COLDTYPE SPECIAL ISSUE – Edward S. Herman & David Peterson on The Srbrenica Massacre'

10 August 2015 — Coldtype

COLDTYPE SPECIAL ISSUE – Edward S. Herman & David Peterson on The Srbrenica Massacre’

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In this special 66-page issue of ColdType, Edward S. Herman and David Peterson critically examine how and why the figure of 8,000 for the number of Bosnian Muslim “men and boys” allegedly executed after the fall of the Srebrenica “safe area” in July 1995 became sacrosanct. They also assess the credibility of this number.

They look at the systematic stripping of the relevant historical context from media coverage of the nearly 40 months of violence and ethnic cleansing suffered by the Bosnian Serbs of the region.

They critically examine the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the manifold ways that this deeply political tribunal has used the “Srebrenica massacre” to undermine the cause of international justice, and thwart the expressed goals of peace and reconciliation, in order to serve a higher goal — the advancement of U.S. and
NATO policy in the region.

Finally, they provide a case study of the propaganda output on the former Yugoslavia by The Guardian and Observer’s veteran reporter, Ed Vulliamy..

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