Ditch the Doomsday Talk

Wednesday, 9 November 2022 — The van says…

Sergei Surovikin may be the new kid on the block in Russia’s Ukrainian operation, yet the move made by both himself and Shoigu today was a very mature decision indeed


Much has been said over previous days regarding the setbacks suffered by Russian forces in the Kherson region, and today Sergei Shoigu has ordered Russian forces to withdraw from the city and return to the eastern bank of the Dnieper river. Whilst an army of armchair warriors are throwing their hands in the air, rather than speaking of doom and gloom, the current situation needs to be regarded both objectively as well as being part of a much larger overall plan both in the East and the West. This article will examine what has happened, why it has happened and where it all may lead.

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Black Agenda Report November 9, 2022

Wednesday, 9 November 2022 — Black Agenda Report

For African/Black Working Class and Colonized Peoples, Midterm Elections in the U.S. Offer No Relief from War, Repression and Capitalist Misery
Ajamu Baraka
The 50-year old neo-liberal agenda explains why political choices in this country provide little change that benefits the masses of people. The recent midterm election results will not bring about any improvement in the lives of the Black working class.

Why Democrats Don’t Win The Way They Should
Margaret Kimberley
The people prefer the initiatives which democrtatic party leadership claim to support. But their interests are those of the oligarchy and not of the voters. Slim margins of legislative victory bring compromise and gridlock which the leadershiop don’t really oppose.

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Ukraine News Links 8-9 November 2022

Wednesday, 9 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

The Ukrainian conflict and the nuclear threat

US ambassadors lead in abuse of power

Jared Cohen Is One Of The U.S. Deep State’s Most Powerful Agents

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A Triangle of Trouble

Wednesday, 9 November 2022 — The Van Says…

The US, the Ukraine and Taiwan are three sides of a problem that becomes more acute as we go forward.


Matters are coming to a head in a number of ways across the globe this week, yet there is a common denominator between them all. This article will examine three events of global importance and explore how their relationship may shape things to come.

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