AI Border Guards are Being Tested at the Edge of Fortress Europe, Away From Public Scrutiny

6 December 209 — Novara Media

[Artificial Intelligence? It’s just software, that’s all it is! I’m amazed at how the myth of artificial intelligence has been blindly accepted by pretty much everyone but it’s been with us ever since the industrial revolution. We used to call it Machine Learning. What’s made the REAL difference is the power of modern computing, which is now able to do in ‘real time’ something that simply wasn’t possible with early computers; carry out billions of computations ‘on the fly’, thus creating the appearence of intelligence when in fact, it’s just software. WB]

by Robbie Warin


A series of trials funded by the EU to the tune of €4.5 million ended this summer, without most people ever even having heard about them. At three points on the EU’s external border, a new form of border protection using lie-detecting artificial intelligence has been tested. The European Commission is being sued for allowing the company behind the trials to keep its methods and results away from public scrutiny. 

The debts of undocumented Vietnamese migrants in Europe

28 November 2019 — Open Democracy

Debt and trafficking were used to explain why 39 Vietnamese migrants were found dead in a lorry in Essex, but whom did the migrants owe?

Nicolas Lainez

Phong, 27, is an undocumented Vietnamese migrant working eleven hours a day, six days a week at a Vietnamese restaurant in Paris for €1,550 a month. He lives a minimal existence. Every penny Phong can spare goes to repaying the €15,000 debt he incurred while travelling from Nghe An in central Vietnam to France. The smuggler had charged him €4,000 up front, which was enough to get him to Moscow on a tourist visa. The trip to Poland cost a further €6,000: €2,000 for the arrangements to leave and €4,000 for arriving safely. A final €5,000 was due once he arrived in France.

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Europe’s Economy Today & Tomorrow, Part 2: Artificial Intelligence, Uberization, & Capitalist ‘Sharing Economy’ Ideology

18 November 2019 — Jack Rasmus


The Wall St. Journal page one article of November 18, 2019 broadcast: “Europe’s New Jobs Stoke Discontent”.

It asked: ‘why are workers so angry’, when millions more jobs have been created since Europe’s last recessions (2008-09 and 2011-13), when millions more job openings remain, and when minimum wages have been raised in most countries’?

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Support The UN Resolution Against Unilateral Coercive Measures

3 November 2019 — Popular Resistance

By The People’s Mobe | Resist!

For decades the U.S. government and its European allies have been illegally using unilateral economic sanctions (“Unilateral Coercive Measures”) as a weapon of war and mass destruction to topple governments that do not submit to the U.S. and European states’ domination of their country. The main objective of these unilateral sanctions is to destroy those small countries’ economies and bring their people to their knees through mass starvation so they will be left with no choice but to revolt against their own government. Continue reading

Europe’s gas alliance with Russia is a match made in heaven By M.K. Bhadrakumar

2 November 2019 — Indian Punchline

The vessel “Audacia”  laying pipes for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea off the island of Rügen. File photo

Amidst the excitement over the killing of the ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, a development of much impact on international security passed by when Denmark made the innocuous announcement on October 30 that it would permit the proposed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to pass through its exclusive economic zone.

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Statewatch News Online, 28 October 2019 (19/19)

28 October 2019 — Statewatch


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1.   EU migration agenda highlights its shortcomings
2.   EU: PNR: Council to “explore” surveillance and profiling of all forms of mass transport
3.   Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (15-21.10.19)
4.   Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (1-14.10.19)
5.   EU: European States urged to do more to protect and support child refugees and migrants
6.   Catalonia leaders jailed for sedition by Spanish court
7.   Commission starts negotiations with the USA on exchange of e-evidence
8.   Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (24-30.9.19)
9.   Spanish-Moroccan borders upgraded with new cameras, facial recognition & a  barbed wire ‘swap’
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How Israel lobby set EU anti-Semitism agenda

30 September 2019 — Electronic Intifada

David Cronin

Katherina von Schnurbein, the EU’s coordinator against anti-Semitism, regularly smears the Palestine solidarity movement. Credit: Lukasz Kobus European Union

For nearly four years, Katharina von Schnurbein has been posing as a champion of Europe’s Jews.

If taken at face value, her speeches at numerous conferences suggest she is a conscientious civil servant motivated by a desire to halt persecution. A more detailed examination reveals she has been following an agenda set by Israel and its supporters.

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Johnson Enters Neo-Con Heaven By Craig Murray

25 September 2019 — Craig Murray

There has been remarkably little media commentary on the effect of the UK leaving the EU Common Foreign Policy, even though this is a major aim of Johnson, Gove and the Tory Brexiteers. The media appear not to have noticed the existence of the Common Foreign Policy. We saw perhaps the first public glimpse of the UK’s new foreign policy yesterday when Boris Johnson breeched the EU Common Foreign Policy to join Donald Trump in denouncing the Iran nuclear treaty. As the UK has not actually left the EU yet, that was bad faith and an illegal act against an EU treaty obligation, but following the law is evidently of no concern whatsoever to Johnson.

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Europe: The cracks are beginning to show Is the EU experiment coming to an end? Europe considers its options By Frank Lee

21 September 2019 — Off Guardian

The NATO build-up

2014: The expansion of NATO in the late 20th and early 21st centuries had posed a serious strategic threat to Russia’s security. In 1999 the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland joined NATO. In 2004 they were followed by the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Slovenia; Albania and Croatia joined in 2009.

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You can take a horse to water but…. by michael roberts

17 September 2019 — Michael Roberts Blog

Last Thursday, Mario Draghi, the current head of the European Central bank, soon to be replaced by Christine Lagarde from the IMF, announced a parting gift to banks and financial markets.  The ECB decided to reintroduce its bond purchasing programme in order to inject yet more billions into Europe’s banks in order to persuade them to lend onto industry and boost lagging growth.

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