpise! Iraq war was about oil, Ray McGovern; The strange death of multiculturalism, Trevor Grundy; More humanitarian regime change, Alan Maas; Bug Affairs, Hugh Pennington; A tale of two hospitals, Barry Lando; War reporting: Ours and theirs, Simon Liem; The Abu Ghraib pictures you haven’t seen, Nick Turse; the shrinking of New Orleans, Bill Berkowitz; Cowards and crack dealers, David Michael Green; Palestine unity and the new Middle East, Ramzy Baroud; Osama Bin Lynched, David Swanson; Where is your democracy?, Kathy Kelly; Why facts no longer matter, Danny Schechter; Need boots on the ground? Call Mr Transom, Philip Kraske; Harper can’t beat the BS-detector, Michael Keefer; Traveling along the highway of death, John W. Whitehead; Hurwitt’s Eye, Mark Hurwitt; Humanitarian intervention, again!, William Blum; Where have all the graveyards gone?, Adam Hochschild; Marching for Anzac in the 51st State, John Pilger

PLUS – Five must-read essays from our archives

Diesel-Driven Bee Slums and Impotent Turkeys, by Chip Ward
Conspiracy: The Downing Street Diaries, by David Edwards
Why the Media gets the War Wrong, by Michael Schwartz
Suicide Kool-Aid, by John S. Hatch
Off the Rails, by Paul Williams

Enjoy! (and if you don’t, let me know why)

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