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15 August 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Poles Oppose Flood of Ukrainians into their Country

15.08.2015 | 08:00 | Valéry VRUBLEVSKY

The German media is reporting that Poles are outraged at the «arrogance» of the Ukrainians who continue to flood into their country, viewing Poland as the «reachable West». The Pole’s dissatisfaction is being extended to their government, «which is supporting total outsiders at the expense of Polish taxpayers…»


 Let’s Bomb Libya Again

15.08.2015 | 00:00 | Brian CLOUGHLEY

The British prime minister, David Cameron, places great emphasis on how he is regarded by the public at home and internationally. His personal promotion machine is extensive and highly-paid and his staff feed the media diligently with what they imagine to be positive slants on his character and actions (and with carefully selected photographs of his pretty wife). They provide advance copies of his speeches to favoured journalists with the annoying consequence that news broadcasts rarely report what the prime minister has just said on a topic. They are futuristic and use the infuriating phrase «the prime minister will say today that» he will propose something or other.


 America’s Toxic ‘Partnership’ With Vietnam

15.08.2015 | 00:00 | Finian CUNNINGHAM

America’s war on Vietnam may have officially ended 40 years ago, but the Southeast Asian country is still battling with the horrific legacy that the US military bequeathed. Yet last week, US Secretary of State John Kerry, while in Hanoi, eulogised about how the two countries are «healing» and forging a new «partnership»…


 Europe to Face «Parade of Sovereignties»

14.08.2015 | 00:00 | Vladimir NESTEROV

The Maidan protests in Ukraine caused the Ukraine’s partition and revived many territorial disputes inside the European Union…


 Genetically-Modified Food: Threat to Humankind

14.08.2015 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

Scotland has become the latest nation to ban the cultivation of genetically-modified (GM) crops, also known as GMOs – genetically-modified organisms…While Scotland has championed the anti-«Frankenfood» cause, the U.S. Congress voted to ban states from requiring food manufacturers to label their food as being genetically-modified. 


 Meet ‘Moderates’ U.S. is Supporting in Syria: They’re al-Qaeda

13.08.2015 | 00:00 | Eric ZUESSE

Increasing evidence is coming in that the groups the U.S. is trying to install into power in Syria are actually contending groups of Sunni Islamic jihadists who seem to agree on only one thing: they want to replace the secular government of the Shiite Bashar al-Assad, who is supported by Russia and by Shiite Iran. They want to replace it with a Sunni Islamic government. Some of these groups have perpetrated terrorist attacks (some including beheadings) against Americans, and one such group is even al-Qaeda, the Sunni Islamic organization that, of course, perpetrated the 9/11, 2001, attacks and others…


 Russia Creates New Branch of Military

13.08.2015 | 00:00 | Yuriy RUBTSOV

On August 1, Russia activated the Aerospace Forces as a new branch of its military. The Aerospace Forces (VKS) has been formed by the merger of the Russian Air Force (VVS) and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO)…


 Is It Really ? «New Cold War»?

12.08.2015 | 00:00 | Michael Jabara CARLEY

It seems like every week some western journalist proclaims the beginning of a «new cold war» between the United States and the Russian Federation. As proof of this, they point to the US/EU-backed fascist putsch in Kiev, NATO military gesticulations on Russia’s western frontiers, the continued US escalation of hostilities against Russian ally Syria, US objections to BRICS, among other items on a long list…


 OSCE Activities in Post-Soviet Space

12.08.2015 | 00:00 | Andrey ARESHEV

The activities of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in the countries of post-Soviet space have been on the radar screen in recent months. Scandals occur in succession to attract more public spotlight each time. The OSCE present activities appear to have little to do with the goals the organization is supposed to pursue…


 Syria – Ukraine: Sinister Connection

11.08.2015 | 00:00 | Vladislav GULEVICH

Shaun Walker, a British journalist, visited Ukraine in July to highlight the situation in the east of the country. He shared his impression in his article published by The Guardian. Actually, Walker did not say anything new about Muslim battalions fighting alongside the forces of Ukraine’s regime; he just confirmed again the fact that there is a close link between Ukrainian nationalists and Islamists united in the fight against their common enemy – Russia…


 EU is Only ?urting Itself by Cranking up Sanctions

11.08.2015 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has instructed his government to expand the list of countries that will be subject to retaliatory Russian sanctions. The nations affected are the ones that supported the European Union’s decision to extend the sanctions against Russia and include Ukraine, the candidates for EU membership Montenegro and Albania, the member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, and to a partial extent Greece as well… 


 Russia’s Policy Towards Arab World

10.08.2015 | 00:00 | Boris DOLGOV

In early August Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made a trip to Qatar. It was not an ordinary visit. In a short space of time he met Emir of the State of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Foreign Minister of Qatar Khalid bin Muhammad al-Atiyah, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adil al-Ahmad al-Jubayr and US State Secretary John Kerry. ..


 Partners in Crime: NSA, US Justice Department, and Telecom Firms

10.08.2015 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

The so-called USA FREEDOM Act of 2015 is a placebo law designed to placate certain ignorant and uninformed quarters in America concerned about the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of «metadata» on individuals. The USA FREEDOM Act, which is a ridiculous-sounding «backronym» that actually stands for «Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection and Online Monitoring Act», is a ruse designed to continue ad infinitum NSA’s illegal surveillance…


 War Crimes in Iraq

09.08.2015 | 00:00 | Brian CLOUGHLEY

At the moment the city of Fallujah in Iraq is occupied by Islamic State (ISIL) savages and is reported by the Pentagon to be under bombardment by strike aircraft of «US and coalition military forces». On 31 May, for example, «near Fallujah, one airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying two ISIL fighting positions»…


 What’s Behind Plans to Deploy US Missiles in Europe?

09.08.2015 | 00:00 | Yuriy RUBTSOV

The US has been ramping up the controversy over alleged violations of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). As far back as December 2014, Rose Gottemoeller, Under Secretary for arms control and international security, told Congress it was important to make Russia comply with the treaty. This June the United States picked up the issue again…


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