20 June 2015 — 38 Degrees

The corridors of Westminster are buzzing with talk of bees. On Wednesday night 38 Degrees members and over 150 MPs packed a room in parliament to hear directly from experts about bee-killing pesticides. There was standing room only and a queue out of the door!
Photos of 38 Degrees members at the bee event in Parliament House
Bee-killing pesticides are currently banned, but they could be back on our fields this autumn. Liz Truss – the environment minister – is deciding whether to let this happen right now. [1] She’ll have big money lobbyists from pesticide companies in one ear, pushing her to say yes. But together we’re making sure we’re louder than they are.

At the event on Wednesday night – co-hosted by 38 Degrees and Friends of the Earth – we asked MPs to challenge Liz Truss and other decision makers face-to-face. And it worked. On Thursday morning in parliament they were grilled about bee-killing pesticides. MPs talked about the contact they’d had from constituents (that’s us!) and demanded that the government keep the ban. [2]

Your MP, Chuka Umunna, didn’t come along to the event, but they can still speak to Liz Truss, Environment Minister and ask her to keep the ban. Can you send an email to Chuka Umunna sharing a short report with the latest science and ask them to email Liz Truss to demand she keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides? Click the link below:

Together we’re doing all we can to make sure Liz Truss and her team keep the ban on bee killing pesticides.

We chipped in to fund a report on how much bees help our economy – and it made it into the news. [3] After our event, hundreds of MPs are now campaigning to keep the ban. Over 380,000 of us have signed our bee petition – and as Liz Truss’s team walked to work this week they saw this image on the pavements around Westminster: [4]

Let’s keep up the pressure. Beecause our bees are worth it. Can you write to Chuka Umunna, share a brief report with the latest science and ask them to push Liz Truss to make the right decision? Click the link below:

Thanks for being involved,

Cara, Megan, Maddy, Nat & the 38 Degrees team

[1] Farmers Weekly: NFU confirms bid for neonics ban exemption:
[2] Parliament: House of Commons debates – Thursday 18 June 2015:
[3] Telegraph: Bees contribute more t British Economy than Royal Family:
[4] We used a method known as clean graffiti where water is blasted over a stencil on the pavement, it’s legal to do and fades away after a few days.

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