Black Agenda Report for March 8, 2017: Counting Cadence to Fascism, Trump & Russia, the Perfect Lie, fighting Trump the Man But Not His Plan

8 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Corporate Media Counting Cadence to Fascism
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The ruling class/War Party/corporate media campaign for regime change in Washington has moments of pure silliness, with grown men claiming that U.S. presidents don’t have the power to wiretap people. Someone should have informed Dr. Martin Luther King. But, if self-described “progressives” can believe that the CIA is a benign, democratic institution, they can believe anything. “The destabilization of the U.S. bourgeois state is a project, not of the Kremlin, but of multinational and finance capital headquartered in the U.S.”

Freedom Rider: Trump and Russia, the Perfect Lie

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The latest New York Times article is proof that outgoing president Obama “was looking not for intelligence he knew didn’t exist, but anything that could be used against Trump and his team.” When it comes to intrigue, Donald Trump is grossly outmatched by the Democrats, the spooks and the corporate media. “Team Obama has the most adept spies in the world while Trump has his son-in-law and untested staff who are completely out of their league.”

Democrats Fight Trump, the Man, But Not His Austerity and Militarism
A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Glen Ford

The Democrats would surely like to replace Donald Trump at the earliest opportunity. But they show no inclination to fight Trump and his fellow Republicans over obscene military budgets funded by cuts to social programs. Even Bernie Sanders has refused to push for Medicare for All, despite the looming health care catastrophe. It is up to grassroots activists to seize the time — but too many are caught up in the Democrats’ Great Russian Diversion.

Leading Black Democrats Love School Privatization Too

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Bruce A. Dixon

Since voters nearly always reject privatization initiatives on the ballot, Republicans and Democrats, both in the pay of charter school sugar daddies, are obliged to make it happen without them. In the maze of double dealing we call legislative processes, leading Democrats in most state legislatures have thrown their bipartisan weight behind school privatization bills. Georgia and its leading black Democrats are no exception.

When the Fox Becomes a Wolf: Understanding the Election of DNC Chairman Tom Perez

by Danny Haiphong

Neither the wolves nor the foxes of the corporate parties can offer any real relief from the crisis their capitalist masters have created. Donald Trump offers only racist rhetoric against immigrants, while the Democrats are “equally, if not more responsible, for the crisis conditions that afflict the majority of workers and oppressed peoples around the world.“ The imperialist system is all teeth, and “no longer has the capacity to self-correct.”

How to Reverse Incarceration in Louisiana: Thirteen Steps to Stop Being First in Being Last
by Bill Quigley

Louisiana is the world capital of incarceration, with more prisoners than China. Racial profiling is endemic, sentences are draconian, and jury decisions need not be unanimous. Not coincidentally, Louisiana has the worst record of providing its citizens with the means to defend themselves in court. “When people get constitutional defense they usually are less likely to be convicted and if convicted receive less harsh sentences.”

Xenophobia: South Africa is Disgracing Itself and Its Friends

by Cameron Duodu

Attacks against resident non-South African Blacks are particularly disturbing, given the great assistance poor Black nations gave to South Africans during their struggle against white rule. One wonders if African “outsiders” are being “used by politicians who have become unpopular due to their lack of performance, to distract attention from problems such as massive unemployment and lack of housing in the townships?

Judge Accepts Class Action Lawsuit Against Use of Slave Labor in Private Detention Centers

The Glen Ford Report on the Real News Network
A lawsuit of a few prisoners against prison slavery has become a lawsuit with more than 60,000 plaintiffs, since a judge allowed that prisoners forced to labor were a class.  Glen Ford explains the issues at stake in this groundbreaking lawsuit.

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner Blows and kicks are raining thick and fast, though many miss their mark their mark. But the intention of the 45th president is plainly to take us somewhere we really don’t want to go, in a hurry or at all. Are we prepared to resist?



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