French whore gives Zionism a blow job By Alan Hart

4 December 2013 — Alan Hart

Hollande and NetanyahuI don’t wish to offend readers other than perhaps those of the parties of my headline, but I have to say that it, the headline, was the first thought that came into my mind when I learned from the BBC that, according to leaks to the French media, a team of French scientists do not believe Arafat was poisoned and that he died of a “generalized infection.” 

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Arafat’s Death – There’s really no mystery By Alan Hart

8 November 2013 — Alan Hart

Yasser ArafatFor once Israel is telling a part of the truth. It was impossible for any of its own (Israeli-Jewish) agents to get into the rubble of Arafat’s compound to administer the poison that killed him. But they didn’t need direct access. Israel’s role was to provide the radioactive polonium for one of its collaborators in Fatah’s leadership.

I was convinced that Arafat was as good as dead before he died. What I mean is this.

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