We refuse to give up…

Friday, 3 March 2023 — Pesticide Action Network


Many of you have taken action over the last few years, calling on the UK’s top supermarkets to end the sale of pesticide products in their gardening range, namely weedkillers and insecticides.

Thousands of emails have been sent and both the Co-op and Waitrose have now removed these products from their shelves. We know that a few of the other supermarkets are on the verge of doing the same, but we need to push them over the finish line

Today, on World Wildlife Day, take one minute to help our garden wildlife.
Our biodiversity is in crisis and our gardens should be havens for wildlife and non-toxic spaces for our children and pets. The pandemic has highlighted just how important our green spaces, gardens and allotments are for both people and wildlife. Pesticide products have no place on supermarket shelves.

Join us in asking Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco to follow the Co-op and Waitrose’s lead and remove these poisons from their shelves.


please download our Guide to Gardening Without Pesticides. Together we can make a real difference.

In solidarity,
The PAN UK Team

(P.S. Help us do even more by supporting us with a donation)

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