VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 10 January 2014: Incitement against Palestine: Israel Not Ready to Give up ‘Villa in the Jungle’

10 January 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Activists Disrupt Normalization Meeting In Jerusalem
IMEMC – Dozens of nonviolent Palestinian activists managed to stop a meeting that was taking place at the Ambassador Hostel in occupied Jerusalem between Palestinian and Israeli officials, and said “normalization with the occupation weakens the Palestinian cause, and beautifies the ugly face of the Israeli occupation”. …

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TAO: The NSA’s Band of Technology Criminals By Alfredo Lopez

10 January 2014 — This Can’t Be Happening!

On this website, we’ve speculated that one outcome of the flood of NSA-centered revelations has been to desensitize U.S. citizens and diminish outrage at what is actually revealed. We are becoming conditioned to the horror story that is the National Security Administration.

U.S. Human Radiation Experiments Covered up by Public Broadcasting By William Boardman

10 January 2014 — Reader Supported News

The bomb will not start a chain reaction in the water, converting it all to gas and letting all the ships on all the oceans drop down to the bottom. It will not blow out the bottom of the sea and let all the water run down the hole. It will not destroy gravity. I am not an atomic playboy. – Vice Admiral William P. Blandy, Bikini bomb test commander, July 25, 1946

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