Fukushima Fish Story By William Boardman

15 January 2014 — Reader Supported News

Reassuring the public about something dangerous is tricky

It’s true that the most intensely radioactive part of the Pacific Ocean currently is the area closest to Fukushima, Japan, where the destroyed nuclear power plant continuously adds to the radiation burden in the aquatic food chain. It’s equally true – and somewhat less scary – that Fukushima is but the most recent, best known source of radioactive pollution in a body of water that had a natural, low level of radioactivity long before any human started making it worse.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 12-18 January 2014: Turkey / US Navy / Snowden / Nuclear Weapons / Sudan-Germany / Iraq / Syria / India-US / BRICS / USAID- Russia / Latin America

18 January 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Turkey Trap

18.01.2014 | 11:36 | Mikhail AGHAJANYAN

Although they helped stabilize the situation, the emergency personnel measures taken by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan and the reshuffling of the cabinet after the December corruption scandal did not eliminate the contradictions which are undermining the country’s sociopolitical system… And if one is to believe the estimates of the American intelligence center STRATFOR, one of the main factors in international relations in 2014 will be events caused by economic stress and political unrest in Turkey… Continue reading

VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 17 January 2014: The Imperator: Sharon's Catastrophic Legacy

17 January 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Ban Ki-moon Launches Year Of Palestinian Solidarity
IMEMC – Israeli envoy angered General-Secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, launched a new initiative on Thursday, calling 2014 a Palestinian Solidarity Year . According to the Palestinian News Network (PNN), Ban Ki-moon said that 2014 will be will be a crucial year for achieving a two-state solution, ending the occupation that was started in 1967, and establishing an independent Palestinian state which lives side by side with Israel. …

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The “Top 10” Surveillance Lies Edward Snowden’s Leaks Shed “Heat and Light” Upon By Lauren Harper

17 January 2014 — Unredacted

President Obama delivers his NSA speech on January 17, 2014.

[On the 17 January] President Obama delivered a speech announcing the reforms he will  make to the operations of the National Security Agency (NSA). The reforms, drawing from some of the 43 recommendations made by an outside Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies established by the president, include curtailing some spying of foreign leaders, modest limits on the powerful National Security Letters surveillance tool, and –as yet not completely specified– modifications to telephone metadata collection and reporting.

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No riots, no surprises By Nadia Beard

18 January 2014 — New Left Project

The subject of race and racism in the UK is nothing new to Britain’s criminal justice system and media, with reported cases of racist policing practices periodically gracing the media landscape. But few cases have had such stirring power as that of Mark Duggan’s shooting, the recent verdict of which has deepened an existing mistrust of police conduct, while for many adding another chapter of racial double standards to the annals of British race history. 

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Obama Fans Aren’t Even Pretending That Was a Good Speech By David Swanson

17 January 2014 — War is a Crime

President Barack Obama gave a eulogy for the Fourth Amendment on Friday, and not even his fans are proclaiming victory.  In this moment when Obama is actually doing one thing I agree with (talking to Iran), more and more people seem to be slowly, agonizingly slowly, finally, finally, finally, recognizing what a complete huckster he is when it comes to pretty speeches about his crimes. Continue reading