15th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties – PCP Press Release and Common Action

12 November 2013 — PCP

Press Release by the Portuguese Communist Party

The 15th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties was held in Lisbon, on November 8-10, under the motto “The deepening of the crisis of capitalism, the role of the working class and the communists’ tasks in the struggle for the workers and peoples’ rights. Imperialism’s offensive, the realignment of forces at the international level, the national question, class emancipation and the struggle for socialism”.

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Spread of genetically engineered plants out of control in many countries By Paul Haeder

13 November 2013 — Dissident Voice

Contamination in biodiversity will burden following generations

Note — This is a preface to just more bad news when it comes to genetically modified organisms and the powerful lobby, and conspiracy, working to ply these dangerous, toxic, anti-biodiversity things into every square meter of the planet.

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Bennie Moten – ‘Band Box Shuffle’

13 November 2013 Jazz on the Tube

Bennie Moten – pianist, composer and bandleader – was born in Kansas City November 13, 1894, died in 1935. This recording was made in Chicago on October 23rd 1929 by Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra including Bennie Moten director, Hot Lips Page trumpet, Harlan Leonard clarinet, alto, & soprano sax, Ben Webster tenor sax, Ira ‘Buster’ Moten accordion, Count Basie piano, and Walter Page bass, and Willie McWashington drums. “Band Box Shuffle” was written by Bennie Moten and William ‘Count’ Basie.

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Corporate Profits Soar. The Super Wealthy Reinvent American Capitalism By Shamus Cooke

10 November 2013 — Global Research

As U.S. corporate profits soar to record highs, food stamps for the neediest were quietly cut. The politicians who are demanding endless cuts to social programs — Democrats and Republicans alike — insist that the U.S. is broke, all the while conveniently ignoring the mountains of tax-free wealth piling up in the pockets of the super rich.

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Again: all US talk on ‘Iran’s nuclear program’ are OBVIOUS lies

13 November 2013 — WashingtonsBlog

As US “leaders” threaten more unlawful war on Iran, the following three points document that the ongoing “reasons” to war-murder Iranians are known lies as they are being told. In context, we know now from official US government reports that all “reasons” for war on Iraq were known to be lies as they were told: Continue reading