ICH 13 March 2013: John Pilger: The New Propaganda Is Liberal – The New Slavery Is Digital

13 March 2013 — Information Clearing House

Responsibility to Protect And The Myth of Large Numbers

By Vijay Prashad

The United States often uses exaggerated civilian casualty numbers to make a case for military intervention in strife-torn regions.



Why Doesn’t Obama Drone Strike This Terrorist?

By Paul Joseph Watson

Because the administration is backing terrorists in Syria.



The New Propaganda Is Liberal — The New Slavery Is Digital

By John Pilger

Today’s “message” of grotesque inequality, social injustice and war is the propaganda of liberal democracies. By any measure of human behavior, this is extremism.



Hugo Chavez Was A Miracle.

By Paul Craig Roberts

Chavez asked, “What type of democracy do you impose with Marines and bombs?”



In case you missed it

‘The War on Democracy’: John Pilger’


Set in Latin America and the US, this movie explores the historic and current relationship of Washington with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.



Waking From My Moral Coma

By William Rivers Pitt

“America is an idea, – as pure and great as anything conceived by the human mind.”



Above The Law

By Katrina vanden Heuvel

If the national security state has the power of life or death above the law, and Wall Street has the power to plunder beyond the law, in what way does this remain a nation of laws?



Tony Blair: When Ignorance Is Bliss

By By Matt Carr

Every time I write about Tony Blair, I tell myself that it will be the last time. But then I find myself coming back, time and again, like a dog to its vomit.



Why Food Riots are Likely to Become the New Normal

By Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

The Arab spring is merely a taste of things to come.



Rep. Alan Grayson: Paul Ryan Wants Sick Poor People To Die


Grayson accused Ryan of wishing a large swath of Americans would die.



Rick Wolff: A Cure for Capitalism?


Employment’s up, wealth’s up, but the benefits of both are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few.



All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Video Documentary By Adam Curtis

Curtis tracks the effects of Ayn Rand’s ideas on American financial markets, particularly via the influence on Alan Greenspan.



At least 7 killed in deadly blast at Afghan sporting match:

Family of parliament speaker among those killed in attack at buzkashi venue in northern Kunduz province.



US drones spread fear to Afghan villages: Video Report:

Every civilian that US drones kill by mistake is another victory for the Taliban’s recruitment campaign.



Obama terror drones:

CIA tactics in Pakistan include targeting rescuers and funerals



Five troops killed as gunmen attack Kashmir security camp:

Militants in Indian-administered Kashmir have killed at least five security personnel in a gun and grenade attack near a school in Srinagar.



China offers 500 mln-dollar loan to Pak for IP gas pipeline project:

In a major development, China has offered a 500 million dollar loan to Pakistan for the controversial Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, which was launched despite strong objections from the United States.



Iraq fears return of sectarian war, this time with added political dimension:

Shias and Sunnis increase attacks amid concern Syria war could raise violence to levels of deadliest period in nation’s history



CIA Effort In Iraq Places US Spooks On Syria’s Three Largest Borders:

In June The New York Times reported that CIA officers in southern Turkey was been funneling weapons to Syrian rebels. In December NPR reported that CIA officers were training rebels in Jordan on how to identify and safeguard chemical weapons (while Der Spigel reported that it had been happening since May).



Iraqis Feel Safer Now That U.S. Troops Are Gone:

According to a survey released by Gallup Tuesday, more Iraqis report that security in the country has gotten better (42 percent) than worse (19 percent) now that U.S. troops are gone.



Syria: “Rebels” kill three people in Damascus:

Three Syrian people were killed and at least 50 others wounded in a mortar shell attack by militants on a residential suburb in Damascus on Wednesday.



EU officer killed in Syria:

Ahmad Shihadeh was killed in a rocket attack in a Damascus suburb where he had lived. He had been performing humanitarian work when the attack took place.



Arming opposition in Syria is violation of international law – Lavrov:

Lavrov said that in Libya, when the UN Security Council imposed an embargo on supplying arms to either side of the conflict, it was broken with arms deliveries continuing openly, from both European and Arab countries and that this was a violation of international law.



Moscow Takes Issue with US Stance on Syria:

Moscow criticized on Tuesday what it described as the United States’ biased interpretation of the Geneva Communiqué as supporting the Syrian opposition.



Croatia orders withdrawal of its troops from Golan:

The withdrawal, which had been proposed by the country’s president, follows reports claiming that Syrian rebels trying to topple Bashar Assad have been armed with Croatian weapons – including machine guns, rifles and anti-tank grenades – in an operation approved by the United States and sponsored by some Arab countries.



Israel Likely to Be Next Target of Syrian “Rebels”, General Says:

Israel‘s military chief of staff warned that some of the rebel forces trying to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad may soon turn their attention southward and attack Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights.



Palestinian man killed by Israeli soldiers during violence near Hebron:

The 25-year-old Palestinian man, who was a college student and youth movement leader, was shot in the head by Israeli troops who were being pelted by rocks thrown by residents of the Palestinian village of Fuwar.



Israel kills Palestinian with banned bullets:

Mahmoud Adel Faris al-Teiti, 25, was hit in the head by expanding “dum dum” bullets during clashes at the al-Fawwar refugee camp near Hebron, according to local media.



Funeral for Palestinian man killed by Israeli forces: Raw Video:

Hundreds march for the funeral of a West Bank Palestinian man killed by Israeli forces during clashes. Rough Cut .



Palestinian Prisoner On Hunger Strike Stops Drinking Water:

Lawyer Jawad Boulos, director of the Legal Unit in the Palestinian Prisoners Society said that Issawi has escalated his steps in protest at having to wear ankle restraints and being shackled to his hospital bed.



Hamas on the defensive:

Hamas supporters, overjoyed when their ideological bedfellows, the Muslim Brothers, won Egypt’s presidential election last June, are aghast that, in power, the Brothers have ceded control of Gaza’s borders to Egypt’s security forces.



Lebanon: One Killed In Palestinian Refugee Camp:

One person was killed and several others wounded overnight Tuesday during clashes in southern Lebanon’s Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp, according to an Al-Akhbar correspondent.



‘Iran can’t covertly produce atomic bomb’ – US intelligence chief:

Iran cannot produce enough highly-enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon without being found out by the international community, the US National Intelligence Director told Congress. He also countered claims Tehran had decided to build an atomic bomb.



Anti-Iran sanctions are immoral, illegal and cowardly: Op-Ed:

“I believe that there should be no mistake about the reality that sanctions are warfare without the military involvement,”



Two civilians killed in south Yemen clashes: sources:

Police opened fire on Southern Movement activists who had blocked roads with rocks and burning tyres as part of a campaign of civil disobedience they began less than a month ago, an activist said.



Saudi Arabia executes seven men in public by firing squad:

A Saudi firing squad on Wednesday executed in public seven men convicted of armed robbery despite last-minute appeals by rights groups that their lives be spared, the interior ministry and a witness said.



Bahrain detains 6 over anti-government tweets:

The six were detained over the past couple of days and the prosecutor’s statement Wednesday said they will be charged with misusing Twitter and insulting King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.



4 CAR troops killed in rebel attack;

Four Central African soldiers were killed in a key southern town in an attack blamed on Seleka rebels, a military source said on Tuesday.



Tunisia: Young man dies after self-immolation;

A young Tunisian cigarette vendor has died after setting himself on fire – an act reminiscent of the event which triggered the “Arab Spring” in 2010.



US Drones bombing Africa operated from RAF bases in UK:

The United States has established a drone ‘operations centre’ in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside which could be used to co-ordinate attacks in the Middle East and Africa.



Venezuelan foreign minister claims U.S. plotting coup:

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua charged Tuesday that the United States had been plotting to overthrow late president Hugo Chavez.



Venezuela diplomats expelled by US in tit-for-tat row:

The United States has expelled two Venezuelan diplomats, following the expulsion of US attaches from Caracas.



The Arab Reaction to Chavez’s Death and What it Tells Us: Op-Ed: :

It’s not difficult to understand why Chavez enjoyed such support and admiration among the Arab public. Chavez stood in stark contrast to the politically impotent, petty tyrants that rule the Arab world. He spent 14 years as president of Venezuela and consistently won clear majorities of the vote in free and fair elections.



U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans’ finances:

The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.



Pentagon creates 13 offensive cyber teams for worldwide attacks:

The head of the United States Cyber Command says the US is developing 40 new teams of cyber-agents that will both protect America’s critical infrastructure from hackers and as well as launch attacks against the country’s adversaries.



Mass opposition to austerity in Portugal:

Portugal’s statistics agency reported that its economy contracted 3.2 percent last year, the biggest fall in 37 years. With unemployment at 17.6 percent, behind only Greece and Spain in the European Union, mass mobilisations and strikes are becoming the norm.



Corporate-Approved State Bills Kick Low-Wage Workers While They’re Down:

An extensive analysis recently published by labor advocacy organization the National Employment Law Project tracks more than 100 bills introduced in 31 states since January 2011 that “aim to repeal or weaken core wage standards at the state or local level.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,267


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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