VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 17 November 2013: Film review: Arab citizen of Israel, member of the enemy

17 November 2013 — VTJP


Ma’an News

Israeli forces raid Abu Dis and attack al-Quds University, injuring 40
11/17/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot 40 Palestinians including a large number of university students with rubber-coated steel bullets during a raid on a Palestinian village east of Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon. Clashes broke out after Israeli forces raided Abu Dis while students from al-Quds University were on their way to class, a local official said. Popular committee spokesman Hani Halbiya told Ma’….

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Information Clearing House 17 November 2013: The Logic Behind Mass Spying: Empire and Cyber Imperialism

17 November 2013 — Information Clearing House

Israel, Saudi Arabia Unite For Attack On Iran


Saudis are willing to assist an Israeli attack by cooperating with the use of drones, rescue helicopters, and tanker planes. “Once the Geneva agreement is signed, the military option will be back on the table.”



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Interview: Political Language with Andrew Gavin Marshall

19 November 2013 — Andrew Gavin Marshall 

Interview: Political Language with Andrew Gavin Marshall

The Hampton Institute’s ‘A Different Lens’ Podcast

The following is a podcast interview for The Hampton Institute’s podcast program – ‘A Different Lens’ – conducted by Devon Douglas-Bowers with Geopolitics Chair Andrew Gavin Marshall, to discuss his latest series for the Hampton Institute: Empire Under Obama. Continue reading

Owen Jones & Mother Agnes. A lesson on conciliatory “leftists” By Phil Greaves

19 November 2013 — Phil Greaves

Following the news that Mother Agnes Miriam, a nun who heads the Musalaha (reconciliation) initiative in Syria, was due to speak at the Stop The War conference in London, two journalists also due to speak at the event, Jeremy Scahill and Owen Jones, decided to withdraw participation unless Mother Agnes was removed from the speaking list. At the time of writing, neither “journalist” has offered to explain their act of public censure and decision to bolster Zionist-led smear campaigns; aside from a few tweets expressing their “concern” over sharing a platform with an evil Assad-supporting nun. It seems baseless conspiracy theories are more than acceptable in the higher echelons of “professional” journalism, as long as the target of said conspiracy is a supporter of an enemy state of the west and Israel.

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The “Progressive Left Anti-War” Movement: Bowing before the Inquisitors on Syria By Jonathan Cook

19 November 2013 — jonathan-cook.net/

[For those of you who may not be au fait with the latest fuckup on the alleged left here in the UK, it seems that Syrian nun Mother Agnes Miriam withdrew from a Stop the War-sponsored conference on the 30 November because two ‘journalists’ (Jeremy Scahill and Owen Jones) objected to her presence, calling her essentially an apologist for the Assad government. The following is one analysis of the event, followed by Phil Greaves piece which is even more scathing in its attack on the organisers of the conference.  Frankly, I think Jonathan Cook is being altogether too nice. WB]

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