The December 2022 issue 240 of ColdType is now online

Friday, 25 November 2022 — ColdType

WELCOME to the final issue of ColdType for 2022 packed with news, views and perspectives that you’ll rarely find in the ‘mainstream’ media.

Our cover story is Matt Kennard’s wide-ranging interview with Stella Assange, who tells of the effect that four years’ detention in London’s Belmarsh prison is having on her husband, Wikileaks founder Julian, as he  awaits a court decision on whether or not he will be deported to the USA.

Jonathan Cook introduces us to the activists who are blocking motorways and spray-painting British institutions in protest against climate change. Chris Hedges reflects on decades of working as a war reporter and as a crusader for peace, and Bella DeVaan looks at the Taylor Swift fans who have energised anti-monopoly crusades. We’ve also got a magnificent photo story from a book by Gordon Parks that reminds Ameri-cans of their own racist history, plus insights from Frida Berrigan, Juan Cole, Caitlin Johnstone, V.J. Prashad, David Edwards, Trevor Hoyle, C.J. Hopkins and other great writers.


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