ICH 18 July 2013: This Is A ‘Black Day’ for Liberty – Chris Hedges

18 July 2013 — Information Clearing House

Kerry to Present Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

“Peace” Talks to Resume Based on 1967 Lines, recognition of Israel as Jewish State

By Barak Ravid and Jack Khoury

Negotiations on borders will be based on the 1967 lines, with land swaps – taking into account the current reality in the West Bank, i.e. the major settlement blocs.



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ICH 17 July 2013: The Destruction of Barack Obama

17 July 2013 — Information Clearing House

On Leaks and Pseudo-Reality

The US’ Futile Search for ‘World Domination’

By Ramzy Baroud

Global surveillance is merely an indication that President Barack Obama – as a representation of the US ruling class – was never sincere as he attempted to woo the world with an image of a more gentle and peaceful American government.



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Black Agenda Report 19 July 2013: Trayvon, White Madness, Dog Whistles, More on MHP, Teach For America

19 July 2013 — Black Agenda Report

This week in Black Agenda Report

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“George Zimmerman is no more provably racist in a U.S. court than most white Americans” – which is why a Justice Department action will get nowhere. Whites consider it “reasonable” to believe in the inherent dangerousness of Black males. “’Not guilty’ is reasonable, when everyone that counts shares the same assumptions as the perpetrator.” Continue reading