The Tories, as usual, punishing the poor simply because they are poor!

1 October 2014 — 38 Degrees

A new campaign has just been launched to stop the Conservatives from changing the way benefits are paid if they win the next election. 38 Degrees member Llewelyn is demanding they scrap plans for benefits to be put onto prepaid cards, which could only be used to buy certain products in certain shops.

Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, says that the cards will stop benefits claimants from spending their money on alcohol, drugs or gambling. [1] But his plans have been slammed for spreading negative stereotypes and unfairly controlling what people can buy. [2]

A massive outcry against the Conservative’s plans right now could push them to drop the idea altogether. If you agree with Llewelyn that prepaid cards are degrading then sign the petition now.



Here’s what Llewelyn says:

“Not allowing us to have any cash at all is an unwise and unworkable idea, because some things do require cash, e.g. travelling on the bus, buying fresh vegetables and fruit from a farmers’ market, using vending machines, using a trolley at the supermarket, buying second-hand clothes from a car boot sale.

The bottom line is, benefit claimants do not deserve to be treated like criminals or naughty children.”

Click here to sign her petition now:



If you disagree with Llewelyn’s campaign, or there’s another issue close to your heart, you can start your own campaign here:

Thanks for being involved,

Elizabeth, Robin and the 38 Degrees team

[1] BBC News: Duncan Smith outlines plans for pre-paid benefit cards:
[2] The Independent: Benefits ‘smart cards’ plan revealed by Iain Duncan Smith to stop claimants spending welfare money on alcohol:
The Guardian: The Tories’ proposed prepaid benefit cards make welfare an even dirtier word:


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