COLDTYPE Issue 189 September 2019 – is now on line

30 August 2019 — COLDTYPE

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BREXIT CHAOS: This month’s main stories, by Matt Carr, Nick Jones and Ian Dunt, focus on new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s increasingly non-democratic lie-fueled mission, aided by right wing media, to force his country’s exit from Europe. In other stories, David Niddrie tells how South African police spies peed in his fridge (and soiled his bed), Hamid Dabashi remembers Muslim-hating author Bernard Lewis, Rick Salutin tells how climate and debt have always been linked, George Monbiot writes of the killer clowns who are taking over the world, and David Anderson recounts the legend of Desperate Dan. We’ve also got Chris Hedges’ interview with George Galloway, the renegade British politician, a photo essay by Ivor Prickett on the final days of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, while Tom Engelhardt  re-visits George Orwell’s 1984. Plus much more

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