Statewatch: Looking for a new home: 7,000 JHA documents (04/16)

8 February 2016 — Statewatch

Statewatch monitoring the state and civil liberties: 8 February 2016 (04/16) Statewatch EU Justice and Home Affairs Archive 1976-2000
Paper document collection available free to a good home

Our archive of 7,000+ paper documents on EU justice and home affairs policy needs a new home.

In February 2011 Statewatch launched the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Archive, containing thousands of official EU documents produced between 1976 and 2000 (before the Council of the European Union and the European Commission launched their public registers of document in 2002-2003). Most of them remain officially unpublished and are only available online in the Statewatch JHA Document Archive.

The documents were painstakingly collected through access to documents requests and several “sources”. They represent a significant record of the historical development of EU JHA policy, from its early years when national governments cooperated in the Trevi (Terrorism, Radicalisation and Violence) Group set up in 1976 through to formal European political cooperation after the Maastricht Treaty and then the Amsterdam Treaty (from 1997).

The online Archive currently contains over 8,500 records and we are continuing to add new material. However, we can no longer afford to pay for the storage of the 7,000+ documents that have been scanned, key-worded and uploaded.

We would like to see these documents go to a good home and are offering them to an individual, organisation or institution who is willing to pay for their collection and delivery.

The documents are contained in seven large metal four-drawer filing cabinets. We are not charging anything for the documents themselves, but you will need to cover the cost of collection and transport. Through a removal service within the UK this will be approximately:


If you are interested in acquiring the collection please contact us at:

with a brief description of why you would like the documents and what you intend to do with them – we prefer to give them to a group or institution which will make them publicly available.

If you want to discuss your interest you can ring us on: 0207 697 4266.

Please let us know by Friday 19 February 2016 if you are interested – and are able to move the cabinets by the first week of March 2016.


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