COLDTYPE Issue 135 March 2017 – is now on line

28 February 2017 — Coldtype

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DEEP STATES & DARK FORCES – Our cover story features essays, by CJ Hopkins, Diana Johnstone, Adam Shatz and Peter Georghagen & Adam Ramsay, analysing the impact of the deep state on our lives now and in the future.

In other big reads, Frida Berrigan tells how she began loving America while hating Trump; Maya Evans tells the eye-opening tale of an Afghanistan child bride; George Monbiot points out the inadequacies of an education system built for a previous generation; and Jonathan Cook examines Netanyahu’s gleeful reaction to Donald Trump’s ambivalence about the two-state solution to Palestine/Israel. We’ve also got an outstanding photo essay – Hoping for a Miracle on 34th Street – by Tom Kavana, and six shorter pieces in our new Insights section.

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