Why We Need a New Response to the LGBT Sex Education Row by Sita Balani

19 June 2019 — Novara Media

The row in Birmingham over LGBT sex education for primary school has moved into its fourth month. The school gates at Parkfield Community School and Anderson Park School have seen weekly protests after the school piloted the ‘No Outsiders’  programme, which some parents claim promotes gay and transgender lifestyles and undermines their rights to determine what ideas their children are exposed to. 

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Welcome to London – the Bump Capital of the Old World By Grete Mautner

19 June 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


Previously, we have examined in much detail the influence that the recreational use of mind-altering substances might have had on the decision making capabilities of certain British politicians. Curiously enough, both the British media personalities and politicians would no longer try to make a drug addiction they share a secret anymore. But it seems that weed was just the beginning, as most of those public figures have developed a soft spot for cocaine.

UK: Tory government positions itself as most loyal US ally against Iran By Chris Marsden

18 June 2019 — WSWS

Britain intends to send special forces to the Gulf of Oman. Their stated mission is to protect UK warships amid rising tensions between the US and Iran. But politically their role will be to help consolidate the Conservative government’s position as the premier ally of the Trump administration, which is considered essential amid the escalating crisis over Britain’s exiting the European Union.

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Disinformation and False Accusations of Anti-Semitism by Heather Stroud

16 June 2019 — Dissident Voice

Permitting Israel’s Slow Motion Genocide of Palestinians

The smearing of George Galloway and widely reported disinformation that there was no evidence to support the claim that Viva Palestina delivered aid, raises serious concerns, not just in this case, but far beyond.

It is seriously disturbing how disinformation and lazy ‘cut and paste’ journalism has become common place within the monopoly media of the UK. One wonders where the professional and serious investigative reporting of old has gone.

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Brexit trade delusions show why Britain needs to confront its history of empire By Rahul Verma

15 June 2019 — Global Justice Now

Edward Duncan’s painting of the East India Company iron steam ship Nemesis destroying Chinese war junks in Anson’s Bay, 1843 | Credit: National Maritime Museum, London

On 7 December, 2016, nearly six months after the referendum, Prime Minister Theresa May gave a speech to the Gulf Cooperation Council in Bahrain. She said: “As Britain leaves the European Union so we intend to take a leap forward, to look outwards and seek to become the most committed and most passionate advocate of free trade in the world.”

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Campaigners Launch Legal Challenge over UK’s ‘Secret Trade Talks’ with United States

14 June 2019 — Global Research – Global Justice Now

Global Justice Now has launched a legal challenge at the Information Rights Tribunal over the Department for International Trade’s failure to release details of numerous trade meetings it has held with the United States and other countries since the EU referendum in 2016.

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Britain: Grenfell – two years on, unite to fight for justice By Nico Baldion

14 June 2019 — In Defence of Marxism

Nico Baldion (Chair of Kensington and Chelsea Momentum) and Dan Langley

Image: Natalie Oxford

When Theresa May made a tearful resignation announcement in front of Downing Street recently, many posts on social media went viral speaking about the lack of tears from the Prime Minister over Grenfell. In any case, Grenfell families wouldn’t have been comforted by any tears then, and they certainly won’t be now. They want justice.

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Britain: Home Secretary signs US extradition request for Assange By Rob Smith

14 June 2019 — In Defence of Marxism

Image: WikiLeaks

The day before yesterday, the UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid certified the request from the US to extradite Julian Assange for allegations of hacking and sharing classified American government documents. We wholeheartedly oppose his extradition and defend Assange’s freedom of speech.

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