Gaza victims fund – please help

13 August 2014 — PCHR

Dear friends, 

So many of you have been in touch asking – “what can we do to help?” We have all felt so powerless in the face of Israel’s onslaught. But now there is something you can do. 

In cooperation with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza we have set up a legal fund which to help victims achieve justice in the courts.

PCHR will use the fund to build hundreds of cases.  These cases will be pursued in the Israeli civil and military courts, courts in other countries, as well as a campaign to put Israeli war criminals in the dock in the Hague.

To support the victims PCHR needs to raise $500,000.  Please give whatever you can.

The obstacles are huge.  After each successive round of violence Israel has imposed enormous financial burdens on Palestinian victims, including by forcing them to place a ‘deposit’ with the Israeli courts at the start of each case.

In 2009, after Operation Cast Lead, PCHR submitted 490 criminal complaints on behalf of 1046 victims. There were just 4 convictions, one for credit card theft, two for using children as human shields and one for misuse of a firearm.

This shows how important it is that PCHR can afford to work with a network of lawyers across Europe, the Americas and Antipodes to bring cases to courts in other countries.  Alternatively the International Criminal Court should investigate the actions of Israel’s military.

Either way let’s make sure Netanyahu walks the same path as Pinochet, Mladic and others like them. 

Please make a donation to PCHR’s fund today

After you donate please forward the campaign on social media and to friends and loved ones.  We need massive momentum to make this campaign a success.

Thanks so much,

Eoin & Andrew


By following this link you can see a great documentary about how PCHR develops cases as well as learning more about who we are.

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