Graham Phillips Newsletter (#3) Soledar and On, Sanctions

Tuesday, 14 February 2023 —  The New Dark Age

Hello my friend, so here we go!

1. Soledar
2. Sanctions
3. Supporting my Work
4. Humanitarian Work
5. Up Next 

1. Soledar –  As you know, in January the significant settlement of Soledar, here in Donbass, after months of fierce fighting, came under full Russian control. I was in Soledar soon after to do reportage from the scene, however I felt that the road there deserved its own report –

In my most recent video, just released, I’ve returned to Soledar, the theme of Soledar, to not only give you reportage right from the inside, but the context all around it, and on –

2, Sanctions – As I have covered in this new(ish) video, after over six months of appealing against the sanctions imposed on me, against me, by the UK Government, I finally received their decision on that appeal, it has been rejected –

I would also like to thank the Saker for covering this, and ongoing support –

From Soledar to Sanctioned by the UK Government | The Vineyard of the Saker

3. Supporting my work –

I’m truly touched every time someone asks me about this, sincerely! What to say, there is literally only one way, via my Russian Sberbank card –  
5469 3800 7878 9806 (card number). 
And that is how I’m getting by. Obviously that’s not going to be an option for most people in the west, can’t make any IBAN transfers onto that card, etc, and as for my western accounts, etc – my Paypal and Patreon, terminated, my bank account, frozen – all by UK government sanctions. So, even if you could make a transfer to my UK bank account, which you couldn’t, it’s frozen in time as of July 26th 2022, I’d have no way to access that. So, for most of you, there’s literally no way, however support to me is not just, and has never been, a financial thing – support is the kind words you write, your comments on the reportage, everything. And the UK government, however much they want to, can never sanction the kindness and support shown to me, there is no freeze on the free-flowing reserves of your moral support, which means the world to me.

To get my sanctions overturned, after the rejection of an appeal I literally put everything into, is now going to take a High Court case in the UK, at the moment, I’m looking for a solicitor in the UK to represent me in that, if you have any recommendations, you know what to do!

4. Humanitarian work – My humanitarian work goes on, it’s not something I do that many videos on YouTube about for a number of reasons – I try to keep my YouTube content more related to events themselves rather than ‘good deeds’, don’t want to be seen to ‘virtue signal’, and also, my humanitarian work is not of the greatest relevance to many of my YouTube viewers – the items are donated by people in Russia, money is never collected just items donated, then delivered by myself to destination – so for most of my YouTube friends / viewers, there’s going to be no real way to be involved. However, for your information, a couple of videos from Vkontakte – and by the way I know some have come to join me on VK, which is wonderful, however I do preserve that as a Russian-speaking environment, so comments in Russian, etc – as for the rest there’s Facebook / Telegram etc. And so –

5. Up Next 

Working on from here in Donbass, taking on the UK Government in the High Court!

It really has been quite a while since the previous newsletter, just the way it worked out, so will try to be a bit more regular in that!

Very best wishes for now, Graham

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