ColdType Issue 81: Writers on Mandela and more…

7 January 2014 — Coldtype

The January issue of ColdType is now on line at

CONTENTS  – 72 pages

NELSON MANDELA: The Man and His Legacy – Cover story this issue is a 27-page series of essays on the life, accomplishments and failures of South Africa’s former president, Nelson Mandela, consisting of seven articles – from South Africa we have James Whyle, Ronnie Kasrils and Richard Pithouse; England, John Pilger and David Edwards; USA, Danny Schechter, and from Canada, Tim Knight. We’ve also got stories about the greediest people of the year by Sam Pizzigati, and a talented band of prisoner-playwrights by Chris Hedges, while Edward S. Herman criticises Desmond Tutu, Michael I. Niman highlights the biggest crime story no one’s reporting, and Alan Chapman gets All Shook Up at his home-town rock ‘n’ roll night.

Our second offering, Permanent Deadline –  is a 30-Page excerpt from a wildly entertaining yet unsettling war novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mark Fritz, along with an interview with the author

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