Information Clearing House 13 October 2013: Arafat Poisoned With Polonium 210? The Lancet

13 October 2013 — Information Clearing House

Post-Intervention Libya: A Militia State

By Richard Falk

The seizure of al-Libi and the subsequent kidnapping of the prime minister may be metaphors of what ‘governance’ in Libya has come to signify.


Arafat Poisoned With Polonium 210: The Lancet:

By China Central Television

A report by a respected British medical journal the Lancet, has supported the possibility that late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned with the radioactive element polonium 210.


Why Western Political and Financial Elites Absolutely Hate Vladimir Putin

By The Saker

It is quite amazing for those who remember the Soviet Union of the late 1980 how much the US under Obama has become similar to the USSR under Brezhnev:


Why Giving Republican Bullies a Bloody Nose Isn’t Enough

By Robert Reich

Now is the time to lance the boil of Republican extremism once and for all.


Letters Detail Punitive Tactics Used On Guantánamo Hunger Strikers

By Mark Townsend

Newly declassified papers say hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay was ‘broken’ by a deliberate campaign to crush detainees’ spirits.


Columbus Day Promotes Genocide

Indictment of the Federal Government of the U.S. for the commission of international crime

By Francis A. Boyle

I have the honor to present to the Members of this Tribunal the following charges against the Federal Government of the United States of America under international criminal law.


5 killed in eastern Afghan suicide bombing:

Five people were killed and seven others injured in a suicide car bombing Saturday morning in Jalalabad, capital of eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, sources said.


US soldier shot dead in ‘insider attack’ in south-eastern Afghanistan:

Man wearing Afghan security forces uniform opens fire on Nato-led coalition troops in tenth such incident this year


Karzai and Kerry unable to reach agreement on Afghanistan:

Kerry explained that there was agreement on many points, but not on the key issue of immunity for U.S. soldiers who will stay past 2014 to aid Afghan security forces. The lack of an agreement would force the U.S. to withdraw all U.S. and NATO troops – including Italy’s – from Afghanistan.


US arrest of Taliban leader ‘enrages’ Afghan president Karzai:

Pakistani intelligence said US forces seized Mehsud while he was with the Afghan army, and that they no longer know where he is.


Malala Yousafzai warns Barack Obama against Pakistan drone attacks:

‘I also expressed my concerns that drone attacks are fuelling terrorism. Innocent victims are killed in these acts, and they lead to resentment among the Pakistani people. If we refocus efforts on education it will make a big impact.’

Malala Yousafzai warns Barack Obama against Pakistan drone attacks


Malala, survivor of Taliban, resented in Pakistan hometown:

For many of her compatriots, Malala Yousafzai is a stooge of the United States and a CIA agent, a symbol of the West’s evils and a global conspiracy to bring down her native Pakistan.


Syrian army kills 130 in fight for Damascus suburbs, say rebels:

“We call on the world community to immediately look into this new massacre committed by the tyrant regime of al-Assad,” Mr. al-Mokdad said.


Inter-rebel Syria clashes kill 44:

Clashes between jihadists and mainstream rebels in Syria’s second city Aleppo have killed nearly 44 people in three days, a watchdog said yesterday, adding that the jihadists made several gains.


Syrian Army Regains Full Control in more than 40 villages, Inflicts Heavy Casualties on Al-Nusra Front: military says:

The Syrian army on Saturday continued its nationwide operations against militant groups in a large number of cities, and could gain control over more than 40 villages.


More Syria rebel groups leave U.S.-backed command :

The moderate rebel command at the center of U.S. policy in Syria is becoming increasingly marginalized as dozens of militias peel away to form rival, Islamist alliances in a move that could leave the Obama administration with no battlefield partner in the fight to topple President Bashar Assad.


Syrian opposition group refuses to attend Geneva peace talks:

The main Syrian opposition group within the Syrian National Coalition said Sunday it would not attend a proposed peace conference in Geneva and would quit if the whole coalition participated.


50 Syria Militants Could Return to Wage Jihad in UK, Claims Intelligence Source:

A security source told the Sunday Times that MI5 was tracking a number of individuals who are believed to have fought for al-Qaida-linked jihadist groups against the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.


Car bomb kills 17 at central Iraq market:

A pickup truck packed with explosives blew up at an Iraqi vegetable market on Saturday, police said, killing 17 and wounding dozens in the latest outbreak of violence to hit the country.


Bombs blasts across Iraq kill ten people: police:

Altogether 11 bombs were detonated by remote control. The deadliest attack took place in the city of Hilla, 100 km (60 miles) south of Baghdad, when two car bombs blew up in quick succession, killing at least five people, police said on Sunday


Iran rejects demand to ship out uranium stockpiles:

Iran on Sunday rejected the West’s demand to send sensitive nuclear material out of the country but signalled flexibility on other aspects of its atomic activities that worry world powers, ahead of renewed negotiations this week.


Arafat poisoning claim backed by journal:

Lancet publishes peer review supporting findings Palestinian leader may have been poisoned by polonium.


Egypt: 4 gunmen killed laying explosive device in north Sinai:

Four gunmen were killed Friday night while they were allegedly trying to lay an explosive device ahead of the arrival of an Egyptian military convoy traveling from Sheikh Zuweid to al-Houra village in North Sinai Peninsula.


US arms halt to Egypt largely ‘symbolic’: Analysts:

On Wednesday, Washington suspended deliveries of major military hardware and cash assistance of $260 million to the Egyptian military, which ousted Morsi in a coup.


Egypt not expected to be hit hard by US aid cuts:

Egypt is awash in the tanks and planes it would need to fight a conventional war, and spare parts from U.S. manufacturers will continue to be delivered.


Libya’s prime minister has failed, says Muslim Brotherhood leader:

The leader of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood has said the prime minister, who was briefly abducted by militia members this week, has failed and needs to be replaced.


Libya turns zoo into migrant processing centre as more head for EU:

As the country’s 22 refugee centres overflow, the zoo is being used to handle those picked up on the streets


US ship detained by Venezuela in Guyana disputed waters:

The vessel – the Teknik Perdana – was surveying the seafloor on Thursday when it was approached by a Venezuelan navy vessel and forced to sail to Venezuela’s Margarita Island. At least five US citizens are on board, the company said.


Court: NSA can continue sweeping phone data collection : Video report:

“There is growing bipartisan consensus that the law itself needs to be changed in order to restrict the ability of the government to collect the phone records of millions of law-abiding Americans.” Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)


Video: Edward Snowden wins Sam Adams award:

These videos from the award ceremony are the first of Mr Snowden after being granted asylum in Russia.


Laptops Snowden took to Hong Kong, Russia were a ‘diversion’:

The four laptop computers that former US spy contractor Edward Snowden carried with him to Hong Kong and Moscow were a “diversion” and contained no secrets. The classified documents that Snowden had downloaded from the US National Security Agency were stored on smaller devices, said Mr Ray McGovern, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst.


Assange: Snowden safe but journalists dealing with him at risk (Video – FULL INTERVIEW):

Edward Snowden is safe in Russia, but the fates of journalists who helped him and published his leaks are now of more concern for WikiLeaks, Julian Assange said in an exclusive interview with RT Spanish ‘Behind the News’ host Eva Golinger.


Google Unveils Plans for User Names, Comments to Appear in Ads:

The new types of ads would use personal information of the members of Google+, the social network launched by the company in 2011.


US Airport Travelers Threatened With Arrest For Joking About Security:

The TSA has been broadcasting warnings that people will be arrested for making jokes in the presence of the infamous federal checkpoint agents. has obtained exclusive audio of the threats.


‘No Monsanto!’: World marches against GMO food:

Berlin, Strasbourg, Chicago, London, Sydney and Mumbai are just a few of the 500 cities worldwide involved in the rallies, with each one drawing hundreds.


Enda Kenny confirms December date for Ireland’s bailout exit:

Ireland will leave the international bailout programme run by Europe and the IMF on 15 December, the republic’s prime minister has promised. Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the country was now on course to “retrieve our economic sovereignty and independence”.


Cash-for-Castles: Italy sells off historic sites to plug budget holes:

A Grand Inquisitor’s villa, a Pope’s fort and a Venetian island will be sold off to fill Italy’s depleted state coffers, local media reports. It’s hoped the 50 historic sites will raise 500 million euros needed to obey strict EU austerity rules.


Europe prepares to come clean on hidden bank losses:

Nobody knows the true scale of potential losses at Europe’s banks, but the International Monetary Fund hinted at the enormity of the problem this month, saying that Spanish and Italian banks face 230 billion euros ($310 billion) of losses alone on credit to companies in the next two years.


World top bankers warn of dire consequences if U.S. defaults:

Three of the world’s most powerful bankers warned of terrible consequences if the United States defaults on its debt, with Deutsche Bank chief executive Anshu Jain claiming default would be “utterly catastrophic.”


‘De-Americanised’ world needed after US shutdown: China media:

“As US politicians of both political parties (fail to find a) viable deal to bring normality to the body politic they brag about, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanised world,” the commentary on state news agency Xinhua said.


China’s Official Press Agency Calls For New Reserve Currency, And New World Order:

The world should consider a new reserve currency “that is to be created to replace the dominant U.S. dollar, so that the international community could permanently stay away from the spillover of the intensifying domestic political turmoil in the United States.”


It’s back with a vengeance: Private debt:

As Washington is struggling with debt and all its political ramifications, American companies and consumers are embracing it, running up record amounts in 2013.


Americans Are Way Behind in Math, Vocabulary, and Technology: Report:

In math, reading, and technology-driven problem-solving, the United States performed worse than nearly every other country in the group of developed nations.


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,389


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001



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