Black Agenda Report 25 April 2013: op 10 Things We'll Have After Obama, Everyday Terror

25 April 2013 — Black Agenda Report

This week in Black Agenda Report

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

When Barack Obama leaves the White House in January 2017, what will black America, his earliest and most consistent supporters, have to show for making his political career possible. We’ll have the T-shirts and buttons and posters, the souvenirs. That will be the good news. The bad news is what else we’ll have…. and not.

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Americans are like spoiled children, whining over their suffering, while showing no empathy for anyone else’s.” Worse, they give the OK to kill other people’s children all across the non-white world. They are easily frightened, throwing away their civil liberties at the drop of a hat, yet generous in insane ways, sending $20 million to Boston without “knowing who needed it or for what purpose.”

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The Chechens are coming – and they’re white! Like other pale-skinned immigrant groups, they appear to be flourishing. Only in America could lightly armed youngsters “represent a threat so awesomely dreadful as to spread fear up and down the great megalopolis stretching from Boston to Washington.”

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Washington smelled blood when the successors to Hugo Chavez won by only a small margin in Venezuelan elections. The U.S. refused to recognize the results, gearing up for regime change. However, “Latin America quickly united to blunt the Yankee offensive in its tracks.” Washington must be taught, repeatedly, that it does not have a backyard to its south.

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The US has boots on the ground and manned & unmanned aircraft in the skies of Mali, to answer supposed threats to US national security poised by Al Qeda. If you believe that, you believe Saddam actually had nuclear weapons. The US and France are in Mali to prevent its civil society from controlling its land and water, & to preserve predatory Western leases on hundreds of square miles in Mali that prop up the recent reconquest of Libya.

by Omali Yeshitela

The Who and Why of the events in Boston are by no means clear, given the machinations of the U.S. secret services. One thing is certain, however: “The Obama regime will use the Boston bombing as an excuse to initiate even more odious attacks on freedom within the U.S. with the willingness of a frightened white population.”

by Randy Shields

Desolationists believe that America’s non-stop bombing of other nations is either no issue at all or not nearly as important as being pro-choice or supporting gun control or marriage equality.” They are worse than useless. Plus, “with blacks standing down indefinitely, the working class doesn’t have the rage to stop Obama from taking the first swings of the wrecking ball to Social Security.”

by Chris Hedges

Lynne Stewart has served three years for the crime of zealously defending her client. Suffering stage 4 cancer, she sometimes sheds “a few tears at the love and intensity of those who have written to state their support.” Family and friends ask that she be allowed compassionate release, but “the Federal Bureau of Prisons rarely even bothers to submit compassionate release requests to the courts.”

by Okello Oculi

The French and assorted European and Arab slavers loved the people of the Central African Republic to death. More recently, the country has repeatedly dissolved in lusty coups, abetted by her foreign lovers. It is time for the African Union to end the one-way embrace of the Central African Republic, and prosecute her rapacious suitors for “decades of willful expropriation and genocide.”

by Seema Sadanandan

The Newtown massacre generated reflexive calls for posting police in classrooms, a policy that has long been in place in inner city schools, with devastating effect. “In the matrix of policies and police ushering black and brown students out of classrooms and into courtrooms, the School-to-Prison Pipeline takes shape.”

by Raymond Nat Turner

Obama can find his anti-terror tools at the 99 cents store.

Chicago Teachers Prepare Electoral Challenge to Mayor Emanuel

Massive school closings have made Chicago “ground zero” in the battle to preserve public education, said Michael Brunson, of the Chicago Teachers Union. Fifty-four schools have been targeted for closure, this year, most of them in Black and brown neighborhoods. “People don’t want to move into a community if they don’t have a school they can send their children to,” said Brunson. “It’s part of a downward spiral that disinvests from our communities and causes them to crumble.” The teachers union plans to register 100,000 new voters to challenge mayoral control of the schools.

NYC Parents Boycott High Stakes Testing

With their parents’ permission, students at 33 New York City schools will opt out of scheduled standardized tests. “We feel that there is too much riding on these exams that have so much to do with the dismantling of the public school system,” said Cynthia Copeland, a parent and member of Time Out From Testing. “It’s this constant teaching to the test; there’s no real learning going on.”

Newark Protests Against Social Security Cuts

The People’s Organization for Progress held demonstrations, in Newark, New Jersey, to protest President Obama’s proposed cuts to Social Security and other entitlement programs. ChairmanLarry Hamm noted that POP endorsed Obama “in both elections after much discussion and debate.” But, “now we turn around and have to fight the very guy we voted for.” Obama, said Hamm, is “the first Democratic president to actually propose cuts to Social Security.”

Obama is “Face of Capitalist Empire”

From the start, Obama has been leading the charge to betray Social Security and the foundation of the Democratic Party’s policy platform, which is the New Deal,” said Kevin Alexander Gray, the Columbia, South Carolina writer and activist. “Obama is the face of the capitalist empire; that’s what he believes in,” said Gray. “What troubles me about Black Obama supporters is, they just seem to ignore it. It’s all about misguided racial pride.”

EEOC Dismisses Black Complaints, Blames Sequestration

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims that sequestration-mandated spending cuts will add to the agency’s backlog of employment discrimination cases. But Ricardo Jones, the former chief investigator for the EEOC’s southern New York region, says the Commission is already dismissing the vast majority of Black complaints, and “hasn’t paid overtime to any investigator or mediator at the EEOC for the past 15 years. According to Jones, the Commission “only finds reasonable cause 3.1% of the time. That’s worse than the Bush administration.”

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