Black Agenda Report for Feb 1, 2017: If Americans Cared About Muslims, Hypocrite of the Month, Trump as Less Effective Evil

1 February 2017 — Black Agenda Report

If Americans Truly Cared About Muslims, They Would Stop Killing Them by the Millions

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Americans welcome only token numbers of people from countries devastated by U.S. wars of aggression. Donald Trump’s current ban on travelers affects nations that were already targeted by President Obama, “a perfect example of the continuity of U.S. imperial policy in the region.” The memo from State Department “dissenters” contains “not a word of support for world peace, nor a hint of respect for the national sovereignty of other peoples.”

#ProgressiveHypocrite of the Month for February 2017: Former Clinton-era Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Former Clinton UN Ambassador & Secretary of State and current global corporate consigliere Madeleine Albright championed the 1990s US blockade of Iraq which killed half a million Iraqi children. Now she says the Statue of Liberty has tears in its eyes, and vows to “register as a Muslim” to protest the evil policies of Donald Trump. Albright should register as an Iraqi toddler in 1995. She’s our #ProgressiveHypocrite of the month for Feburary 2017.

Democrats, Including Bernie Sanders, Won’t Fight for Medicare for All

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

If there is one political project that commands overwhelming support among Democrats — plus large minorities of Republicans – it is Medicare for All. But Democratic leaders insist that all their energies should be directed at salvaging bits and pieces of Obamacare. The truth is, the party bosses oppose single payer health care — which is why they have backed fraudulent, bait-and-switch schemes based on private insurers.

Freedom Rider: Trump is the Less Effective Evil

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Donald Trump’s predecessors, Bush and Obama, paved the way for President Chito’s persecution of people from Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, and Iraq, all of which “have been attacked with military action, proxy wars and sanctions.” Trump simply continues a U.S. policy that “makes countries unlivable and then tells fleeing victims that the door is shut.” Anti-Trumpism is grossly inadequate. The whole system is evil — Democrats included.

Why White Folks Love Hidden Figures

by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo

Hidden Figures is based on a vintage Hollywood formula of uncomplaining black victims and white saviors. “The idea of glamorizing the fact that these women didn’t complain plays into the narrative that ‘free will’ was involved in their decision,” when, in fact, raw white state power dictated the terms of racial interaction. “What is missing is the power of the resistance movement in the 1960’s, the invisible hand moving behind the benevolence.”

Inauguration Amnesia: The Context of Obama’s Failure to Pardon US Political Prisoners

by Danny Haiphong

Barack Obama commuted the sentences of a few political prisoners, but pardoned none, leaving countless activists behind bars on trump up federal charges. The very existence of political prisoners is not only a crime, but also a product the “rise of the mass incarceration state and the non-profit industrial complex, permanent austerity and joblessness, the growth of a new class of Black misleaders to soil the political waters,” and endless war.

Ancestral Thoughts, Aloud…
by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

The first full week of the Trumpacolypse behind us, our poet consults the ancestors…


Democrats Manipulate the Movement that Should Leave Them Behind

by Ann Garrison

Much of what passes for the Left in the U.S. is either an extension of the Democratic Party or a project of non-profit organizations funded by the One Percent. As BAR’s Bruce Dixon told author Ann Garrison, the genuine left needs “to create a movement that will not be hijacked by Democrats and will not just be warming up the crowds for Cory Booker or whoever the Democratic sheepdog and corporate candidate is in 2020.”

The State of Revolutionary Movements and Marxism in South Africa

by Patrick Bond

In South Africa, even the neoliberal Black ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), speaks the rhetorical language of Marxism. The ANC is challenged by NUMSA, the continent’s biggest union, which vows to launch a United Front for genuine socialism, while the Economic Freedom Fighters party has made steady electoral gains. However, South Africa’s “far left has failed to attract working-class membership, much less leadership.”

A Lesson on Peace in our Troubled Trump Times from W.E.B. DuBois

by Werner Lange

In the last chapter of his brilliant life, W.E.B. DuBois was a leading anti-war activist. At the height of McCarthyism, DuBois and his comrades in the Peace Information Center were denounced as “traitors” and “anti-American” for declaring that first-use of nuclear weapons is a crime against humanity.

An Afar Wedding in Eritrea

by Thomas C. Mountain

Eritrea, a small African nation on the Red Sea, is surrounded by sectarian religious strife, yet maintains a remarkable amity and unity among its various peoples. Roughly half Christian and half Muslim, Eritrea shuns military alliances and economic dependency on the West. To keep the peace, the government makes sure that “no Da’esh or Pat Robertson ‘born again’ foreign funded religious centers are allowed.”
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