Black Agenda Report 1 February 2018

1 February 2018 — Black Agenda Report

Looking Down That Deep Hole: Parasitic Intersectionality and Toxic Afro-Pessimism, Part 2 

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor Last week we declared intersectionality a deep hole, afro-pessimism a shovel, and suggested we stop digging. This week we take a longer look down that hole, and explain why it is what it is.

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Media Lens: Champions Of Democracy – From Fake News To Imposed Insanity

1 February 2018 — Media Lens

Open a corporate website on any given day and you will find someone, somewhere blaming social media for something. No claim is too absurd.

Last week, journalist Sean Williams, who writes for the New Yorker, New Republic and Wired, tweeted us in a state of high anxiety:

‘I just want you to know you’re ruining the national dialogue and pushing more people towards right wing populism. Really.’

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