Bradley Manning Newslinks 1 July 2013

1 July 2013 —


Bradley Manning sympathetic star of WikiLeaks doc

Reading Eagle

“And after all, this is a story about a leaking machine that’s supposed to keep everyone anonymous, but it turns out it’s not that simple. It turns out that leaking ends up being a human relationship, and so in that context you have to know about …


Bradley Manning Gay Parade: Supporters Show Pride For WikiLeaks …


As much as San Francisco Pride’s Board would’ve probably liked to have

Bradley Manning and his supporters absent from any Pride 2013 recap, it is

noteworthy to say, after two months of controversy, they were the largest

non-corporate contingent — with …


Bradley Manning Supporters Celebrate Radical Heritage of Pride Parade

Bay Area Indymedia

Marchers celebrated the radical heritage and original spirit of Pride this

year by joining the contingent in support of heroic Queer army intelligence

analyst Bradley Manning. Manning leaked classified information that

revealed war crimes, torture …


Bradley Manning Contingent in Pride Parade

Bay Area Indymedia

Gay Army private Bradley Manning was stripped of his grand marshal status

at Pride 2013 in a controversy that will not be soon forgotten. Supporters

honored Manning today with one of the largest parade contingents, if not

THE largest contingent in the …


GI’s Trial in WikiLeaks Case Enters 5th Week

ABC News

The trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning enters its fifth week Monday at the Army

installation near Baltimore. Manning is charged with aiding the enemy and

20 other offenses. He admits leaking the cables while working as an

intelligence analyst in Iraq but …


A Season for Treason

Canada Free Press

When Obama totes around a copy of The Post-American World and seems more

eager to represent the interests of the wrong half of the world over those

of his own country, he can hardly complain when men like Bradley Manning

and Edward Snowden take …


Photos: SF Gay Pride Parade Celebrates Gay Marriage


Although Pride season began with a slew of controversy, today’s annual Gay

Pride Parade went off without a hitch (that includes the very-SF moment

when Bradley Manning supporters briefly interrupted the route). Mayor Ed

Lee, Lieutenant Governor Gavin …


We Steal Secrets

artsHub Australia (subscription)

The intertwined story of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning is the stuff

that documentarians dream of. Two men, varied in their aims and backgrounds

but united in their desire to expose hypocrisy, find their pursuit of truth

tarnished by questionable …


Bradley Manning should win the Nobel Peace Prize – OpEdNews

Article: Bradley Manning should win the Nobel Peace Prize – Around the

world, Manning is hailed as a peacemaker and a hero. His nomination for the

Nobel Peace Prize is a reflection of this. Yet at his home in America,

Manning stands trial …


Carpool to Ft. Meade Bradley Manning Support Network

By Emma Cape

bradley’s story. About Bradley · ‘In his own words’ · Collateral Murder

video · What WikiLeaks revealed · Addressing Confusion · Write Bradley

· Timeline of events. our work. the Bradley Manning defense fund ·

Advisory Board · Campaign Staff …


Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize – Reader Supported News

‘Peace is more than simply the absence of war; it is the active creation of

something better.’ Mairead Maguire, Guardian UK.


WikiLeaks’ informer Bradley Manning may receive Nobel Peace Prize

An informer of the WikiLeaks website Bradley Manning may receive a Nobel

Peace Prize. The person who has suggested that Manning should be nominated

for …


Bradley Manning Gay Pride: Supporters Show Love For WikiLeaks …

Thousands of Bradley Manning supported marched in San Francisco Pride’s

2013 on Sunday, forming the largest non-corporate contingent.


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