Israel: DNA tests may provide answers on missing babies By Jonathan Cook

8 February 2018 — Jonathan Cook

Al Jazeera – 8 February 2018

Thousands of Israeli families who have been searching in vain for answers since their babies mysteriously disappeared in the early 1950s – shortly after Israel’s creation – have been thrown a lifeline.

The mystery of the missing children has plagued Israel for decades, with evidence mounting that at least some of the babies were trafficked by hospitals and orphanages – possibly with the connivance of Israeli officials.

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The Threat of Nuclear War: Selected Articles

8 February 2018 — Global Research

Amid the ongoing political crisis in the US, the collapse of financial markets, is the world slowly inching toward nuclear war?

How to reverse the tide of war? 

Let us fight media disinformation which upholds America’s nuclear Blitzkrieg.

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