ICH Headlines 3 December 2016

3 December 2016 — ICH

The Coming War on China
By John Pilger

The greatest build-up of American-led military forces since the Second World War is well under way.

Will Vietnam Embrace China After Trump Got Elected?
By Andre Vltchek

People are demanding the re-introduction of essential socialist principles.

Was 11/8 a New 9/11?
By Tom Engelhardt

Forget Vladimir Putin and his rickety petro-state: the most dangerous nation on the planet will now be ours.

Hands off the Iran Deal
By Eric S. Margolis

Republicans in Congress clearly choose Israel’s demands over jobs for tens of thousands of US workers.

Why Everything You’ve Read About Syria and Iraq Could be Wrong
By Patrick Cockburn

Journalists and public alike should regard all information about Syria and Iraq with reasoned scepticism.

7 Reasons that the Corporate Media Is Pro-War
By WashingtonsBlog

The government has exerted tremendous pressure on the media to report things a certain way.

The ‘Washington Post’ ‘Blacklist’ Story Is Shameful and Disgusting
By Matt Taibbi

“Those who do not spew the official line will be increasingly demonized”.

A Bare-Knuckle Fight Over Recounts
By Joe Lauria

Democrats are trying to stop Donald Trump’s inauguration by claiming Russian interference in the election and Trump is now challenging the recounts.

Trump’s Appointments – What Do They Mean?
By Paul Craig Roberts

You can bet your life that Israel is lobbying hard for the neocons.

The Year Globalism Burst
By Pål Steigan

The multi-national corporations conquers the world, shattering nations and peoples under its mighty wheels like a juggernaut.

Rafael Correa’s Moving Farewell to Fidel

‘Fidel will continue to live in the faces of the children who go to school, in the sick whose lives are saved.’

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