A new beginning By William Bowles

30 January 2016

Well not exactly, initially it’s a consolidation of my writing into one location and, in one format, a time-consuming operation to conduct on the five hundred or so files that I’ve yet to process and add to the site’s database. Since returning to the UK in 2002, my online work has gone through three phases: my original hand-crafted site (2003-2010), then the self-hosted WordPress site (2010-ongoing) and now this one, dedicated solely to my own writing.

For those readers who know my writing from my original site, I am engaged in a rather tedious process of going through about 1000 essays I’ve penned since 2003 and hopefully, out of this mass I’ll be able to assemble the best of it and produce an anthology covering the years from the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the present and publish it in print format.

I’m not very good at self-promotion but I need to add my other creative endeavours here, stories, scripts and a bibliography of my published work that exists online and in print, but is scattered around the proverbial place and in different formats. I’m also hoping that this move will inspire me to start writing again on a more regular basis the way I used to do.

Media Lens: Obama – The Art Of Ruin

27 January 2016 — Media Lens

Obama – The Art Of Ruin

In a revealing tweet last October, BBC diplomatic correspondent, Bridget Kendall, commented acerbically on a press conference given by Russian president Vladimir Putin:

‘… And he can’t resist bragging about his own experience going up in fighter jet’

We thought aloud on Twitter that we couldn’t recall any BBC journalist accusing Obama of ‘bragging’ about anything.

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Video: The Empire Files: Examining the Syrian War Chessboard

24 January 2016 — The Real News Network

The Empire Files: Examining the Syrian War Chessboard

Having gone far beyond an internal political struggle, the war is marked by a complex array of forces that the U.S. Empire hopes to command. Abby Martin interviews Vijay Prashad, professor of International Studies at Trinity College and author of Arab Spring, Libyan Winter.

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Statewatch: Refugee crisis in the Med and inside the EU: 25 January 2016 (02/16)

25 January 2015 — Statewatch.org/  • e-mail: office@statewatch.org

Statewatch: Refugee crisis in the Med and inside the EU: 25 January 2016 (02/16)

See Contents list below or Access as a pdf file here: http://www.statewatch.org/news/2016/jan/e-mail-refugees-25-1-16.pdf
See: Observatory: EU refugee crisis – a humanitarian emergency
See also regularly updated: European Commission: “State of Play”: Refugee crisis: Statistics: Sept 2015 ongoing

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British arms companies ramp up bomb sales to Saudi Arabia by 100 times despite air strikes on civilians By Newpower

25 January 2016 — Newpower

British arms companies ramp up bomb sales to Saudi Arabia by 100 times despite air strikes on civilians


[Empire armed to the teeth to impose its will on the Middle East. – NP] (http://www.independent.co.uk/)

The United Nations has said Saudi Arabia is disproportionately killing civilians in its military operation in Yemen

by Jon Stone

British arms companies have cashed-in on Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen by ramping up arms sales to the country’s autocratic government by over a hundred times, new figures show.

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New Report On Gates Foundation’s “Corporate Merry-Go-Round”: Spearheading The Neo-liberal Plunder Of African Agriculture By Colin Todhunter

21 January 2016 — Colin Todhunter

New Report On Gates Foundation’s “Corporate Merry-Go-Round”: Spearheading The Neo-liberal Plunder Of African Agriculture

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is dangerously and unaccountably distorting the direction of international development, according to a new report by the campaign group Global Justice Now. With assets of $43.5 billion, the BMGF is the largest charitable foundation in the world. It actually distributes more aid for global health than any government. As a result, it has a major influence on issues of global health and agriculture. Continue reading

National Security Archive: The United States and Cyberspace: Military Organization, Policies, and Activities

21 January 2016 — National Security Archive

The United States and Cyberspace: Military Organization, Policies, and Activities

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 539

Edited by Jeffrey T. Richelson Posted January 20, 2016

For more information contact: The National Security Archive 202/944-7000, nsarchiv@gwu.edu

Washington, DC, January 20, 2016 — U.S. military activities in cyberspace have been surprisingly widespread over the years, occurring mainly out of the public eye. Given the sensitivity of many of their operations, this is understandable to a point, but as the number of reported and unreported attacks on military and civilian infrastructure increases – along with the stakes – there is a corresponding public interest in how the Pentagon (and the U.S. government in general) has responded in the past and is preparing for future eventualities. Today, the National Security Archive is posting 27 documents that help illuminate various aspects of U.S. military operations in cyberspace. These materials are part of a unique and expanding educational resource of previously classified or difficult-to-obtain documentation the Archive is collecting and cataloguing on the critical issue of cybersecurity.

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New at Black Agenda Report 21 January 2016: Poisoning Black Cities, the Happy Slave, Atlantic City & Behind the Lead Curtain

21 January 2016 — Black Agenda Report

Poisoning Black Cities

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

They drowned New Orleans. Now they have poisoned Flint, Michigan. The corporate campaign to ethnically cleanse U.S. cities knows no bounds. Michigan’s emergency financial manager law is “part of Wall Street’s tool kit to starve, bulldoze, redline, over-price, oppressively police, and even poison Black people out of the urban centers.”

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 10-16 January 2016

16 January 2016 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Storm Warning for Merkel

16.01.2016 | 08:00 | Dmitriy SEDOV

It is difficult to avoid the impression that the «sexual terror» that took place on New Year in Cologne and a number of other German cities was organised by somebody very clever. Regardless of how much the «terror» was actually «sexual», the whole of Germany reacted to the incident extremely excitedly and the focus of the protests seemed to be directed against Merkel…

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