Statewatch News Online: 21 May 2020: New analysis: reinforcement of Frontex runs into legal problems

21 May 2020 — Statewatch


New analysis: reinforcement of Frontex runs into legal problems

An internal Frontex report published today by Statewatch highlights a series of issues in implementing the agency’s new legislation, including uncertain legal terminology and delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Statewatch News Online, 18 May 2020 (08/20)

18 May 2020 — Statewatch


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1. Statewatch Analysis: Mediterranean: As the fiction of a Libyan search and rescue zone begins to crumble, EU states use the coronavirus pandemic to declare themselves unsafe

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The Transformation of Societies on the Occasion of Covid-19 Heralds the Militarisation of Europe

12 May 2020 — The Voltaire Network

Discussion with Thierry Meyssan

by Thierry Meyssan
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We reproduce a discussion between Thierry Meyssan and a group of students. He explains that the political responses to Covid-19 have no medical purpose. A partially identifiable transnational group seized the opportunity provided by the epidemic to try to impose a profound transformation of European societies, just as it had used the attacks of 11 September 2001 to transform the United States. There is still time to oppose the hierarchisation of the world to come.

Statewatch: States of Control the dark side of pandemic politics: Webinar 29 April

27 April 2020 — Statewatch News (10/20)


Dear Statewatchers,

We hope you and your loved ones are well in these turbulent times.

This Wednesday, our friends at the Transnational Institute will be hosting a webinar to examine the repressive measures taken by states across the globe to address the coronavirus pandemic. The event starts at 16:00 Central European Time this Wednesday, 29 April. Statewatch is co-sponsoring the event, for which you can register online here:
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The euro’s corona crisis

19 April 2020 — Michael Roberts Blog

by michael roberts

This coming Thursday 23 April there is a video conference meeting of the EU leaders to discuss once again what to do about the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown of production across the area.  In particular, there is the vexed question of how to help out those EU members states like Italy and Spain that have been hit hardest by the pandemic.  (Here are the latest figures compiled by John Ross).

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Life vs Profit: the real ‘war’ in times of coronavirus

14 April 2020 — Open Democracy

The State needs people to be alive to construct the mythical social contract with them. But Capital is the actual deep state.

“As never before, our community must unite and form a chain to protect the most important good of all: life. Should only one block of this chain break, we would all be exposed to far more serious perils.”
It was almost midnight on March 20 when Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte pronounced these solemn words during a televised speech by which – visibly exhausted – he announced the temporary shutdown of ‘non-vital’ productive activities across the country.

Statewatch News Online, 10 April 2020 (06/20)

10 April 2020 — Statewatch


Also available as a pdf file:


1.   Italy renews Memorandum with Libya, as evidence of a secret Malta-Libya deal
2.  Anti-migration cooperation between the EU, Italy and Libya: some truths surfaces
3.  Briefing: Spain: Migrants’ rights must be guaranteed and put at the core of measures taken by the government.

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