Labour’s poor excuses for revoking Asa Winstanley’s press pass By Ali Abunimah

20 August 2019 — The Electronic Intifada

Asa Winstanley

Britain’s opposition Labour Party is offering excuses for its arbitrary revocation of the press pass approved for The Electronic Intifada’s Asa Winstanley to cover its upcoming annual conference.

Its explanations fail to justify a blatantly undemocratic act.

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DWP’s £51m contract stops Citizens Advice speaking out against Universal Credit

21 August 2019 — The Canary

New evidence shows that a £51m contract between the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Citizens Advice (CA) contains a gagging clause. As Universal Credit rolls out across the UK, this agreement means the UK’s leading advisory charity now can’t speak out or take “any actions” which might harm the DWP’s reputation.
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UK government prepares for social unrest following no-deal Brexit By Robert Stevens

21 August 2019 — WSWS

Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives in Germany today for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Tomorrow he will meet French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

Johnson has pledged to take the UK out of the European Union on October 31, with or without a trade and customs deal with the EU. The flare-up of tensions ahead of his trip shows that no deal is increasingly likely. Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, and Irish Premier Leo Varadkar rejected out of hand Johnson’s demand that the “backstop” aimed at preventing a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic must be abandoned or there would be no deal. Johnson has described the backstop as “anti-democratic and inconsistent with the sovereignty of the UK.”

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BREXIT – or Not? Masters of Manipulating Public Opinion By Peter Koenig

20 August 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


BREXIT deadline is 31 October 2019. On 23 June 2016, the British people voted 52% against 48% to leave the European Union. In England alone, the margin was somewhat higher, 53.4% for leaving the EU, against 46.6% for staying. In the meantime we know, that this result was influenced by Cambridge Analytica, the same as the Trump Presidency was apparently helped by CA – and according to CA’s own account, more than 200 elections or referenda worldwide during the last 5 years or so were decided by CA.

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No Deal Chaos: The Brexit Cliff Face And Operation Yellowhammer By Binoy Kampmark

20 August 2019 — Oriental Review

Britain’s Boris Johnson is driving his country to the cliff face, along the way mouthing and spouting all manner of populist reassurances.  Still fresh in the job, he declared that UK preparations for a no-deal Brexit on October 31, when Britain would leave the European Union, would receive a boost – a “turbocharge”, no less.  Michael Gove, now chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, has been charged with the task of handling the haphazard effort, having chaired some dozen meetings of the Brexit war cabinet dubbed XO to date.

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Brexit: More you have not been told about Operation Yellowhammer

20 August 2019 — True Publica

More you have not been told about Operation Yellowhammer
By TruePublica: The so-called leak of Operation Yellowhammer, the British government’s no-deal planning dossier, that was in fact leaked over a year ago but no-one believed it – is now an eye-opener – now that they do. It determines that the current Conservative government will lead Britain, as it warns into a “far, far more potentially disruptive” period of time than they have been telling the public. The government has been saying for some time now that no-deal Brexit preparations are advanced and that fears in the media of chaos is nothing more than project fear. This myth has been propagated by usual suspects in The Daily Mail, Sun, and Telegraph and more so since Boris Johnson strolled into No10 Downing Street.

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Julian Assange’s father warns WikiLeaks’ publisher’s health is “declining rapidly” in Belmarsh Prison By Oscar Grenfell

20 August 2019 — WSWS

In an interview on August 16 with 3CR, a Melbourne community radio station, Julian Assange’s father John Shipton stated that the WikiLeaks founder’s health is continuing to deteriorate in Britain’s maximum-security Belmarsh Prison.

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Labour Party revokes Electronic Intifada press pass

19 August 2019 — The Electronic Intifada

By Ali Abunimah

Man seen from shoulders up speaks and gesticulates

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers his keynote speech at the party’s conference in Liverpool last September. The party approved and then apparently revoked the press pass for The Electronic Intifada’s Asa Winstanley to cover this year’s conference. Credit: Phil Noble Reuters

Last month, the Labour Party approved a press pass for The Electronic Intifada’s Asa Winstanley to cover its annual conference next month.

But last week the UK opposition party’s press team claimed in an email to Winstanley that “Your application has not been approved.”

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FCO Speeds Up Planning to Move UK Embassy to Jerusalem

18 August 2019 — Craig Murray

Following US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s talks with Boris Johnson and his ministers in London last week, FCO officials have been asked to speed up contingency planning for the UK to move its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, with an eye to an “early announcement” post Brexit.

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Iran’s Dangerous Deterrence Policy: Trading Tankers and Another Partial Withdrawal from the JCPOA By Elijah J. Magnier

17 August 2019 — Global Research

The UK acknowledged its first defeat by Iran when it released the Iranian super tanker “Grace 1” captured by 30 Royal Navy commandos in the first week of July in response to a US request, as the Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell revealed. In response, Iran will release the British-flagged tanker “Stena Impero”, captured by the “Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps” (IRGC) Special Forces before Saturday mid-day. This tit-for-tat response by Iran showed its determined deterrence policy towards the west:  Iran is ready to accept any consequences, including a possible war if necessary.

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Nearly five million people in the UK live in “deep poverty” By Dennis Moore

17 August 2019 — WSWS

A study by the Social Metrics Commission (SMC) finds that more than 4 million people in the UK are mired in “deep poverty,” with an income at least 50 percent below the official poverty line. Many families in this bracket struggle to pay for the most basic essentials.

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