ICH 22 April 2013: Something’s Rotten in Boston: Who’s Investigating the FBI Investigators?

22 April 2013 — Information Clearing House

Hagel Stresses Israel’s Right to Strike Iran


“The bottom line is, Iran is a threat – a real threat,” he said.



US Steps Up Regime Change Bid On Iran

By Finian Cunningham

Hagel’s cozying up to Israeli partners-in-crime nails the lie that the Obama White House is somehow at odds with Tel Aviv over Middle East policy and Iran in particular.



US Gives Green Light For Israeli Attack On Iran

Israeli Strike Capability Just Got Real

By Marc Goldberg

The arrival of an as yet undisclosed number of KC-135 aerial refuelling aircraft will give the Israeli Air Force (IAF) the range to attack any target in Iran.



Obama Accused of Nuclear U-turn as Guided Weapons Plan Emerges

By Julian Borger

Plan to spend $10bn on updating nuclear bombs goes against 2010 pledge not to deploy new weapons.



If you Want to go to Heaven, You had Better get Busy Overthrowing Syria

By Paul Craig Roberts

How can all us get to heaven if we don’t do God’s will and deliver the Middle East to Israel as Israel says the scriptures require. I mean, really, do you want to oppose God and burn in hell?



Boston Bombing Will Boost U.S. Support for Israel, Says Netanyahu Aide

By Barak Ravid

WATCH: More Americans identify with Israel after terror attacks, says Ron Dermer, possible next Israeli envoy to Washington, to U.S. Jewish leaders.



America’s War on Islam 2.0

By Stephen Lendman

Waging war at home or abroad requires enemies. America creates them when none exist



Drone Strikes and the Boston Marathon Bombing

By Robert Wright

The more we learn about the Boston Marathon bombing, the more reason there is to doubt the wisdom of Obama’s drone-heavy approach to fighting terrorism.



Something’s Rotten in Boston

Who’s Investigating the FBI Investigators?:

By Dave Lindorff

I’m not a conspiracy-minded person, but something definitely stinks about this whole Boston Marathon bombing story.



The Boston Bombs Roused a Monster

By Patrick Cockburn

9/11 – turned the US into a more authoritarian state in which civil liberties are curtailed or discounted, and spawned an elephantine and costly security apparatus.



Pit Of Hopelessness

Guantanamo Grows Tense, Inmates Suicidal


At least two Guantanamo Bay detainees have attempted suicide since the confrontation between guards and prisoners in February that brought about the ongoing hunger strike.



America Cannot Assert Moral Authority While Guantánamo Remains Open


For those not charged with any offence, their long detention is a most serious stain on the human rights record of the US.



The Persecution of Lynne Stewart

By Chris Hedges

It is not only a crime in the U.S. to be poor, to be a Muslim, to openly condemn the crimes committed in our name in the Muslim world, but to defend those who do.



Congress Exploits Our Fears to Take Our Liberty

By Ron Paul

Sadly, I expect this week’s tragic attacks in Boston to be used to justify new restrictions on liberty.



50 Years After MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” What Can We Learn?

By Gary Corseri

“You’re with us, or you’re with the terrorists,” cowboy Bush declared, using the tragedy of 9/11 to justify killing and displacing over a million Muslims in Iraq.



Obama Is Comfortable with Bush’s Inferno

By Ralph Nader

George W. Bush is riding high. A megamillionaire, from the taxpayer-subsidized Texas Rangers company, he makes $150,000 to $200,000 per speech, receives a large presidential pension and support facilities and is about to dedicate the $500 million George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum on April 25.



At least 185 people killed in Nigeria violence:

Fighting between Boko Haram group and troops in Baga town in Borno state in nation’s northeast leaves at least 185 dead.



Nigeria: Boko Haram ‘Taking Over Northern Borno State’:

Many local governments areas in northern Borno and other parts of the state are gradually coming under the control of members of the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lid Da’awati Wal Jihad, also known as Boko Haram, Weekly Trust heard yesterday.



At least 100 people killed in clashes near Syrian capital, activists say:

Six days of fighting near Damascus has killed at least 100 people and possibly many more, activists said Monday, in what both sides say may be a dramatic spike in the Syria’s civil war death toll.



Syria army seizes Jdaidet al-Fadl ‘killing dozens’:

Syrian government troops have seized a town near Damascus, killing at least 80 people including women and children, opposition activists say. – Syria’s Sana state news agency said government forces had “inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists” in the town.



Syrian rebels intensify rocket attacks into Lebanon:

Residents of of Hermel girded for revenge Sunday after a surge of rocket attacks by Syrian opposition rebels against this Shiite-populated town and adjacent areas in Lebanon’s northern Bekaa Valley.



Human Rights Watch has urged Syrian rebels to stop indiscriminate attacks on residential areas:

On Saturday it said rebels appeared to have fired shells and rockets on the towns of Hermel, Sahlat al-Ma’, and al-Qasr, in northern Bekaa.A Hermel resident said there were no military targets in area.



Kerry: 11 Nations to Direct Syria Aid Through Rebel General:

Secretary of State John Kerry described the agreement by 11 countries supporting the Syrian opposition to distribute all military aid and assistance through the leadership of General Salim Idris of the Free Syrian Army as a major breakthrough.



German FM stands by refusal to send arms to Syria:

Even if EU embargo expires, Berlin won’t arm rebels, says Guido Westerwelle



Lifting arms supply ban on Syrian rebels illegal: Russia:

Lifting the ban on arms supply to the Syrian opposition contradicts international law, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.



EU governments ease Syria oil sanctions to help rebels:

European Union governments agreed on Monday to ease sanctions on Syria to allow for purchases of crude from the opposition, in hopes of throwing a financial lifeline to rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.



Exclusive: In Closed Consultations of the Security Council, Brahimi Criticizes Arab League Decision:

Lakhtar Brahimi criticized the Arab League decision to offer official recognition to the Syrian Coalition during the closed-door meeting, which he said means, for the Arab League, the Geneva process he has been promoting is “obsolete”.



9 killed, 20 wounded in roadside bomb attack in Iraq:

The death toll was preliminary and might increase as rescuers were working at the site, the source said, adding that the security forces had cordoned off the scene.



Iraq’s Sunnis stage day of civil disobedience:

Many of Iraq’s Sunnis are holding a day of civil disobedience to protest the Shiite-led government’s policies they perceive as being discriminatory against their minority.



US kills 2 people inYemen:

It’s the third suspected U.S. drone strike in less than a week in Yemen.



Drone Strikes and the Boston Marathon Bombing:

The more we learn about the Boston Marathon bombing, the more reason there is to doubt the wisdom of Obama’s drone-heavy approach to fighting terrorism.



Afghanistan: 8 Armed Rebels Killed:

Ghazni (BNA) Eight armed rebels including two Pakistani nations were killed and six others wounded in a clash with up risers in Ghazni province.



6 Afghan police officers, 3 civilians killed in Taliban attacks:

Insurgents shot six police officers dead at a checkpoint and a suicide bomber killed three civilians at a shopping bazaar in two attacks in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday



Afghan Taliban captures nine foreigners after their helicopter makes emergency landing:

“Security forces found the helicopter but the nine people were not in it. They are taken by the Taliban. They are Turkish nationals and are nine people including the crew,” Sadeq told AFP.



Pakistan: 4 soldiers killed in militants’ attack in North Waziristan:

Pro-Taliban militants targeted a military convoy with a roadside bomb in North Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan today, killing four soldiers and injuring six more, officials said.



Pakistan government refuses to try Musharraf for treason:

The move will give at least temporary breathing room to Musharraf, who is already under house arrest in connection with one of three other cases dating back to his 1999-2008 period in office.



U.S. finalizes exclusive arms “sale” aimed at ensuring Israel’s ‘air superiority’:

Initial reports put the cost of the military equipment sale, which include Bell Boeing V-22 transport helicopters, at $10 billion; Hagel’s 5-day Middle East visit is expected to focus on Iran, the Syrian “civil war” and weapons sales to America’s allies Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.



Hagel: New deal allows IAF long range capabilities:

“The US will provide Israel with a range of military weapons including missiles, advanced radar systems, refueling aircraft and V-22 aircraft that we have not given to any other country.” He added that this ensures Israel’s air superiority and will allow the Israel Air Force (IAF) long-range capabilities.



Turkey shoots down report of airbase talks with Israel:

Israel was said to be seeking a staging ground for Iran attack, in exchange for military technology



Former Israeli Attorney General: “Settlements’ worse than Darfur:

‘Settlements are the most evil and immoral act since World War II’



John Kerry slammed over Erdogan Gaza visit:

The Hamas government of Gaza on Sunday slammed US Secretary of State John Kerry for urging the Turkish prime minister to delay a visit to the Palestinian territory.



Turkish PM to visit Gaza despite US request for delay:”

There will not be any change in Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Gaza visit plans, a Turkish diplomatic source has said following U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s demand the visit be postponed due to “critical timing.”



Morsi: Don’t expect improvement in Israel ties:

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has said he won’t visit Israel, nor would he host an Israeli leader in Egypt, before peace is achieved between Israel and the Palestinians.



Bahrain activist Nabeel Rajab ‘denied medical treatment’:

The wife of jailed Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab says he is being denied medical treatment for a back injury. Sumaya Rajab told the BBC that prison officials had repeatedly refused requests to send him to hospital.



Venezuela’s Maduro retains key Chavez ministers:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro launched a “government of the streets” on Monday with new finance and interior ministers, even as his election to replace the late Hugo Chavez remained in dispute.



Over Half the Prisoners at Guantanamo Are Now on a Hunger Strike:

The latest report from United States officials puts the number of inmates on hunger strike at 84 – there are 166 total inmates at Guantanamo – with at least 17 of them being force fed.



Boston Marathon bombing suspect is charged in hospital:

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged by federal prosecutors in his hospital room Monday with using a weapon of mass destruction to kill – a crime that carries a possible death sentence.



Details of case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev:

Here’s an outline of the Justice Department’s case against Tsarnaev.



Ex-CIA Deputy Director: Boston Bombing ‘More Like Columbine Than Al Qaeda’: Video –

Former CIA Deputy Director Phillip Mudd on Sunday told Fox News that Boston bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev should be charged as a murderer because the crime looked more like the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado than an attack planned by al Qaeda.



Police: 4 Unexploded Devices Seized from Suspects:

Boston police say investigators have discovered four undetonated devices, including one similar to the pressure cooker bombs used at the Boston Marathon. Police also believe the suspects may have been planning additional attacks.



Boston suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in “stable condition” –

Video report



Bombing Inquiry Turns to Motive and Russian Trip:

Investigators are now scrambling to review that trip, and learn about any extremists who might have influenced, trained or directed Tamerlan while he was there.



FBI faces questions over previous contact with Boston bombing suspect:

Agency admits it interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011 ‘at request of foreign government’ but did not find ‘terrorism activity’



King blasts FBI:

Rep. Peter King blasted the FBI on Sunday for failing to prevent the Tsarnaev brothers from carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings when the agency had already been told about the older brother’s extremist potential.



Get Ready for Benghazi-Redux From Republicans on FBI’s Handling of Bombing Suspect: Video –

“If you thought the Republican behavior after Benghazi was bad, their desperate fishing expedition on Boston could be even worse.”



Tsarnaev aunt reveals further details about visit to Dagestan:

Reports that Boston suspect went to Dagestan for 6 months in 2012 to visit his father have been dismissed by aunt.



Boston Bombing Suspects’ Aunt ID’s Naked/Alive Detainee as Slain Nephew – FBI Lies:

Russia warned FBI of suspects AGAIN just 6 MONTHS ago, after repeated visits to US-backed Chechen terrorists.



Was Boston Bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ with the CIA?:

The uncle of the two men who allegedly set off bombs at the Boston Marathon, who struck the only grace note in an otherwise horrific week, worked as a “consultant” for the Agency for International Development (USAID) a U.S. Government Agency often used for cover by agents of the CIA,



City’s WMD team saved: Defense Secretary Hagel rescinds decision to defund critical unit:

A day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel rescinded his decision to disband the rapid-response unit based at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn.



Center for Constitutional Right: Condemns Miranda Exception in Boston Marathon Suspect Case:

If officials require suspects to incriminate themselves, they are making fair trials and due process merely option and not a requirement. To venture down that road again will make law enforcement accountable to no one.



Mosque: Bomb suspect angered by sermon: Video –

A Boston-area mosque says the Boston Marathon bomb suspects were infrequent visitors, but one member describes an incident where Tamerlan Tsarnaev became visibly upset with a sermon delivered there.



A wall of Teamsters protects Krystle Campbell’s funeral from Westboro Baptists:

Hundreds of Boston Teamsters from Local 25 are answering the call to protect Krystle Campbell’s funeral from a possible protest by Westboro Baptist church members. Campbell, 29, was killed in the Boston Marathon bombings.



Atrocities such as the Boston bombing are hard to tackle, but gun crime isn’t:

The greatest threat to US citizens is not one-off terror attacks, but the menace that comes with mass gun-ownership



5 killed in shootings at complex south of Seattle, police say:

Gunfire erupted at an apartment complex in a city south of Seattle and five people were shot to death, including a suspect who was shot by arriving officers, police said early Monday.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,281


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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