Ratlines: The Vatican, The Nazis & Western Intelligence By Hugo Turner

28 July 2019 — Internationalist 360°


In one of the more shocking episodes of the Cold War tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals and their fascist allies were smuggled out of Europe and resettled around the world in places like Argentina, Canada, Australia and the United States. Others were resettled throughout the middle east a few ended up as far away as South East Asia. They were considered too valuable by western intelligence to face justice for their crimes. 27 Million people were killed in the Soviet Union alone, 4 million in Poland, I’ve written of the many uses these fascist exiles were put to in my previous articles. They were used as spies, propagandists and terrorists in the west’s secret war on the Soviet Bloc and even non-aligned countries like Yugoslavia. They went to work for Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, universities, and think tanks and were even used to turn out the vote for the Republican Party in the US. The Ukrainian fascists formed a powerful lobby in the US, Canada and Australia. In Canada for example the Ukrainian Nazi exiles are so powerful that they have placed one of their own at the head of Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland. As the cold war neared it’s end these fascist movements in exile returned home seizing power with the help of Western Intelligence in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, in the 1990’s and Ukraine invatican 2004 and again in 2014. They also have a great deal of influence in the Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania where SS veterans hold yearly parades and are treated as heroes. Thus the fascist exiles have gone from a scandalous chapter in cold war history to the cause of a new cold war with Russia. They have played a vital role in the increasing danger of fascism worldwide.

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COLDTYPE SPECIAL ISSUE – Edward S. Herman & David Peterson on The Srbrenica Massacre'

10 August 2015 — Coldtype

COLDTYPE SPECIAL ISSUE – Edward S. Herman & David Peterson on The Srbrenica Massacre’

Download and read our 66-page Special Report – free of charge at www.coldtype.net

In this special 66-page issue of ColdType, Edward S. Herman and David Peterson critically examine how and why the figure of 8,000 for the number of Bosnian Muslim “men and boys” allegedly executed after the fall of the Srebrenica “safe area” in July 1995 became sacrosanct. They also assess the credibility of this number.

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The Anti-Empire Report #121 By William Blum: The War on Terrorism … or whatever

8 October 2013 — Anti-Empire Report

The War on Terrorism … or whatever.

“U.S. hopes of winning more influence over Syria’s divided rebel movement faded Wednesday after 11 of the biggest armed factions repudiated the Western-backed political opposition coalition and announced the formation of an alliance dedicated to creating an Islamist state. The al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, designated a terrorist organization by the United States, is the lead signatory of the new group.” 1

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The Good Intentions That Pave the Road to War By Diana Johnstone

7 February, 2013

Paris Opposing genocide has become a sort of cottage industry in the United States.

Everywhere, “genocide studies” are cropping up in universities. Five years ago, an unlikely “Genocide Prevention Task Force” was set up headed by former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former defense secretary William Cohen, both veterans of the Clinton administration.

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Stop NATO news: March 11, 2012: Military Chief: U.S. “Preparing Military Options” Against Syria, Iran

11 March 2012 — Stop NATO News

  • Military Chief: U.S. “Preparing Military Options” Against Syria, Iran
  • NATO Helicopter Attack Kills Three Afghan Civilians, Wounds Two
  • U.S. NATO Enlargement Bill: Bosnia, Georgia, Macedonia, Montenegro
  • Bosnia Slated For “Full-Fledged NATO Membership”
  • Turkey: Opposition Deputies Protest Against NATO Missile Radar
  • Turkey: U.S. Air Force Exercises For Possible Syria, Iran Actions
  • New Ivorian Regime Pushes African Standby Force Military Intervention In Mali
  • Pentagon To Resume Military Aid, Training For Yemen
  • Pentagon Seeks Military Base In Breakaway Balochistan: Pakistani Protesters
  • U.S. Drone Attack Kills Thirteen In Northwest Pakistan
  • U.S. Air Forces Africa Inaugurates African Partnership Flight
  • NATO Headquarters: Danish Crown Prince Honors War NATO Dead
  • NATO Continues Surge Operations In Eastern Mediterranean
  • Mediterranean Dialogue: NATO Maritime Group Visits Morocco

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Strategic Culture Foundation 3-10 March 2012: Africa / India-Pakistan / Arab Socialism / Russia-USA / Syria /

9 March 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

Africa on the Brink of New Shocks

10.03.2012 | 11:33 | Alexander MEZYAEV

The state powers of North Africa and the Middle East overtly routed, the process of destabilization in Nigeria and some other Africa South of Sahara countries moved a little away from the radar screen. But the recent events taking place in the most populated country of Africa make themselves be viewed against the backdrop of the «Arab spring», or «Arab leprosy» to be more precise… Today Nigeria has entered the period of abruptly intensified efforts of outside forces to turn the country’s internal contradictions to their own advantage. The same thing threatens other countries, first of all Algiers, Niger and Mali… Continue reading

Bad results of humanitarian intervention practice

8 March 2012 — Voice of Russia

Republican Senator John McCain this week called for air strikes against Damascus. According to AFP, he said that it is necessary to disable the Syrian air defense system, at least in some parts of the country, to “establish and defend safe havens in Syria“. McCain makes no attempt to conceal the purpose of these “safe zones”. They could be used by an armed opposition to “organize and plan political and military activities”. The American politician openly advocated providing military assistance to the militants, “including weapons and ammunition.”

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Stop NATO News: November 29, 2011

29 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Will America’s New Hypersonic Weapon Cause A Global Arms Race?
  • Russian Warships Head For Syria
  • SCO Partners: China, Russia Say NATO Attacks On Pakistan Unacceptable
  • NATO Exceeds All Limits In Pakistan
  • Russian Foreign Minister Condemns Deadly NATO Air Attack In Pakistan
  • Pakistan Army Refuses To Accept NATO ‘Expressions Of Regret’ Continue reading

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: November 4, 2011

4 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • After Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq: NATO To Rebuild Libyan Military
  • After Libya, U.S. And NATO To Target Syria, Iran: Indian Left
  • Canadian Military Chief Demands At Least 65 U.S. Joint Strike Fighters
  • Call For U.S. To Deploy Interceptor Missiles On Guam
  • South Ossetia Opposes Western Forces On Border With Russia
  • U.S. Should Be Paying Bills, Not Funding Global Military
  • Largest Military Ally: U.S.-India Partnership Defining Development In 21st Century
  • Pentagon Cultivates India As Regional, Global Proxy
  • After Vietnam: Afghan, Iraqi…Iranian Syndromes?
  • U.S. To Launch New Predator, Reaper Drone Base

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Media Lens: A ‘Malign Intellectual Subculture’ – George Monbiot Smears Chomsky, Herman, Peterson, Pilger And Media Lens

2 August 2011 — Media Lens

On June 13, George Monbiot devoted his Guardian column to naming and shaming a ‘malign intellectual subculture that seeks to excuse savagery by denying the facts’. ‘The facts’, Monbiot noted, ‘are the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda.’

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Updates on Libyan war: Stop NATO news: July 25, 2011

25 July 2011 — Stop NATO

  • NATO Air Attacks Shake Libyan Capital, Environs
  • NATO’s Air Assault On Libya: 16,281 Missions, 6,142 Strike Sorties
  • NATO Troops Shoot Dead Afghan Female Doctor, Family Members
  • Taiwan Urges NATO, U.S. Navy To Pay Compensation To Slain Captain’s Family
  • Ex-NATO, U.S. Military Chief Shalikashvili Dies
  • Ex-Top NATO, U.S. Commander: From Nazi Germany To Bosnia

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Full Circle: NATO Completes Takeover Of Former Yugoslavia By Rick Rozoff

25 March, 2010 — Global Research

In 1991 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a nominally defensive military bloc with sixteen members that, as the cliche ran, had never fired a shot.

In 1991 the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was the only simultaneously multiethnic and multiconfessional nation (entirely) in Europe, consisting of six federated republics with diverse constituencies.

By 2009 NATO had grown to 28 full members and at least that many military partners throughout Europe and in Africa, the Caucasus, the Middle East, Asia and the South Pacific. Next month NATO is to hold a summit in Estonia to be attended by the foreign ministers of 56 nations. Last month a meeting of NATO’s Military Committee in Brussels included the armed forces chiefs of 63 nations, almost a third of the world’s 192 countries.

By 2008 the former Yugoslavia has been fragmented into six recognized nations (the former federal republics of Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia) and a semi-recognized province of Serbia, Kosovo.

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The Planning of War Behind Closed Doors: Brussels, London, Istanbul: A Week Of Western War Councils By Rick Rozoff

5 February, 2010 — Global ResearchStop NATO

The defense chiefs of all 28 NATO nations and an undisclosed number of counterparts from non-Alliance partners gathered in Istanbul, Turkey on February 4 to begin two days of meetings focused on the war in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of military forces from Kosovo in the course of transferring control of security operations to the breakaway province’s embryonic army (the Kosovo Security Force) and “the transformation efforts required to best conduct the full range of NATO’s agreed missions.” [1]

Istanbul was the site of the bloc’s 2004 summit which accounted for the largest expansion in its 60-year history – seven new Eastern European nations – and its strengthening military partnerships with thirteen Middle Eastern and African nations under the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative.

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe Admiral James Stavridis and the top commander of all U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan – soon to reach over 150,000 – General Stanley McChrystal are also in attendance, as are European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton and United Nations High Representative for Afghanistan Kai Eide as well as the defense and interior ministers of Afghanistan.

The meetings follow by a week the International Conference on Afghanistan held in London, which in turn occurred the day after two days of meetings of the NATO Military Committee with the Chiefs of Defense of the military bloc’s 28 member states and 35 more from what were described as Troop Contributing Nations; presumably NATO partner nations with troops stationed in the Afghan war theater. In all, the military chiefs of 63 countries.

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Alexander MEZYAEV Karadzic Trial Opened

29 October, 2009 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The trial of President of the Serb Republic in Bosnia Radovan Karadzic started on October 26. Karadzic was not present he refused to attend, and this was due to serious reasons. Though the prosecution started putting the indictment together 14 years ago, it kept tailoring the document throughout the term. The most recent changes were introduced on October 19, leaving Karadzic just 7 days to prepare his defense, which is outrageous even for the Hague Tribunal.

Over the past years mass media have spent unbelievable amounts of black paint on Karadzic. The charges in the final version of the indictment include deportations, persecution, killings, terror against civilian population, hostage-taking, and, of course, genocide. The alleged crime sites span half the territory of Bosnia, but for the most part the focus is on Sarajevo and Srebrenica. Karadzic is charged with planning and implementing the genocide against Bosnian Muslims and Croats. To support allegations that Karadzic was open about his genocide plans, Prosecutor A. Tiger cited him as addressing the Bosnians with the following statement: Don’t you understand that you are going to perish? A lot of us will die, but none of you will survive! A. Tiger failed to mention, however, that Karadzic was talking about the Bosnians’ plan to start a war and the words were a warning, not an indication of the existence of some mythical genocide plan.

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From WW II To WW III: Global NATO And Remilitarized Germany By Rick Rozoff Part 2

15 July, 2009Global Research | Stop NATO

The reunification of Germany in 1990 did not signify a centripetal trend in Europe but instead was an anomaly. The following year the Soviet Union was broken up into its fifteen constituent federal republics and the same process began in Yugoslavia, with Germany leading the charge in hastening on and recognizing the secession of Croatia and Slovenia from the nation that grew out of the destruction of World War I and again of World War II.

Two years later Czechoslovakia, like the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia a multiethnic state created after the First World War, split apart.

With the absorption of the former German Democratic Republic into the Federal Republic, which since 1949 had already claimed an exclusive mandate to govern all of Germany, the entire nation was now subsumed under a common military structure and brought into the NATO bloc.

Wasting no time in reasserting itself as a continental power, united Germany inaugurated its new claim as a geopolitical – and military – power by turning its attention to a part of Europe that it had previously visited in the two World Wars: The Balkans.

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New NATO: Germany Returns To World Military Stage, Part 1 by Rick Rozoff

12 July, 2009 — stop NATO

When the post-World War II German states the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, West and East Germany, respectively, were united in 1990, it was for many in Europe and the world as a whole a heady time, fraught with hopes of a continent at peace and perhaps disarmed.

Despite US pledges to the last president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would not move ‘one inch’ eastward, what German reunification achieved was that the former German Democratic Republic joined not only the Federal Republic but NATO and the military bloc moved hundreds of kilometers nearer the Russian border, over the intervening years to be joined by twelve Eastern European nations. Five of those twelve new NATO members were republics of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union itself, neither of which any longer exists.

Far from issuing in an era of disarmament and a Europe free of military blocs – or even of war – the merging of the two German states and the simultaneous fragmentation of the Eastern Bloc and, a year later, the USSR was instead followed by a Europe almost entirely dominated by a US-controlled global military alliance.

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Serb Demonization as Propaganda Coup By Edward S. Herman

The successful demonization of the Serbs, making them largely responsible for the Yugoslav wars, and as unique and genocidal killers, was one of the great propaganda triumphs of our era.

It was done so quickly, with such uniformity and uncritical zeal in the mainstream Western media, that disinformation had (and still has, after almost two decades) a field day.

The demonization flowed from the gullibility of Western interests and media (and intellectuals). With Yugoslavia no longer useful as an ally after the fall of the Soviet Union, and actually an obstacle as an independent state with a still social democratic bent, the NATO powers aimed at its dismantlement, and they actively supported the secession of Slovenia, Croatia, the Bosnian Muslims, and the Kosovo Albanians. That these were driven away by Serb actions and threats is untrue: they had their own nationalistic and economic motives for exit, stronger than those of the Serbs.

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War Inc. – A $300 Billion Dollar Business By William Bowles

18 May 2003

‘Mercenaries are outlawed under Article 47 of the Geneva Convention. In December 1994 the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 49/1150 urging all nations ‘to take the necessary steps and to exercise the utmost vigilance against the menace posed by the activities of mercenaries’. The UN International Convention Against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries has been signed or ratified by twenty-one countries.’ – http://www.globalpolicy.org/security/issues/sheppard.htm

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