New Cold War Continues, Resignation of Michael Flynn: Hillary’s Revenge?

16 February 2017 — Global Research Crossroads: Trump Declares War on Russia, New Cold War will Continue Until Moscow Complies…

By Eric Zuesse, February 16 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump made unequivocally clear, on February 14th, that the new Cold War between the U.S. and Russia will continue until Russia complies with two conditions that would not only be humiliating to Russia (and to the vast majority of its citizens), but that would also be profoundly immoral.

330px-Michael_T_FlynnMichael Flynn’s Sacking: Hillary’s Revenge?

By Stephen Lendman, February 16 2017

Eliminating National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in office less than four weeks delivered a major body blow to Trump’s administration.Trump sacking him was poor judgment, a self-inflicted wound on his presidency, a pro-Hillary neocon victory, leaving himself vulnerable to more attacks on his legitimacy.

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, February 16 2017

It takes little these days for the darkened air of the Kremlin to have an impact on the politics of other countries. Across continents, it has become a tenured dark eminence with President Vladimir Putin on his irrepressible steed: Where will it strike next? His impact is often alleged, it is almost never quantifiable.

russia-usaFlynn’s Out: Is ‘The New Détente’ Really Dead – Or Can Russia Still Benefit?

By Andrew Korybko, February 16 2017

Flynn didn’t resign because he broke any laws; he left the White House supposedly because of the erosion of trust between him and the President which occurred as a result of this “deep state”-driven fake scandal.

Lt.-General-Michael-Flynn_NEO_Aug-2015_USA-300x216The Dangerous Precedence of the Hunt Against Flynn … And Trump. Show of Raw Power by the “Intelligence Community” is a Great Danger

By Moon of Alabama, February 16 2017

Kicking Flynn out of his office has hurt Trump. His standing is diminished. The efforts against Flynn, mainly by the “deep state” in the intelligence agencies, were designed to change Trump’s declared foreign policy aims. They worked.

Global Research, February 16, 2017

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