Black Agenda Report for Nov 27, 2013: Lynching as a Misdemeanor / Gates Distorts Black History / Thanks for Whistleblowers

27 November 2013 — Black Agenda Report

This week in Black Agenda Report

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Four white San Jose State University students who assaulted a Black teenager for nearly two months have been charged only with misdemeanors, when their crimes actually constitute “felonious battery, terroristic threats, and kidnapping.” The corporate media portrayed the “racist assaults and threats of lynching as nothing more than white rites of adolescent passage” – like “hazing” and “bullying.” Continue reading

VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 26 November 2013: The taboo on boycotting Israel has been broken

26 November 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Three Palestinians Killed By Army Fire In Hebron
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources have reported that three Palestinians have been killed by Israeli army fire, on Tuesday evening [November 26, 2013], east of Yatta town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. …

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Information Clearing House 26 November 2013: Pope Slams Capitalism As ‘New Tyranny’

26 November 2013 — — Information Clearing House

Overplaying Its Hand, Israel Still Holds Plenty of U.S. Cards

By Norman Solomon and Abba A. Solomon

All signs point to determined efforts by Israel — and its many allies in the United States — to wreck prospects for a peaceful solution.


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Manning gives thanks to MLK, Malcolm X in rare prison statement

27 November 2013 — RT

In one of the few statements made to the public since she was sentenced this summer for crimes related to the unauthorized disclosure of classified information to anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, Manning tells TIME Magazine that she’s hesitant to celebrate Thanksgiving due to the true nature of the sordid relationship between European settlers and Native Americans. Nevertheless, Manning writes from prison that she’s thankful for being aware of such atrocities, and this Thanksgiving appreciates the efforts of Americans who “dare to ask probing, even dangerous, questions.”

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Iran: White House gave false details of nuclear agreement + One-sided interpretation of N-deal

29 November 2013 — RT 

The agreement, reached over the weekend in Geneva, outlines a framework for continued negotiations with Tehran, including a deal which is yet to be finalized. However, Iran now claims that the American factsheet, posted a few hours after the deal was announced on the website of the White House, has omitted some key points and is misleading the public by adjusting the language of the original agreement.Tehran has strongly rejected Washington’s interpretation of the long-awaited interim nuclear agreement reached by the P5+1 nations in Geneva, as Iran’s Foreign Ministry labeled the factsheet released by the US a “one-sided interpretation.”

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Monsanto, the TPP, and Global Food Dominance By Ellen Brown

27 November 2013 — Ellen Brown

“Control oil and you control nations,” said US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the 1970s.  ”Control food and you control the people.”

Global food control has nearly been achieved, by reducing seed diversity with GMO (genetically modified) seeds that are distributed by only a few transnational corporations. But this agenda has been implemented at grave cost to our health; and if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) passes, control over not just our food but our health, our environment and our financial system will be in the hands of transnational corporations. Continue reading