Ukraine News Links 4-5 November 2022

Saturday, 5 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

Iran Clarifies and Other Business.

Ukrainian First Lady Ordered The Grayzone’s Web Summit Cancellation

Africa Does Not Want to Be a Breeding Ground for the New Cold War

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IMF’s pinkwashing has multifold effects on women’s health

Thursday, 3 November 2022 — Peoples Dispatch

Roos Saalbrink talks about the different ways that IMF programmes undermine women’s right to health and the rights of women health workers

IMF healthcare

ActionAid and Public Services International recently published a new report – The Care Contradiction – looking into how the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programs are impacting women workers. The report shows that although the IMF has recently come up with a Gender Mainstreaming Strategy, its actions in the field of building gender justice essentially add up to throwing sand in the observers’ eyes.

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Scholz’s China trip raises hackles

Saturday, 5 November 2022 — Indian Punchline


Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) received German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at Great Hall of the People, Beijing, November 4, 2022

German diplomacy presented a riveting sight of “counterpoint” with Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock hosting her G7 partners in Münster on November 3-4 even as Chancellor Olaf Sholz was emplaning from Berlin on a one-day visit to Beijing.

The photo-op showed the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken flanking Baerbock at the main table with Under-secretary of State Victoria Nuland — best known as the master of ceremonies at the 2014 “Maidan” coup in Kiev in 2014 — peering from behind.

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Are mRNA Covid Jabs Destroying People’s Immune Systems?

Friday, 4 November 2022 — The Most Revolutionary Act

Dr Mercola

Story at-a-glance

  • Hospitals around the U.S. are suddenly struggling to keep up with surging rates of respiratory infections among children, such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), COVID, rhinoviruses and influenza
  • Moderna is working on an mRNA jab for RSV, which is scheduled for release in 2023. They’re also working on a combination mRNA jab for COVID, RSV and the flu
  • Censored scientists and doctors have long warned that the mRNA COVID jabs are destroying people’s immune systems, and that we’re going to see an avalanche of infections as immune system failure sets in
  • The COVID jab causes innate immune suppression, which makes you more susceptible to all kinds of infections and chronic diseases. Suppression of Type 1 interferon signaling appears to be one of the primary mechanisms by which the shot destroys immune competence, and repeated booster shots can reliably be anticipated to amplify adverse effects
  • The more shots you get, the more likely you are to die from COVID. While only 34% of Canadians have received three or four doses of the COVID jab, triple and quadruple jabbed made up 81% of all COVID deaths in June 2022. Excess mortality among young children, teens and young adults is also skyrocketing

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Maverick Maneuvers

Saturday, 5 November 2022 — The van says…

The war in the Ukraine may be the conflict that Washington yearns, but will the western world as a whole want to fight it? More importantly, will the collective West be able to bear the consequences?


This week saw an excellent article published in the American Conservative by Douglas Macgregor, he questions Biden’s stance regarding the Ukraine and the possibility of an intervention by the US and certain allies outside of the NATO framework. This article will also examine the same theme, yet from a different viewpoint and look at some of the philosophy and fallout should such a plan be put into action.

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