Information Clearing House 15 November 2013: Hedges: Jeremy Hammond Exposed State’s Plan to Criminalize Democratic Dissent

15 November 2013 — Information Clearing House

Lavrov Reveals Amended Draft Circulated at “Last Moment”

By Gareth Porter

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed a crucial detail Thursday about last week’s nuclear talks with Iran in Geneva that explains much more clearly than previous reports why the meeting broke up without agreement.


Pivotal Moment: Why US Wants Deal With Iran

By Pepe Escobar

By peddling the logic that failed negotiations would lead to war on Iran, the White House and the State Department are in fact pointing their fingers to their allies, the Likudniks in Israel and the House of Saud, who are already doing everything they can to derail Geneva.


Frenemies: The US-Israel Relationship Gets Rocky Over Iran and Peace Talks

By Michael Cohen

Israeli PM Netanyahu is actively calling on American Jews to challenge the US government. It’s a bold – and bad – move.


The Assassination

By Uri Avnery

Arafat laid down the terms: a Palestinian state with borders based on the Green Line, with its capital in East Jerusalem. This is exactly what his assassins aimed to prevent.


A Trail of Tears

How Veterans Return From America’s Wars

By Ann Jones

“I’ve been in the Army twenty-six years,” he says, “and I can tell you it’s a con.”


NSA Chief says Snowden Leaked up to 200,000 Secret Documents

By Mark Hosenball

Alexander added that the documents were “being put out in a way that does the maximum damage to NSA and our nation.


CIA’s Financial Spying Bags Data on Americans

By Siobhan Gorman, Devlin Barrett and Jennifer Valentino-Devries

The Central Intelligence Agency is building a vast database of international money transfers that includes millions of Americans’ financial and personal data, officials familiar with the program say.


Hedges: Jeremy Hammond Exposed State’s Plan to Criminalize Democratic Dissent


“Without figures like Jeremy Hammond, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Barrett Brown, there is no free press.”


TPP Uncovered: WikiLeaks Releases Draft of Highly-secretive Multi-national Trade Deal


“No wonder they kept it secret. What a malicious piece of US corporate lobbying.


The People Can Defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

Time to end the failed experiment with rigged corporate trade and put in place fair trade for the people and planet before profits.


Haiyan: A Disaster Made Worse By Greed

By Sonali Kolhatkar

While the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is 95 percent confident that global warming is caused by human activity, what falls out of the scope of the report is which humans are responsible.


Sleepwalking to Extinction

Capitalism and the destruction of life and earth.

By Richard Smith

Radical economist Richard Smith shows us a way out of the “climate madness” about to descend everywhere.


At least 31 killed in Libya militia shooting:

At least 31 Libyan demonstrators were killed and 285 were injured on Friday when a militia group fired at a rally demanding it to abandon a place it has occupied in the capital Tripoli since the 2011 ouster of Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.


Protest against Libya militias turns deadly: Video –

Violence broke out following a confrontation between armed militia and protesters.It’s the third outbreak of fighting in ten days.And it’s yet another example of how the government is struggling to retain control after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.Al Jazeera’s Gerald Tan reports.


9 Boko Haram killed in military offensive in Nigeria state:’ –

Military authority on Friday said its troops killed nine Boko Haram insurgents in an offensive on the sect camp in the Nigeria northeast Borno State.


Russia offers Egypt major arms deal:

Russia is proposing to sell Egypt modern fighter jets, helicopters and air defense systems reportedly worth $2 billion, Russian officials said, in a clear sign of returning military cooperation between the two countries.


Top Iraqi militia commander killed in Syria:

A top Iraqi militia commander fighting in Syria alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s forces has been killed and his body arrived in Iraq’s Negef governorate on Thursday, Al Arabiya television reported.


Syrian Troops Regain Town In Southeast Of Aleppo:

The troops recaptured Tal Hasel town after eliminating the “terrorist” groups, Xinhua news agency reports state-run SANA news agency as saying on on Friday.


Nasrallah: Hezbollah in Syria for long haul: Video –

Shia fighters from Hezbollah will keep fighting in Syria’s conflict alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s forces as long as necessary, the group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah said.


Damascus says opposition delusional in demanding Assad quit:

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi said Thursday the opposition was dreaming if it believed President Bashar al-Assad would agree to quit in order to get it to join proposed peace talks.


Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As ‘Al Qaeda strongest in Iraq since 2006’:

Al-Maliki warned in Washington that terrorists “got a second chance” to thrive in Iraq, largely as the result of the rise of al-Qaeda fighters in neighboring Syria’s civil war. He said the world needs to help Iraq deal with its deadly insurgency.


Poll: Majority of Israelis support strike on Iran:

A strong majority of 68.8 percent said they believed the Israeli military was capable of going it alone in a strike on Iran.


Obama: Military strike could lead Iran to ‘pursue nukes more vigorously’:

US President Barack Obama said Thursday that no matter how powerful the American military, a strike against nuclear facilities in Iran could lead the Islamic Republic to “pursue even more vigorously nuclear weapons in the future.”


Iran putting brakes on nuclear expansion under Rouhani: IAEA report:

Since Hassan Rouhani became president, Iran has stopped expanding its uranium enrichment capacity, a U.N. inspection report showed on Thursday, in a potential boost for diplomacy to end Tehran’s nuclear dispute with the West.–sector.html


Senators Appalled by Kerry’s Anti-Israel Remarks in Iran Briefing

Whenever someone asked Kerry “what would the Israelis say?” Kerry said, “Stop listening to the Israelis.”


John Kerry: U.S. ‘100 percent’ with Israel:

Facing growing congressional skepticism, Secretary of State John Kerry made reassurances Thursday that the United States is firmly allied with Israel in its negotiations with Iran.


Peres: Relationship with US not to be taken for granted:

 “There has not been an Israeli request which the Obama administration has not responded to, including casting a veto over the UN Security Council resolution on settlements [in 2011] despite the fact that the US does not consider the settlements legal. Nearly all our security requests were responded to positively,” Peres noted.


Finian Cunningham: House of Saud fearing own people: Op-Ed:

The House of Saud is desperately trying to get its house in order – by lethally cracking down on droves of illegal foreign workers.


8 Killed in Attack on Shi’ite Procession in Pakistan:

Eight people were killed when gunmen opened fire on a Shi’ite Muslim religious procession in Pakistan on Friday, hospital officials said, in what appeared to be the latest incident of spiralling sectarian violence.


Barack Obama Lambasted By Cabinet Minister Ed Davey Over Drone Strikes In Pakistan:

 A senior British government minister has lambasted Barack Obama’s policy of using drone strikes against Taliban and al Qaida leaders in Pakistan, adding that current international law is unfit to handle the technological advances represented by the unmanned aircraft.


‘We reject illegal killings’: Germany suspends drone purchase:

Berlin has suspended the purchase of armed drones on the grounds that it “categorically rejects illegal killings.” This follows a report by Amnesty International that accused Merkel’s government of aiding the US with drone strikes in Pakistan.


Torture inquiry ‘finds UK intelligence officers knew of mistreatment’:

An official investigation into the extent of the UK’s involvement in rendition and torture after 9/11 is reported to have concluded that British intelligence officers were aware that detainees were being mistreated in prisons across the globe.


Human rights court turns down Polish govt request to keep CIA jail hearing closed:

The Polish government’s request to the European Court of Human Rights to prohibit the press and public from attending a hearing investigation on whether the US kept a CIA prison on Polish soil has been rejected.


Jeremy Hammond Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison:

Convicted hacker Jeremy Hammond was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison for stealing internal emails from the global intelligence firm Stratfor.


The FBI could have stopped the Stratfor leak at any point – Sue Crabtree:

The persecution of Jeremy Hammond is largely being ignored by the US mass media but the case of the young man accused of being involved in the passing of the Stratfor E-Mails to WikiLeaks is full of contradictions and serious reasons to question the motives of the judge and the entire prosecution


The US can lock up hackers, but it can’t crush their spirit:

Jeremy Hammond is just the the latest to be targeted in a global witchhunt against the brightest minds of a generation


Americans’ personal data shared with CIA, IRS, others in security probe:

U.S. agencies collected and shared the personal information of thousands of Americans in an attempt to root out untrustworthy federal workers that ended up scrutinizing people who had no direct ties to the U.S. government and simply had purchased certain books.


Western Union shares fall on reported CIA news:

Western Union slumped 5 percent in trading Friday following a report by the Wall Street Journal that the CIA is building a database of international money transfer data.


Google bombarded by government requests on user data:

Google on Thursday said the number of requests for user data from governments and law enforcement has doubled since 2010, as it renewed a push to reveal more about US demands.


NSA Staffed U.S.-Only Intelligence “Fusion Center” in Mexico City:

The document is perhaps the most detailed and up-to-date declassified account available of Pentagon intelligence programs in Mexico during the last few years.


Is the TPP treaty the next great threat to net freedom?:

 Document released by WikiLeaks raises concerns over intellectual property rules.


Eternal austerity makes complete sense – if you’re rich: Op-Ed –

For David Cameron, cutting spending in a highly unequal society works because it doesn’t affect those who matter to him. This used to be called class politics


Youth Unemployment Could Tear Europe Apart Warns World Economic Forum:”

Crime rates will soar, economies will stagnate and Europe’s social fabric will deteriorate if policymakers do not act to address youth unemployment, World Economic Forum report warns


Typhoon death toll rises above 4,400 as hospitals struggle to treat victims:

Storm-damaged hospitals in the Philippines struggled to treat patients as the United Nations on Thursday raised the death toll from the monster typhoon that ravaged the country to more than 4,400 – almost double the previous figure and far higher than an estimate given by the Filipino president.


Twelve migrants drown off Greek coast after boat capsizes:

Twelve migrants, including four children, drowned on Friday after their boat capsized just off a Greek island, the coastguard said, adding to the hundreds of deaths this year of people attempting the perilous Mediterranean crossing.


Venezuela’s Maduro gets special powers, may bypass legislators:

The legislation, known as the “Ley Habilitante,” or Enabling Act, would allow Maduro to bypass the country’s top legislative body for a limited time – in this case for a twelve-month period. The national assembly is also able to strip the president of such powers should it vote to do so.


Venezuela jails 100 ‘bourgeois’ businessmen in crackdown:

Venezuela’s socialist government has arrested more than 100 “bourgeois” businessmen in a crackdown on alleged price-gouging at hundreds of shops and companies since the weekend, President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday.


Moody’s downgrades 4 US giant lenders:

Moody’s is to cut the credit rating of US major banks, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Bank of New York Mellon. The rating agency thinks the government is now less likely to support the lenders in times of new financial difficulties.


JPMorgan Chase Reaches $4.5B Deal With Investors:

The settlement, announced Friday, covers 21 major institutional investors, including JPMorgan competitor Goldman Sachs, BlackRock Financial Management, and Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. The mortgage-backed securities were sold by JPMorgan and Bear Stearns between 2005 and 2008.


JPMorgan allegedly paid $80,000 a month to Wen Jiabao’s daughter:

But what was known to JPMorgan executives in Hong Kong, and some executives at other major companies, was that “Lily Chang” was not her real name. It was an alias for Wen Ruchun, the only daughter of Wen Jiabao, who at the time was China’s prime minister, with oversight of the economy and its financial institutions.


Cash Cons: American private jails reap record profits:

If you’re looking for somewhere to invest, and aren’t too bothered about the moral implications – private jails could be an option. The number of inmates being held in them has swelled. And that’s giving private shareholders bumper profits. But as RT’s Marina Portnaya explains – there’s a huge conflict of interests.


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,396


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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