ICH News Headlines 7 December 2016

7 December 2016 — ICH

The Current Phase of Conflict in Syria
By Giancarlo Elia Valori

The Al Nusra Front, namely the “Syrian section” of Al Qaeda, has now been ousted from the Southern districts of Aleppo.

Israel’s Lehava Stirs ‘Anarchy’ in Jerusalem
By Jonathan Cook

The far-right group stokes hatred and incites followers to violence against Palestinians, say analysts.

How War Propaganda Keeps on Killing
By Robert Parry

The “fake news” hysteria has become the cover for the U.S. government and mainstream media to crack down on fact-based journalism .

Fake News Versus No News
By Philip Giraldi

How Russia is pilloried while real news about Israel goes unreported.

A Call To Develop Alternative Social Media and Search Engine Platform Competitors (That Aren’t Evil)
By Rahul D. Manchanda

The Mainstream Media has virtually no real credibility any more, and are essentially working for the Deep State Plutocratic Elite.

Flynn Simply Unfit
By Jim Lobe

Flynn and Ledeen believe that those Islamic militants are allied not only with Russia, Cuba, and North Korea.

In Counterterrorism Speech, Obama Hints at Danger of American Dictatorship
By Patrick Martin

The colossal hypocrisy of Obama’s speech.

Saleh v. Bush
By Witness Iraq

Ninth Circuit confirms judges who will hear argument on legality of Iraq War.

U.S. Shields Its Torturers and War Criminals, Now Officially Honors Them
By Glenn Greenwald

Dick Cheney is one of the planet’s most notorious war criminals.

Trump’s Financial Plans Promise Another Great Recession
By Barney Frank

One aspect of American greatness that Donald Trump seeks to recreate is the Great Recession of 2008.

Stunning Summary of US Imperialism and Native Resistance

Why a protest by Native Americans in North Dakota reminds us of the history America always tries to forget.

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